How strong is your bond? Cancer & Taurus Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Taurus Friendship Compatibility!

Friendship is a beautiful form of relationship through which life can be experienced in a different way. It is about coming together and celebrating who you are without any judgments. Can we say it is free of conflicts? Definitely not. So what makes it different? Acceptance, forgiveness and being there for each other at the time of need.

Vedic astrology is a scientific way of knowing one’s tendencies. Human beings are conscious species, hence, it is not a hard and fast rule that someone will be in a certain way. However, the basic nature of you and your friend can be known.

Whether you will be good friends or not will be largely determined by how much understanding you guys have and how willing you are to put in the effort in order to stand by each other.

Nevertheless, if you have been wondering why your friend is so weird, here comes some enlightening revelations.

Astrological Basics about Cancer & Taurus

There are some fundamentals about any zodiac sign such as their ruling planet, element, symbolic representation and logic behind it. Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon and it is a water element sign. Its symbol is a ‘Crab’ that denotes the quality of attachment or bond. If you observe a crab, once it clutches something, it holds onto it very strongly.

Being a water sign, CANCER is highly emotional. Emotional doesn’t mean crying all the time. It means they entail all kinds of emotions like everybody but the intensity is felt immensely by them. How they deal with this intensity depends on many factors. Could be social conditioning, their moon sign, sun sign, ascendant sign, the period of Dashas they are going through, planetary positions in their chart, and how much they have learned in life.

Moon is the epitome of femininity that has to do a lot with nurturing. It also makes Cancer extremely moody. If a Cancer native has done enough inner work, then she can handle her moodiness very well. In fact, she has the ability to develop emotional intelligence to unlimited possibilities. Creativity is another gift from the moon to this sign.

TAURUS, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus and they are earth signs. Venus in Taurus acts very similar to Moon in Cancer, except for the nurturing part. Venus empowers Taurus to experience the juice of life through creativity, femininity and indulgence.

Belonging to the earth element, Taurus natives are security-oriented people. Financial instability can make them cranky. They desire all kinds of security – be it money-wise, relationship-wise, or physically. They are also providers of support to the people they love.

The symbolic representation of Taurus is the ‘Bull’. This implies strength and stubbornness in them. Once they decide on something, it takes a lot to move them away from the self-made promise. This can be seen as a boon or a curse depending upon the situation and need of the hour.

Friendship Compatibility of Cancer & Taurus

Cancer and Taurus, though different signs have a lot in common. Both are feminine signs, please do not get fooled by the crab and bull analogy. The feminine aspect is coming from the planets they are ruled by – Moon and Venus. Moon gets exalted in Taurus, so if your moon sign is Taurus, you are more likely to be good friends.

Aura-wise, it is quite easy for these signs to be together. Taurus admires Cancer for her simplicity and Cancer finds Taurus’s fashion sense sweet.

You can also, use Numerology to determine the compatibility of your partner…

Security! A Must Have

Both Cancer and Taurus want stability in life. Emotional and financial security is essential for them. They look out for and support each other to build up security. Even if these gals plan for a getaway, they keep in mind how much to spend so that it does not create trouble for them later. Cancer, being more sensitive, is very in tune with Taurus’s emotional upheaval. Hence, they become inseparable friends eventually.

Creativity in Common

They do enjoy creative pursuits individually as well as together. This is a perfect way to channelize their energy in a fun and artistic way. This common trait makes it easier for them to decorate a house for a birthday party without much hassle. They admire the artistic ability of each other a lot. Plus they are good at choosing gifts!

If you and your friend are the combinations of these signs, your world is full of beautiful items and stories.

Home, Sweet Home and the Comfort of it

Taurus loves dining out and parties but they are also the ones who can lazy out in the comforts of home. It is one of their indulgence styles. Well, they get a good company, especially if they have a Cancer friend. Cancer just makes it more homely!

They would cook good meals, watch favourite movies and talk their hearts out. Trying out new dresses and makeup may follow up too. Cancer and Taurus can be best friends or friends forever without any doubt.

Family First

Yes, these signs are extremely family-oriented. And it is not surprising that with time, they become more of a family than friends. They have similar views and undying commitment towards their kiths and kins. Mind it, it also depends on the planetary positions in their chart and social circumstances. But usually, they develop more trust when they find similar family values.

Did Anyone Say Food?

Not just the taste of it, but also how it looks! Ambience? Ummm… Classic.
They love indulging in food and moreover, the place should be sophisticated. They have a good taste for fine things in life including deliciousness. Since both, Cancer and Taurus, want to celebrate life with occasional (if not every day) luxuries, they get along well. It is easy to be agreeable when both have similar interests.

Savvy, elegant and refined are their beauty statements. This applies to everything, even the delicacies they have.

Complementary Connection

When differences serve best! Despite having a lot in common, being different individuals they do have their uniqueness. The awesome thing about this is – IT SERVES.

Taurus can be hot-headed. They do struggle a lot with their anger once agitated. The water element of Cancer has the ability to calm them down. Cancer natives are extremely patient with their Taurus friends. This makes them very compatible.

Cancer is known for melancholy. Their Taurus friend exactly knows what to do – lighten up the environment to make their friend feel better. No wonder they develop deep trust so soon and hit off the road.

Taurus feels very secured with Cancer as they know she will be there for them in all the shades of life. Thanks to the crabby nature of Cancer, they hold on in the scariest storm.

Splash of Colours

Cancer and Taurus friendship is a very colourful one as the former brings in all kinds of emotions and the latter adds spices of life. Not just that, they are often known for their bond.

They are not even deprived of occasional possessive tantrums. Hey, that’s okay because ultimately they learn and grow together. Taurus do get attracted to flashy things and moreover fashionable people. Cancer might find it a bit uncomfortable to meet Taurus’s new friends. Only if Cancer realizes that Taurus just wants to make them a part of their life and getting to know new people is one of them.

When the Compatibility Seems Shaky but IT IS NOT SO

Not to worry at all. There is no relationship in this world that does not go through the test of reliability. And friendship between Cancer and Taurus is no exception. It might take its share of difficulties. This is a part of strengthening their precious bond. The moment one of them faces hardship, the other will extend her helping hand.

Both the signs are inclined towards establishing balance. They know very well that life is made of small-small beads that requires constant nourishment. It is a bond of mutual devotion, not mutual give and take.

It becomes quite easy if you know your friend’s personality type. Astrology gives an overview which might help because sometimes people do not express everything. Sometimes they hold back their expectations as they don’t want to burden their friends. It is an individual choice and effort to understand the unexpressed feelings.

Vedic astrology is not just about sun signs. It has a lot more to it. Your nature and possible life path can be easily depicted by looking at your chart. There are many factors that determine your personality. Moreover, it is fun to know about each other with different pairs of glasses. After all, indulging in astrology can become one of the activities that you both can enjoy or probably have some laughs together.

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