The Serene, Spontaneous Aquarius and Libra Friendship.

The Serene, Spontaneous Aquarius and Libra Friendship.

The Aquarius and Libra friendship is one made of beauty, intelligence, and love for art. Both the signs are keen on learning and acquiring knowledge in different ways and love learning new things from each other throughout their friendship. Their love for knowledge and exploring new things in life usually leads to them spending more time together and thus strengthening the bond of their friendship.  

Both Aquarius and Libra belong to the Element Air, both the signs are very social, positive, and have charming personalities. They both love meeting new people and exploring the beauty of the world. Aquarius is ruled but the planets Uranus and Saturn. Both the planets contribute different personality traits to the sign that makes Aquarians all the more interesting. With a unique individuality from the Planet Uranus and intelligence, courage, and ambitions from the Planet Saturn, Aquarians are natural-born leaders. 

On the other hand, Libra is ruled by Venus, The planet that represents beauty, love, and romance. Libras are all about emotions, appearances, and intelligence. They are one of the most principled and balanced people you will meet, they constantly strive to bring justice to the world and always do the right thing. So before we understand more about the Aquarius and Libra Friendship compatibility, let us have a look at the Personality traits of both signs.

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Aquarius: The Water Bearer

The Aquarius is the 11th sign on the zodiac cycle. The sign is symbolized by the water bearer which represents creativity, the flow of energy, and adaptability.  Aquarius is known for its free spirit and adaptability just like its symbol. They are highly enthusiastic and lighten up any room they are in with their amazing social skills and leader-like charm. Aquarians have a uniquely rebellious attitude towards the world and are very practical when it comes to their feelings and relationships. They understand and respect the other person’s need for privacy and individuality and expect the same from all their relationships. However they can be unpredictable at times because of their love for freedom, but they make up for it with their intelligence, enthusiasm, and strong decisiveness. So let us read a little about some of their more prominent personality traits.


Aquarians are highly ambitious in both their personal and professional lives. Their ruling planet Saturn gives them all the best qualities to be leaders and achieve great things in life. They love independence in all its beauty and are always ready to work hard to achieve it. Their enthusiasm in life and drive to explore the world stems from their ambition to grow and helps everyone around them. Libras share their ambitions and both the signs eventually set common goals and work towards them together.


Being the air sign, Aquarians are naturally social butterflies. Most of the time they are the center of attention at parties as a result of their free-spirited nature and charming communication skills. Their social skills match with their Libra friends and both the signs usually have a great time at parties, meeting new people, and flexing their social skills.


For the most part, Aquarians are practical in their approach towards life. They take calculated decisions when it comes to their relationships and do not usually get too emotional. They always prefer to get to know someone before they get close to them and are always particular about the people they choose to keep in their lives.


Aquarians are very intelligent and enjoy obtaining knowledge from experiences. They share the love for knowledge with libra and that is one of the things they love to do together in different ways. Libra learns through observing and Aquarius learns through experiencing and feeling.

Libra: The Scales

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac cycle and is represented by the scales. The scales are a great representation of Libra’s nature as they are some of the most principled, justice-seeking, and balanced people you will ever meet. Libra is also associated with the Goddess of Justice and Truth, who is also said to have connections with Libra’s ruling planet Venus. As a reflection of their symbol, Libras are balanced and seek symmetry everywhere. They try hard to bring about equilibrium in all aspects of life and succeed in maintaining a work-life balance. Let us look at some of Libra’s most prominent personality traits.


Libra’s like to maintain a balance in all aspects of their lives, which might be great for the free-spirited Aquarius. The Aquarius and libra Friendship is also more or less balanced in many ways. Both the signs learn from each other what they do not possess and introduce each other to many new experiences in life.


Libra’s are smart and brilliant conversationalists. They are the best people to talk to at a party, meeting or a wedding. They shall never fail to charm you with their confidence and ability to beautifully hold a conversation. Their amazing social and conversational skills  are the reason they make such great friends for Aquarius . 


Libras are some of the most creative people you will ever see. They are constantly cooking up something unique in their minds and are lost in their own world of creative excellence. Aquarians love this quirky creativity of their Libran friends and love having creative conversations with them.  


Libra’s charm is undefeatable. Being the air signs, the ability to charm everyone they talk to naturally comes to them. With similar qualities, Libra and Aquarius friends join forces and usually rock the floor at parties and get togethers.

Aquarius and Libra Friendship compatibility

As we observed, the Libra and Aquarius friendship has an amazing bond filled with fun, intelligence, and the will to explore the world. Both the signs are highly compatible and have great fun together. Let us look at some of the factors of their compatibility.

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When it comes to being honest with each other, the Aquarius and Libra friendship is absolutely undefeatable. They trust each other with almost anything in their lives and should too, both the signs are highly rational and truthful and hence completely compatible when it comes to trust.

Mutual interests

The signs do have a good amount of hobbies and interests that are in common, but not all that much. Libras are much less liberal in comparison to Aquarians. And unlike Libras, Aquarians are much more unpredictable, free spirited and huge adrenaline junkies, which a Libra might take time to get used to. However, once they come around they will find themselves enjoying a lot in the company of Aquarians.  


Both the signs are very much connected on an emotional level, they have a very harmonious friendship and almost always understand the other person’s point of view. They have some of the most beautiful emotional conversations and have a very high EQ. 


Both are very intelligent and hungry for knowledge. They love learning and exploring new things and want to understand the world better. They are smart and love to hear each other’s opinions on intellectual matters. Aquarius’ rationality and Libra’s creativity always bring a new point of view to the table that they both respect.

Do Libras and Aquarius get along?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Libras and Aquarius do get along very well. They have a very good relationship filled with freedom, respect, and adventure. Though Aquarians can sometimes be more spontaneous when it comes to having fun, Libras usually balance this with their calm, serene and balanced idea towards adventure. 

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What is Libra’s best friend?

Libra’s best friends are Gemini and Aquarius, who belong to their own Element Air. However, they also get along very nicely with the fire signs Leo and Sagittarius


In the end, we conclude that the Aquarius and Libra friendship is one of a kind and a very healthy one. They respect each other’s opinions and have fun with each other. We would say they are more than 80% compatible as friends and should try getting to know each other more. Thanks for reading!

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