The Tipsy Topsy Virgo and Leo Friendship

The Tipsy Topsy Virgo and Leo Friendship

The compatibility of the Virgo and Leo Friendship is highly dependent on a number of factors. Though the two signs do not possess a lot of interests that are common they do have a certain degree of personality traits that they can use to help each other out in life and thus strengthen the bond of their friendship. 

However, before we go on to discuss the details and the knicks and knacks of the Virgo and Leo friendship, let us look at some of the individual personality traits of the zodiac signs.

Leo personality traits


Leos are world famous for their confidence. Being the lion of the zodiac they have a unique charm and confidence about them the allures everyone around. This quality is something that will charm a Virgo before anything else.

Leadership Abilities

Well, how often have we heard the tale that said the lion is the king of the jungle? Well, it’s true. Leos possess several leadership qualities that make them the best leaders in all situations. With their ability to motivate people and get the best out of them they are well known to be natural-born leaders. Now though Virgos love to manage and organize things they do need some kind of a leader that guides them through life and other pursuits in life, this quality of Leo can be a great support to Virgo once they get closer. 

Fun & Charming

One of the most charming and fun personalities of the Zodiac is the Leos. With a taste for adventure, vibrant nature and social charm they are fun to be around and tend to charm almost everyone at the party. These qualities will also be the ones that will attract the Virgo at the party towards Leo and the rest of the night will go the way Leo wants it to. 

Strong and Inspiring

Leos are some of the strongest and most inspiring people you will come across in your lives. They have an emotional strength that almost never fails to mesmerize you and inspiring courage that makes you want to achieve more.

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Virgo Personality Traits


Virgos are highly intelligent beings and thrive in all settings that require intellectual conversations. They love learning and sharing ideas and thoughts with everyone around them and it is this brilliant quality of theirs that charms Leos and keeps them hooked.


The analytical brain of the Virgo is one of the most genius qualities that take them to great places in life. This unique ability to analyze and understand the various situations in life helps them make the least mistakes and be back with the best results almost every time. 


Virgos are hands down the most reliable and responsible of all the Zodiac signs. Whether it is work or personal they always ensure they finish the tasks they are assigned within the given time and with perfection. They chase organization and are often referred to as the perfectionists of their friend circle.

Hard Working

Virgos are hardworking and diligent in their professional and personal lives. They put in all their efforts to keep the relationships in their lives stable and take a keen interest in their work lives to grow and learn new things. 

Virgo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

The Virgo Leo Friendship has its own idiosyncrasies and unique charm to it. It is always going to be fun and enjoyable to see these two personalities learn to accept and cherish each other, and when they do their bond shall be one of the best we have seen. So let us find out some of the best qualities that will help us understand the Virgo and Leo Friendship compatibility. 

  • Virgos and Leos, as we spoke about before, do not have a lot of mutual interests. You see with the kind of personalities they have for the most part it is usually possible that their interests are almost the opposite. While Virgos like to have intellectual conversations, often have house parties, and have fun in a more serene and pensive manner, Leos are sociable, spontaneous, and like to have fun in a more reckless and adventurous way.
  • Both the zodiac signs are very generous and deeply care for each other in their friendship, they can also make very good partners in a relationship due to their caring and supportive nature.
  • Virgos have a high sense of work ethic and are great performers at work and Leos being the leaders that they are also possess a high degree of work ethic and inspire others in their organizations to behave in the most professional manner.
  • Virgos are very disciplined in all aspects of their lives while when it comes to Leos it is possible that they face a little trouble trying to adjust to their Virgo Friend’s habits. Nevertheless, they make up for it with their fun and creative way of living life which also helps their Virgo friend to loosen up a little bit from time to time. 
  • One factor that is not all that charming and that is common in both the signs is their obsession with appearance. They can be hard on each other when it comes to appearance and wish to look their best at all times. 
  • Both the Zodiacs are loyal to each other in their friendship and have very little chance of betraying each other in their friendship. 
  • When we speak about trust both the signs are pretty good at it, however sometimes there might be instances when they might slip and giveaway each other’s secrets, either intentionally or by mistake.
  • The zodiac signs have fun and enjoy each other’s company after they have gotten to know each other better and are used to their unique personalities
  • There can be instances when Virgo may not be very fond of Leo’s temper due to their serene and intellectual nature. However, once they figure out the trigger points of Leos with their analytical skills they may understand them better and develop a soft side for them.

Do Virgo and Leo get along?

It is not always necessary for Virgo and Leo to get along but as I have mentioned several times in the article, Leos and Virgos can get along very well if only they put a little effort into getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Who are Leos best friends?

Leos can be the best friends with the signs that belong to their own element that is Aries and Sagittarius or with the air signs Gemini and Libra

Why do Virgos hate Leos?

Virgos do not always come to loathe Leos, however, there can be instances where the quick temper of a Leo might lead to Virgos getting annoyed by them for behaving poorly.


Finally, we would like to say that the Virgo and Leo friendship while all the more unpredictable, is a good match and can bring out the best in both the signs. All these signs need to do is create a healthy atmosphere for each other and witness the friendship blossom into something great and even though there might be times when both the signs won’t necessarily agree on some things and believe us, it might be more often than you think, the zodiac signs need to try and understand each other’s perspective and accept them the way they are.