Leo Weaknesses and Strengths: The Roaring Zodiac and their Personalities

The Leo Zodiac Sign is the 5th sign in the Zodiac Calendar. People born between 23rd July – 22 August belong to the Zodiac sign Leo. Leos are born leaders and their ruling star is the Sun, a symbol of radiance, warmth, power, energy, and leadership. Leos love a materialistic and luxurious life and prefer a leading position in their workplace. Leo is a fire sign and is compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. 

Leo's Personality traits

Before we discover the strength and weaknesses of Leo, Let us look at some of the basic personality traits that they possess.


Leos possess a charming personality. People get attracted to them and they have the ability to get their work done. They have an authoritative personality and can make others think their way.


They consider themselves as the King/queen, therefore are very kind by heart and like to help others. Leos are smart, down-to-earth, and understanding. Sometimes people may take their advantage and double-cross them which is all the more reason for them to keep an eye on the people around them and look for enemies in disguise.


Leo zodiac natives are open-handed and generous. Leo personality makes them soft by heart, unlike their persona. 

Social and Jovial

Leo star sign natives have a good sense of humour. These natives are surrounded by many people who admire them and appreciate them. As their zodiac symbol “lion” depicts them, they are the centre of attention in any group of professionals, officials, and friends because of their aura, energy, and radiant personality. Hence, they indulge themselves in many social activities.

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Leo Weaknesses  

Leos, as we found in the previous section, are charming and delightful for the most part, however, all of the zodiac signs have their own set of weaknesses. Weaknesses are what make us human and we need to learn to embrace them and if possible work on some of them. So let’s look at some of the weaknesses of the Leo Zodiac Sign.


Leo’s zodiac sign has a fire element and is full of arrogance. These natives entitle themselves as King or queen and that is the reason they don’t take anyone’s advice or suggestion. Rather they sometimes become a bit unreasonable and can be rude to anybody they do not admire much. Because of their arrogant behaviour, they unknowingly make enemies. When they get angry, they don’t bother about the people around them. In fact, they become extremely irritating that it is better if you leave them alone for a while. 


Leos have a strong desire to be noticed and appreciated. If that does not happen their way, their ego gets hurt. And they are not bothered about the consequences when it comes to their ego.  Leos are the most egoistic among the rest of the zodiac signs and hate to accept the second position. They become weak when something like that happens to them and fail to cope up with the situation. On the other hand, if they are recognised and admired, they get motivated and work with more passion.

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Leo natives tend to dominate everyone around them. They like to rule everyone and everything. This may, sometimes, spoil their relationships and marriages. They cannot control their temper and are highly dominating in their professional and personal lives. The dark side of personality emerges when they have to face “no” from other people, this can be a friend, partner, or spouse, no matter in public or in person. They just get transformed into another person no one would like to live with. They also can’t admit their mistakes, because of this dominating persona they create for themselves.


Leo natives are known to speak their minds and do not welcome criticism.  If they feel insecure due to any reason, they behave like children and can not deal with it smartly. They try to seek others’ attention and always prove themselves to be right. It is also very difficult for them to apologise after a mistake.

Lazy and immobile

Leo’s zodiac sign is lazy and immobile. These natives like to live a comfortable life. They wish to take work from others and do not prefer doing it on their own.


Leos are too stubborn. They decide what they want to do, and it doesn’t matter what others think about that, they are almost unshakeable.


Leos are selfish to some extent. They think about their own needs first. Leo signs would not waste their time on worthless people and instead would prefer to be surrounded by influential, smart, intelligent, and classy people. They make relationships for gains and with some vested interest.

Leo Strengths 

Now that we know the weaknesses Leo people can possess, let’s discover some of their strengths to understand their personalities better and find out why they are called one of the strongest signs of all.


Leos have high self-esteem and their pride does not allow them to accept negative comments or criticism. They have a strong sense of self and trust their own decisions in all situations. 

Strong Leadership

Leos are born leaders. It is one of the most significant qualities they possess. They handle all the tasks efficiently and can lead the rest of the staff to achieve the desired results. 

Truthful in relationships

Leos are truthful and honest in their relationships and want their partner to be the same. They are protective, caring, and one can easily rely on them. They love their family and friends with all their heart and are always there for them. They are enchanting and lucky in terms of relationships.

Leos want to maintain harmony between their work and relationship but because they are soft-hearted, sometimes they trust the wrong person and happen to break this work-life balance. Leo natives are trustworthy, merciful, loveable, truthful, understanding, and compassionate. They are also known to be the most open-handed among other zodiac signs. Leos love their kids and can do anything to secure their future.


Leos are original and optimistic. Leo zodiac sign natives being an original identity, believe in creating opportunities for themselves and others too. They are full of energy and creativity. Leo’s greatest strength is his originality and unmatched unique qualities. They don’t like to follow orders and prefer to operate as their own bosses. However, they are successful in almost each and every front and complete all projects efficiently. They always ensure whatever work they take into their hands, they honestly give 100% to it.

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Clever and talented

They are clever and have a good nose for money. They know how to earn a good amount of money and can make good money when they are in the leading position. Leos are highly productive and are capable of handling several projects independently. They are generous and open-handed, so, as and when their friends and close relatives need money, they help them.

Enthusiastic and Passionate

Leo Zodiac natives are full of enthusiasm and are always ready to face challenges. Leos can be good entrepreneurs, architects, builders, engineers, politicians, etc.  As their identities are led by Sun, the leader, they are not afraid of anything and can handle every situation positively and efficiently. Leos are known for their problem-solving techniques and can manage almost every situation efficiently and enthusiastically.


Leos are always full of energy and work hard to achieve their goals. 


Leo’s most important strength is their confidence. They consider themselves the best for the top position in any organisation. They are self-obsessed and sometimes overconfident, however, a lot of the time they deserve to be the best. 

Caring and protective

Leos are always ready to protect those who cannot protect themselves and are deeply caring and protective when it comes to their family and friends.  

What are Leos most afraid of?

These natives are afraid of being disrespected as Leo nature. For them, their pride means everything to them. They always like to be admired, noticed, recognized, and appreciated. They take each and every comment personally, and with an ego as fragile as a stick, they are hurt when unnoticed or criticized. 

What is Leo's biggest weakness? 

Leo’s biggest weakness is their selfish nature. They only think about their own needs and put themselves forward in all situations. This behaviour drives the good people in their lives away and causes a lot of trouble to the people in their surroundings.

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With all the Leo strengths and weaknesses that we just came across, we observed that a lot of them are contradictory, it is clear that, of course, not all Leos possess all of the above personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. In fact, the qualities are spread out evenly in the Leos from various astrological backgrounds and decans.

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