Saturn Sade Sati for Sagittarius: What’s Coming In Your Way?

Saturn Sade Sati for Sagittarius: What’s Coming In Your Way?

The cosmic events and activities are connected with our real-life incidents, explains Vedic astrology. They have a prominent role to play in the individual’s lives. The celestial bodies are considered to possess energies that can change the entire course of life. Vedic astrology considers Sun and Moon as two planets, unlike astronomy. Moreover, these planets symbolize the Hindu deities. One of the malefic planets of Vedic astrology is Saturn, which may create disturbance in the native’s life.

People do their everything to keep Shani dev calm. If you make Shani dev upset, you may face unlimited challenges and miseries in life. The pain and agony that people, which come from sade sati may stay for a longer period. Everyone associated closely with the person is affected. Hence, it’s important to know the placement of Saturn. This will further help them to prepare a horoscope, which may give them precautions for forthcoming events.

This article is dedicated to the transit of Saturn into the Sagittarius sign, and it is astrologically termed Saturn sade sati for Sagittarius. Here, we will highlight all the important aspects of Sagittarius sade sati, the sade sati period for Sagittarius, sade sati remedies for Sagittarius, and when will sade sati end for Sagittarius. Now, before moving on, let us first understand Saturn and Sagittarius signs individually.

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Why Saturn Is Main Cause Of Sade Sati?

Saturn is the planet that keeps track of our karma and actions. And therefore, the ringed planet is solely responsible for the formation of Sade Sati.
Saturn is known for creating fear, delusion, and hindrance. But, Vedic astrologers explain that it is the result of the native’s bad karmas. After all, Saturn believes in justice, so this could be a life lesson.

Many astrology believers say that Saturn acts as a rigid teacher who keeps us throwing more challenges and hardships. It makes us go through pain and misery but helps those who choose to work hard. One may feel that life is a replica of hell under the influence of Saturn’s anger. The native has to toil in the sun and soil to make ends meet, or else they may have a loss of health, wealth, and peace. Not only you, but sometimes your family may suffer a lot when Saturn is ill-placed. But Saturn planet makes the person strong emotionally, mentally, and physically, too, before leaving the sign. It prepares people for the difficulties that may crop up in the future.

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Traits of Sagittarius Natives

Under the influence of the fire element and benevolent Jupiter, Sagittarius natives are workaholics and inquisitive in nature. These Sagittarius mates never hesitate to move out of their comfort zone. They are fond of acquiring knowledge from every corner of the world. Hence, they are labeled to be wanderers and thirsty for knowledge. But this quality of Sagittarius can rapidly become their weakness when they are forced to stay indoors as they don’t like that. They love being free outdoors and don’t like it when someone tries to be their boss.

Sagittarius sign natives are generous, adaptable and grounded people. They have a great sense of humor but speak a lot that is not needed. They are also in the habit of poking their nose into others’ matters. This could be annoying for others, and they might get clingy too.

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Impacts of Saturn Sade Sati on Sagittarius

Sade sati is one of the most feared doshas in terms of Vedic astrology. Astrologers agree with a common notion that Shani sade sati is the worst phase of life and is disastrous. But there are certainly positive and bright aspects too. Those who are associated with it become evident when the Shani sade sati is in the last phase or has ended.

Saturn sade sati for Sagittarius is a period that lasts for seven and a half years in the native’s life who are born with the Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius sade sati can continue for the entire period at a stretch, or Sade sati in Sagittarius can occur in smaller pouts of 2 ½ years’ time.

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The first phase is known as the Rising phase, when Saturn transit into the 12th house from the Sagittarius sign, this house is the Scorpio house. The second sade sati period for Sagittarius starts with Saturn’s entry into the 1st house of the native’s moon sign, which is Sagittarius itself. This is the peak period of sade sati for Sagittarius. And the third phase of sade sati for Sagittarius begins when Saturn enters the 2nd house from the moon sign, which is of Capricorn.

During the first phase of the sade sati period for Sagittarius, Saturn transit into the Scorpio house. The ruling planet of Scorpio is Moon, which is inimical towards Saturn. You may feel the stress of Moon and Saturn’s conjunction mainly in the first phase of Sagittarius sade sati. Natives are likely to face various challenges at the workplace and may become aggressive and short-tempered. Due to the change in attitude, the native may face domestic issues and problems with their partner. Both personal and professional life may go through a rough patch during Sagittarius Shani sade sati.

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When the second phase of the Saturn sade sati period for Sagittarius begins with the transit of Saturn into the Sagittarius sign, the native may feel much more relaxed. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which has neutral relation with Saturn. This is the reason for the temporary relief to the native during the Shani sade sati Sagittarius. Both Saturn and Jupiter are believers in justice, but the difference lies in their approach. While Saturn works in discipline, the Sagittarius is a wanderer and free-spirited sign. So, the Saturn sade sati for Sagittarius will make the native work in the discipline and in an organised way. Saturn may ask natives to stop interfering in others’ life and matters. There would be constraint over the inquisitive nature, too, during the sade sati on Sagittarius. This combination of fire Sagittarius and airy Saturn could be explosive during the sade sati period, especially for Sagittarius natives. At this time, natives might get inclined toward spiritual acts and academics too. They may gain popularity in the field of politics or law.

The third phase of sade sati for Sagittarius, known as the Setting phase, starts when Saturn enters the Capricorn house. Saturn itself rules the Capricorn sign. Hence, life would be easier during the last phase of sade sati for Sagittarius. Seeking justice for all would be the motto of natives. It would be a good time to acquire new knowledge. Natives will aspire to grant free education and get involved in social and spiritual work under the influence of sade sati on Sagittarius.

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Sade Sati Remedies for Sagittarius

Below are the expert-written remedies to cut off the negative impacts of Shani.

  • Offer oil to Lord Shani every Saturday.
  • Donate black sesame seeds and Urad dal.
  • Wear black or dark color clothes on Saturday
  • Worship Lord Hanuman by chanting Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Perform Shani Puja with the help of experts.
  • Recite the Shani mantra and Mahamritunjaya mantra.

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Ending Note

Since January 2020, the last phase of the sade sati for Sagittarius is still in active mode. The third phase will be temporarily eased on 28th April 2022. But, you may need to wait till January 2023 when sade sati for Sagittarius ends. Thereafter, Sade sati for Sagittarius may return after approximately 25 years. It is expected that once you come out of this difficult phase, you may find great relief.

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