Leo Sade Sati Of Saturn: What’s In Store For Leo Natives?

Leo Sade Sati Of Saturn: What’s In Store For Leo Natives?

Vedic astrology works on the movement of planets, and stars, which play a vital role in natives’ lives. These planetary movements are responsible for forming yogas and doshas. The favorable position of the planets can transform the entire life of a person and make them rich, happy, healthy, and successful. On the contrary, the unfavorable placement of a planet can make life very difficult. In such situations, one can have precautions with the help of Vedic astrology. However, one must know that planet will not be posited in one place. Their transits may influence the lives of individuals. Therefore, natives may experience ups and downs throughout their life.

In terms of Vedic astrology, Saturn is known as the planet associated with miseries. In other words, we can say that Shani is the most feared planet by Hindus. Thus, Saturn’s position in a native’s horoscope is necessary to check. Saturn moves very slowly, and that is why its effects are felt for an extended time. Though Saturn is a wise teacher, its ways of teaching life lessons are very painful. In this article, we will learn about the movement of Saturn in the Leo sign.

This article will enlighten us with the knowledge of Saturn Sadesati for Leo. You will understand the sade sati period for Leo and the effects of Sade sati on Leo. Those who are ready to serve this period may ask when will sade sati end for Leo and when is the last phase of the sade sati for Leo, So let’s know about the Leo sade sati, after having a brief description of Saturn and Leo sign.

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A Role Of Karmic Saturn

In terms of Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn has been tagged as the malefic planet that causes havoc in the life of the natives. Due to its malefic traits, it is true to a huge extent. But, this doesn’t mean that Saturn is always going to yield bad results. For many, the presence of Saturn has brought them good luck and fortune.

Mostly, Saturn acts as a demon teacher that uses all its power to ruin the lives of people. It makes people suffer huge losses related to their career, family, health, finance, and education, in almost all aspects of life.

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Characteristics of Leo Sign Individuals

The Leo sign is governed by the celestial father, Sun. This further states that natives born under the Leo sign are ambitious, energetic and limelight holders. They are authoritative and hard-working, but a self-centred attitude may put a dent in their social life. Other than that, they are the conquerors and leaders in their expertise. They love to express what they feel and are never afraid of following their aspirations.

Leo natives possess strong personalities, so they never turn their back in any battle, whether personal or professional life. They crave the spotlight, which makes them do whatever it takes to reach that spot. They don’t take criticism and love being appreciated all the time. Leo natives are said to have too much domination on their end, which makes people feel suffocated in any partnership.

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What Is Saturn Sade Sati for Leo

Leo’s sign is ruled by the Sun, which is considered the Father of Saturn in astrology. Saturn and Sun are not that loving Father-Son duo, but they are enemies. So, when Saturn meets Sun in the Leo sign, only their natives will suffer from the Leo sade sati. Shani sade sati for Leo will complete its journey in 7 and a half years, and this sade sati period for Leo is divided into three phases, which have negative impacts on natives.

The sade sati for Leo moon sign begins when Saturn transits into the 12th sign from the native’s birth sign. This twelfth sign is Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. This is termed the Rising phase of the Leo Shani sade sati. Since Saturn and Moon are not friends, the native will face hardships related to finances and mental health. There would be unnecessary expenses and unexpected losses. The native will have to travel a lot, resulting in mental stress and health issues. It is advised to remain cautious as the enemies would be very active during Shani sade sati for Leo. There could be heated arguments at the office, and your job could be at risk.

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During its second phase, which is the Peak time of Leo sade sati, Saturn will enter the Leo sign. It is one of the most unfavorable positions as Saturn and Sun are the worst enemies. Natives will have to exercise control over their words while holding any conversation. Married life may also go through a rough patch, and there would be a problem with children too. The native’s focus may get shifted to issues and problems from their working life. The stomach and heart are also affected by the sade sati for the Leo moon sign.

In the last phase of sade sati for Leo, Saturn moves to the 2nd house, which is associated with the Virgo sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is considered to be a friend of Saturn. Shani gets comfortable here in the last phase of sade sati for Leo. In other words, it gives a bit of relief to the natives suffering from hardships. Here, the impact of sade sati on Leo will be quite positive as Saturn will strengthen the mind of the natives and make it sharp.

The Leo natives will gain immense confidence when the sade sati ends. Here, natives will taste the fruit of all their endeavors when the sade sati for Leo reaches the closing stage. Your rewards would be granted by Saturn to the natives in the last phase of sade sati for Leo. But, you may feel the negative impacts of Saturn until the malefic planet completes its transition from the zodiac sign. Thereafter, your financial matters will improve but, you may not have a stable income.

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Remedies for Leo Sade Sati

Below are some feasible and simple remedies to pacify the Saturn that may reduce the pain of sade sati on Leo. These remedies will only reduce the effect if you follow them religiously.

  • Worship Lord Hanuman, especially on Saturday
  • Chant the Shani mantra and perform Shani puja.
  • Donating black urad, sesame seeds and buffalo by observing fast on Saturday
  • Chant Maha Mritunjaya mantra to reduce the impact of Shani Sade Sati on Leo.
  • Wear black clothes on Saturday.

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Wrapping Up

Leo is a fire sign, and Saturn is an Air sign. Therefore, when these two combine, there will be high flames. Being the foes, the two planets Sun and Saturn will have negative impacts on those who are suffering from Sade Sati. From the beginning of the sade sati period for Leo till its end, the native may have to struggle. Here, your patience will be key to cope the challenging phase.

Once the sade sati ends for Leo, it will reward its native with immense courage and confidence. Natives may find the path to success by making remarkable progress in their life.

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