Know All About Pisces Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Pisces Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Pisces Ascendants is a set of ‘Two fish’ swimming in opposite directions. Their ruling planet is Jupiter and the element is ‘Water’. You are a Pisces Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Pisces zodiac sign, or as some say Meena Lagna was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Pisces ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

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General Personality Traits


The symbol of Pisces is a set of two fish chasing each other’s tails and going in a circle. This shows duality. Both are endlessly moving and there is a constant movement of mind and emotions. The sign of Pisces is divided into two parts. The upper side of Pisces is the spiritual side, being connected to consciousness and having a very rich world of their own. The lower part of the 12th house represents the materialistic side of life, where a Pisces ascendant wants to indulge in pleasures, alcohol, and drugs, spend endlessly, waste time, and have an escapist attitude.

Vulnerable Escapist:

Pisces ascendants have a deep and rich interior. They are always imagining and fantasizing. They are extremely sensitive, and nice and they expect reciprocation. But in the real world, these feelings are not usually reciprocated with the same intensity. That is where these people are very vulnerable. When they are deeply hurt, they develop an escapist type of mentality. They would entail the lower part of the 12th house as they might feel that they won’t be able to deal with the harsh part of life.


Pisces ascendants love to dwell in a world of their own. Of course, that is not real but great things might come from them. They can become visionaries due to this as they can imagine the impossible. However, it totally depends on whether they take action towards it or not.

Pisces zodiacs can also get trapped in daydreaming in order to avoid the real world. Sometimes they lose out on opportunities and gains due to constantly being in an unreal world.

aydreaming and sleeping all the time can be a stumbling block in their life.

Go with the flow:

Pisces ascendants tend to flow with the events. They are very adaptive and adjust to new situations. These people are a little more evolved and above frivolous things. They are humane, sympathetic, sensitive, and spiritual. Even if someone breaks their heart, they simply let go and do not become vindictive. Whatever the circumstances are, Pisces ascendants pass through it gracefully.

Born Artists:

Pisces ascendants are like fish in the boundless ocean, hence, there is no limit to their imagination and creativity. They create from their heart. They are naturally inclined towards art, music, literature, and other creative expressions. Creativity is a way for Pisces ascendants to let out their unlimited emotions in a splendid manner. Their artistic essence is reflected in the way they keep their home. It’s usually in line with nature with beautiful art pieces, Feng Shui plants, and healing stones.

Mystical and Spiritual:

Pisces ascendants are very interested in spirituality, mysticism, and higher learning. They are anyway living in a different world. They explore many spiritual practices and once they stick to something, they are very adamant about the practice they choose. The 12th house is the house of Moksha. It reveals how one will expel the energy. Pisces ascendants love being alone which is the first criterion to practice any meditation. They can go into a deep meditation very easily and come out with a series of transformations.

Kindness in the core:

Their heart has a place for everyone – be it a loved one or a stranger. They have a tendency to feel for everybody, especially if someone is grieving. Pisces ascendants have an endless amount of emotion for the whole of humanity. They can even be self-sacrificing when it comes to helping others. This is a very service-oriented sign. They give huge support financially and emotionally whenever needed.

Decisions, Confusions, and Intuition:

Decision-making is not easy for Pisces ascendants. Pisces rising sign can be a little confused when presented with too many options. All they are looking for is to make this world a better place to live. It’s a feeling sign and there is less application of logic. There is the movement of action as per their feelings. Pisces ascendants are very intuitive, hence most of the time to make any decision, they follow their intuition.

Fathomless Emotions:

Their emotions are very deep, making them incredible empaths. They are like universal mothers. By seeing others in pain, they can become very vulnerable. They have strong invisible antennas through which they catch the vibes easily. They constantly struggle to handle their own emotions and tend to look for peace. They are non-aggressive and hate quarrels. But if Mars is debilitated in their chart, they can get angry or react very easily.

Executing Balance and Romance:

Pisces loves to sleep, meditate and daydream. So they need a partner who will bring some structure to their life. Pisces ascendants are always trying to balance the ups and downs in life. They are extremely romantic and would weave dreams with their love interests. They are the ones who live mostly inside themselves, hence a partner who brings them out of it, shows them that bills have to be paid, grounds them, and helps to bring stability, wins their devotion.

Daily Routine:

They are very intelligent but they will excel only if they feel connected to the work. They will be good at doing things where their heart is involved. They find pride in their daily routine as Leo is in their 6th house. They want to function as the sun. If someone blocks the sun for them, not giving them that freedom to be like a king in their daily routine, then their negative side will come up – escapism. So to have a stable daily routine, they will require emotional intelligence, support and freedom.


