The unique and sweet Aquarius and Pisces Friendship

The unique and sweet Aquarius and Pisces Friendship

The Aquarius and Pisces Friendship is one of the most mesmerizing unions in the entire zodiac cycle. The relationship between these signs is greatly cherished by the signs and never fails to leave everyone around them in awe. What makes them so special is the perfect combination of Aquarius’ creativity and Pisces’ compassion. Though there are chances of disagreements and conflicts between the signs, with a little bit of communication and compromise they can have a great friendship. 

So let us now look into some of the personality traits of the signs to understand their compatibility better. 

Pisces: The Fish

Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in contrasting directions, implying the perfect balance of fantasy and practicality. As their symbol suggests these people are constantly living in a world of their own and the real world, making them dreamy and charming in a mystical way. The ruling planets of the signs are Jupiter and Neptune that help form a number of traits in their personalities. With Jupiter contributing to the pursuit of knowledge and Neptune symbolizing their fantasy and spiritualism, these people are very interesting and often mysterious to everyone around them. So let us look at some of their crucial personality traits and find out how they affect their Aquarius friend. 


Pisces is the most sympathetic and kind person in the entire zodiac cycle. They are very involved and understanding in all their relationships and truly sympathize with everyone they speak to. They are gentle, kind, and simply some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. However, this nature of theirs can sometimes be perceived as naive and their Aquarian friends might not be very fond of that due to their own detached and practical point of view, yet they can learn from each other and reach a balance of kindness and realism. 


Being ruled by the Planet Jupiter, Pisces are very philosophical in life. With a perfect blend of intelligence and spiritualism, Pisces have the ability to think philosophically and approach the idea of life from unique and idealistic perspectives. Pisces analyzes life from the point of view of a nihilist, idealist, realist, cynic, existentialist, and every other possible philosophy and chooses to adhere to the ones that make the most sense from an emotional and sympathetic perspective. Due to their philosophical nature and Aquarius’ love for intellectual and rational debates, they have great conversations with their Aquarian friend and have fun discovering new philosophical ideas. 


Pisces are greatly in touch with their emotions and do not shy away from expressing themselves. Their idea for a perfect relationship is where there is a comfortable environment to express emotions and a level of understanding that makes it easier for both the people in the friendship to live their lives. Pisces are inspired by their emotions and can help Aquarius be a more tolerant, kind, and passionate person, whereas Aquarius ion the other hand can provide the support that Pisces needs as long as the relationship has a common ground. 


Pisces is a mutable sign. They are dynamic in nature and often get bored with one thing at a time. They prefer to be involved in various things at once and perform great in all aspects of their lives. Their dynamic nature helps them get a lot of work in less time and makes them sharp enough to handle a number of projects efficiently. However, this quality of theirs contrasts with the Aquarius’ preference of concentrating on one thing at a time, but a good tuning that comes out of this union is that Pisces shall get involved in Aquarius’ work and help them throughout the way to amuse themselves and to be of help to their dear friend.

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Aquarius: The Water Bearer


Aquarians are known for their creativity.  They have several creative ideas in their personal and professional life and have their own way of solving a problem or seeing something. They are so thoughtful and creative when it comes to designing something or working on any project that everyone in their surroundings is in awe of them and this is one of the qualities that amuses their Pisces friend.


Though the Aquarius zodiac sign is known to be a calm, quiet, easy-going sign, they are also very adventurous and spontaneous. They are not afraid of doing different things in life and often take bold decisions that affect their life drastically for the better. They have a lot of fun in their relationship with Pisces


The people born as Aquarians are intelligent, creative thinkers, and highly efficient. Aquarians are known for their intelligence and calculative problem-solving qualities, they are always approached whenever there is a need for a practical approach towards a problem as they possess the ability to remain objective in any situation and find the most rational solutions.  


Aquarius natives are very determined and committed. Once they decide to achieve a goal nobody can distract them. They put in all the efforts for any work or project and ensure that they come out with the best results. Whether it is their workplace or home, they are committed to delivering their best and keeping the people in their lives happy.

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The Aquarius and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

So far we observed how the personalities of the two signs collide with each other and help them understand their friendship better. Now we shall understand the Aquarius and Pisces friendship compatibility with the help of some other factors that determine the spiritual connection of the signs.

Fixed vs Mutable

Being the fixed sign, Aquarius is intelligent as well as eccentric. They sometimes find things that others frequently miss out on. Pisces are always ready to adapt to changes and accept new things in and around them.  Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and evolution makes them open to new challenges and helps them embrace their dynamic side.

Air vs Water

Aquarian natives are just like the air, free-flowing, unique, and creative. Aquarians’ thoughts and beliefs are as reckless as the wind and they like to be admired extraordinarily. While the water sign, Pisces is soft and clear like water.  They don’t believe in cheating their friend or being dishonest in their relationship. They themselves are very forgiving by nature and appreciate true friendship, together they make a fantastic pair of joy, peace, and excitement.

The Fish vs The Water Bearer

The fish sign is generous, soft-hearted, and sensitive. Pisces, once in a relationship would give their Aquarius partner the love and respect that they deserve and shall always admire their love for freedom. They always value emotions and true friendship. Pisces would not like to hurt their Aquarius friend or partner in any situation. The Aquarius on the other hand do not like to follow the fish, rather they believe in trendsetting. They want their Pisces friend to admire them and praise them for what and how they are and love the excitement and joy life has to offer.

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Both Aquarius and Pisces are very appreciative of each other’s qualities and when they come together they can make things work for a long time. While they both may have different personality traits and qualities, they certainly share a special bond that may make their friendship long-lasting. We can say with all confidence that the Aquarius and Pisces friendship is one that should be cherished and taken care of.

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