How strong is your bond? Cancer & Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility!

There have been a lot of philosophical notions regarding friendship floating around. Once these ideas have entered your head, you may begin to wonder how deep your friendship is or how far it will go. Isn’t it important to look at this pure kind of interaction through the eyes of wisdom and ancient science, also known as ‘Vedic Astrology’?

Astrology has made many revelations so far. It may tell you a lot about yourself and your pal. You being here itself indicates that you value friendship since you’re interested in learning about Cancer and Sagittarius friendship compatibility.

Do Cancer and Sagittarius get along well? Is it possible for them to become best friends? Let’s see what the stars have to say.

Spark of Fire and Splash of Water

Cancer is a water sign, which means they are particularly emotional and sensitive. Don’t be deceived by their hushed demeanor. They might be concealing a whirlwind of emotions on the inside. Their thoughts and emotions achieve harmony and expression depending on how conscious they are.

Feelings, emotions, thoughts, tranquillity, fulfillment, profound consciousness, and the colour blue are all associated with water. It also demonstrates mental clarity. When a Cancer feels undecided, it indicates that her water element is out of balance.

The fire sign Sagittarius encompasses both the productive and destructive aspects of fire. Self-motivation, clarity, willpower, resilience, strength, strong energy, leadership characteristics, and ambition are all attributes of this element.

Sagittarius has a philosophical bent of mind. He is the epitome of ancient wisdom and has an urge to share it with everyone. He uses his high energy level to impart his knowledge and bring a positive difference in everyone’s life.

Both Cancer and Sagittarius support each other in terms of emotional and mental well-being. When Cancer is in a dark period, Sagittarius comes to her rescue with his wisdom and brightness. He is an excellent motivator. He would be there to assist her whenever she runs into a problem. But, in the end, he wants her to be self-sufficient and bold enough to cope with such issues on her own.

With respect to elements, water has the power to extinguish fire. When Sagittarius is using his fiery energy to give into anger, Cancer soothes him with love and care. But situations may also arise when Cancer emotionally burdens Sagittarius with her sentiments.

Sagittarius is not as emotional as Cancer. He may feel that his Cancer friend doesn’t take things lightly when she can. Whereas, Cancer may feel that Sagittarius can’t understand the gravity of the emotions that she goes through. None of them are wrong. They are just too different.

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Alchemy of the Crab and the Human-Horse

The symbol of Cancer is a ‘Crab’. This implies mainly two things. First, hard exterior and soft interior. This represents that Cancer often is perceived as cold and hard outside but inside they have a soft heart. They are just shy to show their true self. Second, crab signifies a stronghold or attachment. It is not easy for Cancers to let go easily, be it the things and people they love or the past hurts.

Sagittarius’s symbol is an ‘Archer’ which signifies aim, focus and direction. It implies warrior-like energy and purpose in life. The Archer is half-human and half-horse. This signifies that this warrior knows where he wants to go and entails tremendous energy to fulfill their purpose.

Sagittarius never runs out of ideas. When Cancer and Sagittarius are friends, it is difficult for Cancer to drown in their own occasional gloominess. Every day is a sunny day and they ought to have fun otherwise Sagittarius will get bored. He is extremely humorous and Cancer lies on the side of pessimism. They are completely opposite when it comes to their perception. But their differences fill up for what they respectively lack.

Therefore, they are quite complementary to each other. If you’re a Cancer, you’ll appreciate how much joy your Sagittarius pal brings in your life.

It is not rare for Sagittarius to try convincing Cancer to go on an impromptu trip as Cancer doesn’t like sudden plans. However, most of the time, they do have a great time together exploring new things.

The Dance of Dependence and Independence

In most cases, Cancers are introverts and Sagittarius are extroverts. Keep in mind that this is dependent on the planetary placements in their charts, as well as other signs like the moon and ascendant. This brings in a major difference in their social life. Cancer likes to cling to her friend whereas Sagittarius wants to hang out with other people too.

Sagittarius is a very independent sign and a go-getter who likes experiences. Their approaches to life are generally contrasting, thus they may not get along well sometimes.

One of the frequent complaints that Cancer has towards her friend is that he forgets to answer her messages promptly. Sagittarius is very sociable and has a huge network which he keeps on attending too. Since he is someone who wants to positively influence other people’s lives, he is universally available for them.

If Jupiter is well placed in his chart, he may be a preacher or teacher. Naturally, his time and attention will be divided.

When Philosophy Meets the Mother

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet, Jupiter. How Jupiter is placed in his chart will determine his vision and conduct. Usually, he runs by his philosophy and somehow believes that he knows more than the other in terms of spirituality or religion. On the other hand, Cancer is ruled by the planet, Moon, which is the epitome of Motherly figure. She uses her heart over her brains which is not always understood by her Sagittarius friend.

Sagittarius is a natural leader and Cancer may love to hear about his insights. This is where they may have endless conversations discussing the philosophy of life. They may agree on many instances and if they disagree, it would still be respectful. Sagittarius, the master of inspiration may push Cancer to achieve higher learnings and goals.

One of the traits that Cancer is appreciated by her friend is for being graceful, caring and loving. Her tender approach towards Sagittarius’s mental conflicts soothes him and brings him out of his own zone. In their friendship, Cancer is like a nurturing source on which Sagittarius can lean on for a while, especially when he is exhausted. He may share his visions and purpose with her without any apprehension.

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Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Both Cancer and Sagittarius are generous and humanitarian. Together, they act as strong pillars in the society they live in. This is not a small thing. In fact, it is the core of who they are and this very trait of theirs brings in a deep bonding between them.

They like to keep their environment very nice, serene, peaceful and calm, especially at home. There would be incense sticks burning, wind chime tinkling, feng shui plants around, and probably a secluded meditation space. Staying at each other’s homes will not make much difference to them as the energy in their respective home is usually similar. These two signs can be very spiritual or religious.

If they have known each other for a long time, then they become more of a family than friends. Sagittarius is more inclined towards exploration and traveling. Due to his nature, he may bring Cancer out of her comfort zone and taste the essence of spontaneity. Sagittarius brings expansion and Cancer adds harmony to their friendship.

There are many meeting points as well as differences between Cancer and Sagittarius. But if it is a true friendship, it doesn’t matter how different you are. There are many other astrological aspects depending on your birth chart that may bring more characteristics than laid down as per your sun sign. If Cancer and Sagittarius are new friends, it is more likely that they see the opposite current in their behavior. However, if they have known each other for a long time, their differences will take a back seat.

Answers Through Astrology

If you truly care about your friend, it is critical to understand their genuine essence. Vedic Astrology is a science or, more accurately, mathematics that sets out your entire life’s blueprint.

There are several factors to consider when deciding what inclinations you have: your ascendant sign, moon sign, planetary placements in the chart, running dashas, aspects, retrogrades, benefic and malefic planets, and so on. It’s actually rather fascinating to figure out why you or your friend act the way you do. Vedic astrology can provide you with answers.

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