They can be private people who would not show all their cards at once. They need space and freedom to blossom into their true potential. They love being alone and dive into themselves deep without any outside intrusion. Neither they will enter your personal space nor they would want others to interfere in their life.

Self Destructive Behavior:

Pisces ascendants, especially due to emotional hurt, can fall for easy relief stimulating substances. They can get into alcoholism, drugs, food indulgence or procrastination. They might avoid the world at all costs and slip into unconscious behaviour to feel better. This is not necessary as how other planets are in their chart play an important role. There is just a tendency of self-destructive behaviour due to the inability to cope up with emotional setbacks.

Networking, Name and Fame:

Status comes to them from networking as they connect to everyone very easily and selflessly. Pisces ascendants do not even realize how quickly they grow in name and fame through networking. Due to a zodiac sign Capricorn in the 11th house, they can grow materialistically and spiritually endlessly, provided they make the necessary efforts. But this is the 12th house sign, where one has to give up the ‘I’, the pride, and the ego. Hence, they can earn a name and fame through selfless actions.

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Recognizing a Pisces Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

Pisces ascendants have a certain intensity in their eyes which looks dreamy and a bit hooded too. Usually, they have colored iris, brown being the most common in Asian countries as per the Pisces rising appearance. Their overall persona is quite peaceful and at the same time exudes a lot of emotions. They have fish-shaped eyes which are wide and stretched out. There is some richness to their lips. They have quite accentuated facial features. Their hair has a lot of volume and is healthy. In terms of their clothing and accessories, a lot of them wear spiritual necklaces or bracelets. Their personality could be artistic. They have a serene and catchy demeanor. Their hands are delicate, dainty, and fine. Their feet are usually well-shaped, beautiful, and sometimes longer as compared to the proportion of the rest of the body. Watery signs usually have nice soft hair. Their speech is very sweet. They can bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the environment. Their gestures are welcoming. Their body language is not outlandishly expressive but has a serene fragrance.

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Relationships in the Life of Pisces Ascendants

Where their family is concerned, they will not hesitate to go out in the world and earn bread and butter for their family. They will have authoritative speech when it comes to the well-being of the family. Pisces ascendants will do what needs to be done. Pisces ascendants might have conflicts with any authoritative figure or their father.

They have the sign of Virgo in the 7th house, hence, they usually get a spouse who will be very grounded, practical, and attentive to details. The spouse might be a bit critical and want them to be in a certain way.

Pisces ascendants are very communicative with their family members. They like to socialize within the family. They are very emotional about their children. They might even be very attached to the spouse’s family.

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Pisces Rising Sign Work & Career

Pisces ascendants are not very materialistic. They usually are good at work in which they can connect emotionally. They have a high EQ (Emotional Quotient). They can become great actors, musicians, artists, songwriters, poets, directors, designers, psychologists, counselors, teachers, healers, spiritual guides, nurses, and caretakers. They can also excel in the hospitality industry. As Jupiter is their ruling planet, they will be good in the education industry.

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Pisces Rising Sign Money and Wealth

Pisces ascendants are lucky in money as it somehow flows into their life. They will do the needful when it comes to wealth and money. Aries are in their 2nd house, hence they will have enormous potential to earn the bucks. Aquarius is in their 11th house which is ruled by Saturn. Hence, they will need to be a bit more structured and disciplined in order to receive enormous wealth as some Pisces rising celebrities. When they lose their emotional balance, they tend to trip down on the money quotient as well. Pisces ascendants usually get more money and wealth after marriage or companionship.

Pisces Rising Sign Health

Pisces ascendants are prone to health issues related to the eyes, feet, and digestive system. Physically, they are not very strong. They are usually careless about their health. The body parts associated with the Pisces ascendant are the feet. They might face issues related to feet if Jupiter is afflicted. They also suffer from psychological disorders as they are very sensitive to emotional hurts. They might get frequent fevers as well. Apart from this, they can have major health issues that crop up due to addictive substances or behavior.

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What do Pisces Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Avoiding the world is like avoiding an aspect of life. You will miss out on a lot of experiences if there is no involvement with the world.
  • Learn to deal with your emotions. Spiritual practices are the key to it.
  • Endless thoughts consume tremendous amounts of energy. If they are not productive, it is a waste of time and energy.
  • Daydreaming can open up untapped potential as well as drown you in illusion. Choose your option wisely.
  • Expecting everyone to have the same level of sensitivity as you have is impractical.

The ascendant sign is an extremely important sign to know about. It can be known by looking at your ‘Lagna Chart’ as the first house will reveal your ascendant. However, the analysis of the whole chart as per Vedic Astrology is the best way to understand various aspects of one’s life.

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