Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits

Diamond among Stars: Traits of Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus are born between April 21 and May 21. The Bulls are popular for their stubbornness. In general, Taurus prioritize consistency and reliability in every aspect of their lives. Brilliant job! This will certainly be the outcome when you are maintaining systems. Taurus are one of the best people to be around with, your friends and close one would agree with this. Inclination for artistry, beauty, hedonism along with love of comfort and luxury comes natural to you. And why not? The planet of love and beauty, Venus governs you guys, and shares her traits with you. Also, ambition, focus, and resilience help Taurus to learn big rewards.

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Taurus Eminent Personalities
Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus has good qualities associated with them, such as sensuous, patience, aesthetics, and super chilled. Things that a Taurus would die or rather fight for our comfort, luxury, and pleasure. Taurus is the Tony Stark of all the zodiac signs. “Hey give me a break” would be the phrase they would often let out. Give them nice things such as food, sex, pampering, and a neck massage, and find a nice happy ready-to-serve bull sitting up on your couch. The Taurus female traits include the love of luxury and comfort. The Taurus man traits make them stubborn. Let us delve into some of the famed positive traits of Taurus.

Taurus Positive Traits ( Believe in Yourself)
Patience (A watched pot never boils)

Taurus traits would prefer the word ‘wait’ rather than ‘rush’. You like to live life at a slower pace than everybody else in the room. You generally receive the tag of a latecomer. The reason behind this “slow and steady wins the race” syndrome is the deeply-held desire to ponder and consider every move. You must feel proud to be nature’s own data scientist that analyzes each and every move before acting upon it.

Logical (As Good as Sherlock Holmes)

Taurus zodiac might leak logic as they are full of common sense. “Not funny” as everyone seeks their advice before making major decisions in life. You will act as the lifesaver for a lot of people who fall in trouble. Your wisdom will be sought throughout their lives by privates and professionals.

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Taurus natives are generous people who like to give away to the needy. You would rank loyalty and trustworthiness as the highest among all other golden qualities. Do not dare play games with the bull as this might not end well for you. You are best at being ******* (zipped) when it comes to keeping secrets. Taurus traits always respect direct and honest conversation. You might not hesitate to lighten your pockets for a friend in need.

Chilled (Loosen up buddy)

One thing that a Taurus definitely loves is “Chilling” or doing nothing. You are known to be calm even at the time of the apocalypse. Taurus traits are known for their cool nature and high temperament. Your friend might need you to chill up some bottles of drinks. This particular reason makes you one of the best friends to have with you.

Determined (A will will find a Way)

Taurus will shine at the workplace due to determination, diligence, and focus. The bulls are known for their daily hustle and perform it really well. Taureans’ traits will stretch to any length for the performance of duties, and this reflects their sheer determination. It is common to observe a Taurus working on a single project for many years. You are industrious and would stretch yourself to any extent for the successful completion of the allotted task. Taurus often works for long stretches and prefers quality over quantity. People with an astrological signs – The Bull, are realistic and always prefer dealing with facts, not fiction. People are impressed by your ability to screen out the right individuals for any project – a strong Taurus attribute.

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Sensuous (When you hold me, I’m Alive)

The Taurus traits love the pleasures of the material world. You are intensely sensuous and physical creatures. The best things to turn on Taurus are food, drink, pampering, chilling, shopping, and intimate pleasure. Crazy, it is too difficult for Taurus to find the off button for the above-mentioned things. The fact can often lead them into trouble.

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Negative Traits (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Taurus guys don’t prefer to be pushed and do not really like changes in life. You are enchanted by every physical manifestation of comfort and luxury. Pleasure becomes a weakness for the bulls who require pampering all the time. Let us look into some of the negative traits of Taurus.

Jealous (Neighbour's envy, owner's pride)

The Bulls have a strong tendency to become overdependent on relationships. Your priority in life is to acquire more wealth and make life more comfortable. Any threat would make you jealous and insecure. When it comes to physical pleasures and appearances, Taurus will become instantly jealous and angry.

Lazy ( Never Busy)

Zodiac Taurus loves chilling and is quite lazy. You would generally take your time out of daily chores to relax and do nothing. Due to your carefree and calm attitude, people might consider you lazy and ignorant.

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Possessive (I, me, and myself)

Taureans are strongly connected with the material world which makes them possessive by default. Do not dare to praise their partner as it might excite them. People might consider you greedy with low self-esteem. You must understand that your possessiveness is actually related to security.

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Materialism (Love people Use things)

Comforts and luxuries in life, the Bulls are always striving for”. This often leads to excess spending and over materialism. You have a strong tendency to spend excess money and resources for getting comforts in life.

Stubborn (My Way is just Better)

What Taurus zodiac individuals perceive as dedication may often be regarded by the world as stubbornness. Being stubborn would lead these bulls into unhealthy situations whether in relationships with Taurus, homes, or jobs longer than required just to prove a point. It may take heaven to change the mind of Taurus after once made.

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Imbalanced (Are you Hangry?)

Hey, Taurus pals don’t forget to take a rest when you are dubiously involved in work. Relaxation is equally important! Contrarily, your craving for leisure may often lead to disappointment and underperformance. People with Taurus traits do procrastinate a lot. Taureans struggle a lot when it comes to autonomy and independence.

Taurus Relationships ( Looking for soulmate)

Taurus loves tradition and is sensitive and tough at the same time. You are always composed on the outside, but inside you are romantic hoping to find your true soulmate. Loving, stable, and attractive are the three words that define Taurus relationships. Don’t dare to play games with Taurus. The only problem is Taurus traits can sometimes be too possessive.

Taurus Home Life & Family (Loyal & Protective)

Taurus values loyalty above all other qualities and hates betrayal. When it comes to family, Taurus features protection and will fight for the people who are most close to them. You place home and family above everything else and pamper kids a lot. The best thing about Taurus nature is that you will find them hosting parties and cooking for someone, who is coming over to their place for a visit.

Taurus Work Life & Money (Work Hard Play Hard)

Taurus natives love making money and strive hard for material pleasures. You like teamwork and work very hard to lead a luxurious life. Taurus personalities always manage their finances, making sure all debts are paid on time. You can bet any day that Taurus makes good pension plans and prefer saving money for tough times.

Wrapping Up

Similar to their celestial spirit animal, Taurus loves serenity, and pastoral environments, surrounded by succulent flavors, soothing aromas, and soft sounds. Influenced by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, makes Taurus the most sensual of all the zodiac. You represent wall street and know how to play the game of investments. You consider security paramount and any threat to your stability will bring out the red in you.

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