How strong is your bond? Cancer & Leo Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Leo Friendship Compatibility!

Many philosophical ideas about friendship have been floating around. These concepts once enter your mind, may make you question how deep is your friendship or how far will it go. Isn’t it necessary to view this pure form of relationship through glasses of wisdom and ancient science, aka, ‘Astrology’?

Before you define your bond, how about getting to know your and your friend’s individual nature. After all, you both will bring the element of your being into the friendship you have, resulting in a certain level of compatibility.

Vedic astrology gives a platform to understand your life from a technical perspective. How? Well, we are all made up of a combination of five elements, although social conditioning and upbringing, too, have a huge role to play. Besides, this helps you to really know where you both are coming from and why you are the way you are. Maybe this will make you people more understanding and accepting of each other.

Do Cancer and Leo Get Along as Friends?

The answer to this is simple – anyone can get along as friends as long as they have a basic understanding of others’ nature. All the zodiac signs are ruled by certain aspects, such as element, ruling planet, grace from the ruling deity, placements of the planets in their birth chart, and of course, their own conditioning of the mind.

CANCER is ruled by the ‘Moon’. Moon is a significator of the mother. Moon nourishes you, takes care of you and gives you love. It represents royalty, femininity, nurturing, mind, and emotions. Direction-wise, the moon represents the North-East. It is a very Kapha, windy and Sattvik planet. It represents anything that is white color or transparent.

LEO is the only zodiac that is ruled by the Sun. Sun is symbolism for royalty, joy, energy, vitality, creativity, willpower, father, government, masculinity, authority, status, fame and ego. It is the creator of our solar system. It is the karaka of your soul. The colour of this zodiac is yellow and the direction is East. The Sun is also a Sattvik planet.

THE RULING PLANETS of Cancer and Leo are very compatible. Moon representing mother and Sun representing father involves natural coordination between these two signs. They are very complementary to each other as friends.

Cancer is a feminine sign and Leo is a masculine sign. The nature of the feminine is to seek security and the masculine is to provide security. Even in their friendship, Cancer naturally feels protected and secured with her Leo friend.

Leo appreciates the nurturing quality of his Cancer friend. He gets showered by grace in the form of deep care and trust that Cancer has for him. Sun and Moon, together, are very stable and reliant. However, this totally depends on how healthy the position of these planets is in their respective charts.

Cancer and Leo Friendship Compatibility in Terms of ELEMENT

Cancer is a water element sign which makes them extremely sensitive and emotional. Do not get fooled by their silent exterior. They might be hiding a storm of emotions inside. Depending upon how conscious they are, their mind and emotions attain balance and expression.

Leo is a fire sign, and it entails both the constructive and destructive nature of fire. This element gives him the power of self-motivation, clarity, willpower, resilience, strength, high energy, leadership qualities and ambition.

Cancer provides emotional and mental support to her Leo friend, unconditionally. She herself goes through the impediments created by emotional situations and eventually develops the strength to back up others. When Cancer is in a gloomy stage, Leo guides her with his wisdom and light.

Cancer needs a push to do things they are not comfortable with, especially when they know that they might get emotionally hurt. But that is how life situations are and thankfully, Leo is good at motivating her. He would help her out wherever she faces obstacles. But ultimately, he would want her to be independent and courageous to deal with such things on her own.

Considering the respective energy they imbibe, Cancer and Leo may not be the same but are truly accommodating. They fill up the empty space for each other. They can become best friends or friends forever.

Creativity can Make them Roll

Both Cancer and Leo are highly creative. They gel up well in this area. Cancer accesses her creativity through the Moon and Leo does it through the Sun. Hence, the styles may differ outrightly. Cancer’s creativity is very soothing and silent whereas Leo’s art is usually loud and merry. If both of them are artists, Cancer would prefer cool colours and Leo would be a fan of warm colours.

Creativity can’t be just about art. It may include a lot of other things such as communication, literature, ability to manifest, building security, establishing relationships and more. Both are ruled by the royal planets so they do have good taste in life.

Social Life Preferences

Cancers are shy people, whereas Leos are bold and, at times, brash. Cancers have small friend circles which they are very protective of. They might maintain cordial friendships with others but rarely let them enter their private life. Mind it, the scope of their private life is very wide.

On the other hand, Leos have many friends. Due to their charming nature and leadership qualities, they attract many followers and fans. Not to forget, they also create many enemies. Leos are highly social beings. But they are quite private people when it comes to their personal life.

Cancer and Leo might not meet on the same ground when it comes to social life. The introvertedness of Cancer and extrovertedness of Leo is not much of a bother as Cancers especially are very adjusting. As long as they are with their Leo friend, they don’t mind being present in a social event that they usually wouldn’t prefer to go to.

Interestingly, rarely this happens the other way round. Leo might not be very comfortable in Cancer’s other social groups. If by any chance, Leo is okay with it, probably it’s because he might have received some kind of appreciation or good attention.

When Friendship Goes through Rough Road

The Friendship Compatibility between Cancer and Leo does have its share of struggle sometimes. It is so normal to have some tiffs and differences. Every kind of relation has it. When people get back together after some scuffle, it only makes the bond stronger, provided they truly forgive and let go.

Leo is a straight-forward sign. If something bothers him, he can express it with a tinge of anger or arrogance. This tremendously hurts his Cancer friend, unless she has become immune to it. Leo also might find his Cancer friend too emotional or attached.

It is important to understand that anger is also a form of emotion. So it doesn’t mean Leo is less emotional. It’s just that their choice of emotions and the intensity of it could be different from Cancer. In fact, Cancer has the ability to soothe Leo’s anger and impulses.

Cancer may find Leo a bit authoritative at times and stubborn too. This is the situation where she struggles to convince Leo of something that he is not willing to compromise. In addition to it, Leo once forms a judgment, he is less likely to have an open mind for it. This is totally opposite to Cancer’s nature.

No wonder, after some friendly fights, they get back together. This is because Leo knows very well that Cancer is not someone who would wish anything bad for him. They have a certain kind of unexplainable trust that has been built over time. However, not just Cancer but also Leo has to deal with his ego in order to bring harmony after the storm.

The good thing is, Cancer does provide an environment where Leo can express himself without any inhibitions. They might enjoy some good food, shopping and a pleasant time after they are back to the pavilion.


The friendship compatibility of Cancer and Leo entails deep cognizance and love. Knowing your friend based on one sign could be a quarter of what they truly are.

Vedic astrology not only tells about the personality one carries but also their hidden wishes, life path and complete perspective in life. It gives a detailed analysis based on birth charts and planetary positions.

You can easily know what are the things that suit you, bug you and drive you. The same goes for your friend. Maybe, you both can have an enjoyable time by digging into the astrological facts of your life.

If you want to dwell in-depth, consulting a knowledgeable astrologer would be a good idea.