This Is How 12 Houses in Astrology Works

This Is How 12 Houses in Astrology Works

Overview of 12 Houses in Astrology

Just like us, even the planets stay in houses. According to Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses in a Kundli in which these planets reside. But does everyone’s birth chart (kundli) have twelve houses? Yes, all horoscopes have twelve houses, but the planets may or may not be in all the houses at the time of your birth.`

Planets keep on transiting and pass through all 12 houses according to their transit cycle. However, each house in the horoscope has a different astrological significance and represents various areas of life. Houses in the celestial world are also known as Sthan, Ghar, and Bhav.

The houses in kundli form Trines that angle at 120 degrees from each other. Various Trines implement different meanings.

For E.g. Childbirth involves the combination of 2-5-11, marriage as 2-7-11, and for Profession – 2-6-10.

Please do not get confused on this one, as we have simplified it for you ahead.

So, let’s Catch up!

Janam Kundali provides insights about a person’s personality or helps reveal the best-hidden secret of the person. But how? Yes, it is the planets and the movement of the planets across the houses that triggers the events that happen in our life.

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12 House Astrology Meaning

  • First House : Lagna sthan, Tanusthan
  • Second House : Dhana-sthan, Kutumb-sthan
  • Third House : Bhatru-sthan, Parakram-sthan
  • Fourth House : Matru-sthan, Sukha-sthan
  • Fifth House : Vidya-sthan, Putra-sthan
  • Sixth House : Ripu-sthan, Rog-sthan
  • Seventh House : Bharya-sthan, Maraka-sthan
  • Eighth House : Mrutyu-sthan
  • Ninth House : Bhagya-sthan
  • Tenth House : Karma-sthan, Pitru-sthan
  • Eleventh House : Labha-sthan
  • Twelfth House : Vyaya-sthan

Now, let us go ahead and see the all 12 houses in astrology and their significance in detail. It also inlcude 12 houses in astrology and their lords and ruling planet.

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Significance of 12 Houses in Astrology And Their Ruling Signs and Planets

12 houses in Vedic astrology are not the same as the zodiac wheel. Also, depending on your ascendant, different signs are placed in these houses. You, too, can know what your ascendant says about you here!

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First House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Mars

Lord of the House:Aries

Stands For:- Character, Strengths, Weakness, Health, Personality, Worldly outlook and Looks

The first house influences SELF. It includes physical features, and along with that, it talks about energy level, determination, and well-being.

It talks about who you are and what you may do in life. The bottom line is, it sets us apart from others and helps in carving our individuality. Be Different, Be real, Be You!

So, now let us take you on a journey of hopping houses.

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Second House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:Taurus

Lord of the House:- Venus and Jupiter

Stands For:– Financial gains and losses, Material goods, Wealth, Self-esteem, Self-worth, and Property

Money is showered by the Second house!

So, the name of the second house itself states what it stands for. If you have not read the name, no cheating, read it now!

The second house influences one’s financial status and does not merely control money in liquid form but also properties, share, jewellery, stock, and so on.

Always try to stay in the good books of the second house for financial satisfaction! 

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Third House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Gemini.

Lord of the House:Mercury

Stands For:– Communication, Journey, Intelligence, Self-efforts, Habits, Siblings

The third house rules communication. It could be in any form, virtual or even in person. However, it is always verbal communication and not written.

The third house determines the relationship with your siblings. So, if your siblings are nagging you, you know who to blame!

Fourth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Cancer

Lord of the House:- Moon

Stands For:– Land, Cattle, Vehicle, Home, Domestic Life, Maternal Relationship

BTW! The fourth house is quite domesticated! It is associated with well being, mental peace, and emotional satisfaction. It even represents relationships with mothers. Also, the fourth house corresponds to the energy of Cancer, and the transiting planets in this house often encourage you to invest in your own infrastructure.

Fifth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:Leo

Lord of the House:- Jupiter

Stands For:- Children, Love Affairs, Pleasure, Emotions, Speculations, Fame, Entertainment

The fifth house is known as the house of love and luck. Along with creation, it is associated with managing the surroundings and situations as well. It is due to the influence of the fifth house, that you manage everything well or not! Your tastes, fancies, the inclination for entertainment activities, social inclination, and first conception of the child also depends on the planetary placements and aspects in the 5th house

Sixth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:Virgo

Lord of the House:- Mercury

Stands For:– Employment, Service, Sickness, Debts, Enemies, Hygiene, Servants

It is the sixth house that decides what you would do for a living. Will, you finally get that government job that everyone is aiming for. Or you would complete your engineering and become a photographer, or a writer, or err options are endless after B.E. though! Well, obstacles, challenges, and debts depend on the strength of the 6th house in astrology.

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Seventh House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Libra

Lord of the House:- Venus

Stands For:- Unions, Partnership, Attraction, Lawsuits, Open Enemies, Dealing, Marriage

The seventh house represents your action towards the opposite sex, intimacy, passion, fantasies, etc.

Due to the influence of the seventh house, you feel attracted to one particular person amongst the million people around the world. If you need insights into your relationships means how will be love, marriage, friendship, and business partnership; the analysis of the seventh house is vital.

Eight House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Scorpio

Lord of the House:- Mars

Stands For:- Wealth, Legacy, Inherited Property, Easy Cash, Earning from others, Partners Finance, Muscular System

The eighth house triggers the changes that happen to wealth and the financial prospect. It represents aspects like winning a lottery, sudden gains, inheritance etc. Besides this, it also represents emotional support and spirituality. However, accidents and unexpected illness can be indicated through the strength of the 8th house in astrology.

Ninth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Sagittarius

Lord of the House:- Jupiter

Stands For:- Wisdom, Spirituality, Long Journeys, Foreign Countries, Vision, Physic Experience, Philanthropy

The ninth house represents good karma, relationship with father, spirituality, etc.

This house is what instigates us to go on a quest to find deeper meaning in life! When planets transit in the 9th house of your Kundli, you often start studying a new topic or adopt a new perspective in your life. As this house corresponds with Sagittarius energy, Jupiter becomes its natural signification. So, the inclination for religious activities depends on the strength of the 9th house in astrology.

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Tenth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Capricorn

Lord of House:- Saturn and Mars

Stands For:- Values, Integrity, Patriotism, Promotion, Honour, Fame, Govt Affairs

The tenth house represents your status in society, your name, fame and public image. It represents authority, commanding respect. Also, the work you do too depends on the 10th house. Yes, the planetary placements and aspects in the 10th house would determine your career.

Eleventh House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:Aquarius

Lord of the House:Sun

Stands For:- Social Sphere, Friends, Acquaintances, Financial condition of the Employer

The Eleventh House is also known as the house of friendship. It decides how comfortable you are around people. Are you at ease while socialising or uncomfortable? This, too, depends on the influence of the eleventh house. Also, it determines relationships with your paternal uncle as well.

Twelfth House In Astrology

Ruling Zodiac Sign:- Pisces

Lord of the House:- Saturn

Stands For:- Detachment, Loss, Isolation, Restraints, Limitations, Exile, Self-undoing, Secret Enemies

The 12th house meaning is the things that exist without the physical form such as dreams and emotions. Moreover, the twelfth house is the reason you never understand where your salary disappeared, i.e. source of expenses. However, the twelfth house finds multiple ways to make money disappear. This house has to be strong for people moving on the path of spirituality and enlightenment.

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To Sum It Up

In a way, you can say that 12 houses in astrology somewhere represents that various facets of your life according to time and location. The above-mentioned details throw a fair amount of light to the 12 houses in astrology.

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