How strong is your bond? Cancer & Libra Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Libra Friendship Compatibility!

Are you Cancer and want to know about friendship compatibility with your Libra friend? You are right where you need to be.

It would be quite interesting to know what colours you guys bring into the friendship. This combo of friends is quite different from each other. Hey, hey! This does not mean you cannot go along as friends. Real friendship exists where there is acceptance for another person’s uniqueness and celebrating their presence.

Lord Krishna and Arjun were great friends and he was Arjun’s Guru as well. There was mutual respect between them and boundless love. Sudama was also very dear to Krishna. Clearly, friendship doesn’t depend on anything if there is love and care for your friend. It’s a bond or promise of being a source of well-being. Well-being involves support when needed, but also showing the right direction even if it makes you unpopular with your friend for a while.

Cancer and Libra Fundamental Uniqueness

Libra is an air sign. Air element indicates intellect and logic. Its symbol is ‘the scales’ which indicates balance. Although this zodiac sign is an air sign, it is quite different from Gemini and Aquarius. Why? Because of its ruling planet, Venus. Unlike its fellow air signs, Libra entails feminine energy. It may act on logic and intellect but also imbibes creativity and love.

Cancer is a water sign. It is a pool of emotions. Its symbol is a ‘Crab’, which implies a strong grip, holding on and attachments. Its ruling planet is the Moon. This is why Cancer too is feminine energy. Similar to Libra or maybe more intensified, it entails qualities such as love and creativity.

There is a difference between the expression of love among these zodiac signs. Libra is more inclined towards romantic relationships and Cancer offers love in the form of motherly nurture. However, both have the ability to maintain all forms of relationships amiably.

Friendship Compatibility Based on Ruling Planets

Libra is an extremely creative sign. Be it art, music, fashion, entertainment industry, theatres, glamour, beauty, and anything that one can think of in terms of creativity, is inherited by this zodiac sign.

As mentioned earlier, the ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon. Moon represents mother, maternal figures, mind, emotions or feelings, nurturing and desires. The important thing about the Moon is that it also represents memory and your self-identity. Self-identity is created because you have memories. You only know yourself in relation to what you know or have experienced.

Both the Moon and Venus entail feminine energy. However, The feminine energy in Libra could be more towards beauty, glamour, indulgence, and luxury, whereas, in Cancer, it heightens the emotions to nurture like a mother.

Together, they are a complete package of femininity. Libra is good at self-expression, hence, always helps her Cancer friend to come out of her shell and express herself without any inhibitions. Cancer proves to be a loyal friend to Libra. It is quite interesting to see how they complement each other. Libra brings an element of balance in this friendship and Cancer nourishes it.

Natural Houses of Cancer and Libra

The 4th house is the natural house of Cancer. It gives a base to how your relationship will be with any maternal figure in your life, your mental and emotional state, comforts, your initial education, depth of love, security, real estate, joint assets, home and home environment.

The 7th house is the natural house of Libra which is about love life, marriage, social life, business, any kind of partnerships, associations and relationships. Besides this, Libra is majorly associated with law and justice, hence it includes the purview of legal associations.

Cancer and Libra friendship compatibility based on their natural houses can be said to be conducive as one of the major factors in their respective houses is ‘Relationship’. Cancer tends to create a homely environment and Libra maintains it. Both of them have a natural quality to take care of any associations in their life.

Being lovers of peace, Cancer and Libra can go along well. They can be good friends where both will give almost equal attention to maintaining the sanctity of it. Cordial relationships are very important to Libra. When Cancer goes through rough times in terms of her own moodiness, Libra puts in efforts to understand her friend.

Elemental Compatibility

The air element is about intellect, mental abilities, ideas, logic and intelligence. This element also represents the east direction, growth, nature, green colour, interactions, social connections and vertical movement. If you think your fun element is missing or you are turning into an excessive thinker, then your air element is unbalanced.

This helps to make decisions. Therefore, a Libra can only be indecisive if the air element is disturbed.

Water represents feelings, emotions, ideas, tranquility, fulfillment, deep consciousness and the colour blue. It also shows clarity of mind. If a Cancer is indecisive, then it means the water element in her is unbalanced.

Libra, being an air element sign is quick in thinking, whereas Cancer’s mind is slower than her friend’s. This is like the true nature of air and water, where air changes its direction fast and water flows at a certain pace.

The other thing to notice is that water needs the earth to flow on. This makes Cancer security-oriented. The way water cannot hold air, Cancer cannot curtail Libra’s sense of independence. When they bond together, Cancer is more emotionally dependent on Libra.

Both the elements endow them with a fertile mind full of ideas; but the ideas in Libra change a lot, whereas Cancer has more capacity to hold on to them. With so many ideas and a to-do list, it is the Cancer friend that brings an element of implementation. She is like a reminder to her Libra friend which helps to put ideas into action.

When friends have known each other for a long time, they also see the other transforming. In this case, Cancer gets the chance to see her friend transforming more frequently than her. It simply adds color to the friendship if Cancer doesn’t become attached to one basic image that she has formed about her friend.

Libra and Cancer are cardinal signs, therefore they are flexible in nature; or rather say, they are adjusting people.

Cancer and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Cancer is a serious sign. If you are a Cancer, then you will understand how much fun your Libra friend brings in your life. Libra is adventurous in nature, hence, she surely knows how to have a good time with her friend.

Libra is a social butterfly. Know that this depends on the planetary positions in her chart and other signs such as moon and ascendant. Based on the sun sign, Libra is outgoing otherwise. Cancer sticks to her own inner circle. She is not as social as her friend. But thanks to the understanding between them that Cancer never feels left out while hanging out with Libra and her other friends. Libra would make sure that she gives the right amount of attention to her dear friend.

Libra totally encourages her Cancer friend to be comfortable in her own skin no matter where she is. They share a beautiful bond. It creates such a feminine ambience wherever they are. They might have some friendly disagreements but nevertheless, they let it go, eventually. Both are peace-loving people and none likes to carry any grudge.

Cancer naturally cares about everyone. She adores her true friend. Cancer and Libra definitely can be best friends and their compatibility is awesome. Although they vary a lot when it comes to their basic nature, they are complete with and good for each other.

Both Cancer and Libra enjoy good food and the comforts of home. They have good taste in life and love to indulge in creative things together. When they go out, they exude a certain kind of pleasant presence, both entail an unexplainable serene and sunny beauty, respectively.

Last Few Words…

It is very important to know your friend’s true nature if you really care about them. Having clarity about yourself solves half the puzzle and the rest is covered by the efforts of your friend. Your nature is not just about your sun sign. Vedic Astrology is a science or rather mathematics that lays down the whole blueprint of your life.

Your ascendant sign, moon sign, planetary positions in the chart, running dashas, aspects, retrogrades, benefic and malefic planets – there are a number of things to look at while determining what tendencies you really have.

In fact, it is quite interesting to know why you behave in a certain way. You do get answers through our Best Astrologers.