How strong is your bond? Cancer & Cancer Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Cancer Friendship Compatibility!

Two peas in a pod! It is quite natural to believe this when Cancer and Cancer are friends. Does the same sun sign make the two friends of similar nature? Not necessarily. Your ascendant sign, moon sign, nakshatras and planetary positions in your birth chart can bring a vast difference. Other usual factors that give a different flavor to you are social conditioning, preferences, opinions and experiences in life. No two people are the same irrespective of what sign they belong to.

So how compatible are Cancer and Cancer as friends? Let’s uncover some interesting things about them.

Astrological Fundamentals in the Sign of Cancer

Cancer is a water element sign that is ruled by the planet Moon. Its symbol is a ‘Crab,’ which represents connection or bonding qualities. If you watch a crab, you’ll see that once it grabs something, it hangs on tight. This implies their nature of being able to form strong attachments. Cancer, as a water sign, is very emotional. Emotionality does not imply constant sobbing. It implies that, like everyone else, they experience a wide range of emotions, but the intensity of their emotions is amplified. The Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet, is associated with the mind, femininity, creativity, and nurturing.

Cancer is the natural 4th house sign. The 4th house represents happiness, contentment, security, mother, real estate, home environment, and personal life. It is a Kendra house as well as a Moksha Trikona house. It comprises the fundamental education provided by your mother or maternal figure. It denotes your capacity for receiving and giving love. The 4th house reflects the vitality and strength of the heart.

Cancer natives are very sensitive, emotional, shy, private, and nurturing because of the water element and their ruling planet. As friends, they have a deep understanding of their true nature and with all due respect, they contribute to the betterment of their friendship.

Same Sun Sign but Moon in Different Houses

Moon represents femininity and has a lot to do with nurturing. It also makes Cancerians quite temperamental as a result of its waxing and waning. If a Cancer native has done enough inner work, she will be able to manage her moodiness very effectively. In fact, she has the potential to expand her emotional intelligence to unlimited possibilities. Another gift from the moon to this sign is creativity. Cancerians bring creativity in their friendship too as together they enjoy indulging in arts, music and adding aesthetics, especially to their home environment.

Two Cancer people can act quite differently and one of the major reasons behind this is the placement of the moon in their charts. If your moon is in the 1st house, your attention will be primarily and mostly about your physical appearance and personality. If the moon is in the 7th house, you will be majorly inclined towards relationships. If your friend’s moon is in the 2nd house, her primary concern will be assets and properties.

Moon is the significator of the mind, hence, its placements in different houses make you and your friend so different in terms of preferences, likes, dislikes, opinions, stability, mental state as well as emotional state. Every house is inclusive of certain aspects of your life and the placement of the moon may make your mind be concerned with those particular areas.

You can be of the same sign but have different nakshatras. The nakshatras that cover this sign are Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. If you belong to Ashlesha nakshatra then you may be more clinging to your Cancer friend who is Punarvasu or Pushya nakshatra native. If you both have the same nakshatra, even then there are huge chances for you guys to be quite different as the nakshatras are further divided into Charans and Navamsa.

Do Cancer and Cancer Get Along as Friends?

The answer is – ‘Mostly Yes’. Cancer and Cancer as friends can establish extremely loyal friendships. Nurturing the friendship between them happens quite naturally. Both of them value all kinds of relationships including alliance. They have the ability to sense others’ feelings and also be grateful to the ones who understand their feelings. When both of them have this ability, they have mutual respect and gratitude towards each other. They value their friend’s support and always pay back with kindness.

They share almost the same qualities but the intensity differs somewhat based on other factors. It is easy for them to understand each others’ strengths and challenges as they themselves go through many such situations discovering their own reactions and responses. Their friendship eventually evolves with the quality of patience that they inherit.

Usually, Cancer natives are shy and reserved when it comes to making friends. However, it takes a Cancer to understand another Cancer even without speaking. They bond very quickly and have a knack to make each other feel comfortable. They go a long way as friends and go along superbly well.

Cancer-Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Cancer is compassionate and sympathetic. These two qualities help them establish an extremely trustful friendship. Cancer feels protected with another Cancer. Their togetherness is full of love, harmony, and peace. They live in their own world. The best part is there are no judgments against the other as they have deep acceptance for the uniqueness they have.

Cancer has a fine taste and they are classic people. At the same time, they also have an appropriate sense of handling money. Therefore, deciding on an outing, be it a trip or dining out, they match on many levels. If it is about chilling at home, it is a double bonanza as their combined energy makes the home environment cozy and relaxing with good food and probably some popular Romcom movies.

They have such strong comprehension of one another that they don’t need to utter words to communicate all the time. They simply understand non-verbal cues without any hassle. Being ruled by the planet moon, moodiness and temptation to nag are unavoidable. Since they are familiar with their shared traits, they understand and respond well to such situations.

This sign is a natural 4th house sign and one of the things that this house reveals is your emotional state. Some Cancerians are very stable emotionally and some seem to be struggling a lot. If Ketu is in the 4th house, the person can become very controlling. If Mars and Saturn are in this house, then you may have constrained relationships.

When You Are Best Friends!

The friendship between two Cancer friends is usually deep. When they make friends, they make friends for life. Best friends, where both are Cancer are like family to each other. They prove to be a huge supporting pillar at the time of crisis. This loyalty is usually mutual. They would discuss every important decision of their life. Being family-oriented people and of motherly nature, their bond entails the element of security, trust and care.

They have a sense of belongingness to the bond they share. They are naturally relaxed, happy and content with each other. Small tiffs are inevitable but in no time those are forgotten. Cancer friends can become best friends or friends forever very easily.

Cancer people are known for holding on to their financial security. But when they are good friends, they do not even think before spending bucks on them. In fact, it gives them happiness. They not only support emotionally but also financially when needed. In fact, they may constantly remind the other to be diligent about their spendings.

Other Essential Things

Finding a Cancer best friend for a Cancer native is like a jackpot. You are saved from explaining yourself for being your natural self. You simply know your Cancer friend by knowing yourself. However, there are many aspects of you that have to be discovered and the same goes with your Cancer friend.

Vedic Astrology can give an intensive clarity about someone’s nature. It is a combination of mathematics and science. To know about how your relationships or friendships will be, it is best to get a detailed analysis of your birth chart. It has a lot to reveal.

Comparative analysis of your friendship based on the sun sign is not the whole picture. There are specific houses in the chart and placements of certain planets in them that have to be looked into in order to give a complete scenario.

The Dashas, Maha-dashas, nakshatra you belong to, your moon and ascendant signs, transits, and many more have to be ascertained. Knowing your friend in and out through Vedic Astrology could be one of the fun activities you do.

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