Sun Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Sun Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

The sun represents life and happiness in astrology. You possess qualities of a leader, including the drive to uphold your reputation in front of others. having a major effect on life on the original planet. We can also use the sun’s power to attract the people and things we desire into our lives.

The house in which the Moon is located is the ascendant of the natal chart, which is utilised to analyse the transit. Excellent outcomes are anticipated when the Astrological Sun Transits the lagnas of the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses. It’s important to remember that the inhabitants are probably going to suffer when the Sun is in a sign that the Moon is in. Because of this, it’s critical to keep in mind that the Sun’s transit has a different impact on each zodiac sign in the astrological chart.

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Astrological Astrological Sun Transit in Vedic Astrology

The Sun stays in each sign for approximately 30 days before changing to the next, and a full cycle of the zodiac sign takes about 365 days. It is believed that the native will reap great benefits when the Sun is in the third, sixth, tenth, or eleventh house from the natal Moon. In the other Moon houses, which are the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th, it can, nevertheless, also be malefic.

When it comes to health matters, the native should proceed with utmost caution if the Sun is in the house where the natal Moon is located. You might have headaches and visual issues during the trip, in addition to issues with your heart, blood pressure, or circulation. There’s also a lack of mental clarity during this period. For Native Americans, having enough money might also be a source of stress. As a result, your social standing and reputation might decline. There are also more workplace problems during this time. You should control your annoyance and temper because there might be arguments with your spouse and other family members.

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Astrological Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Dates & Time:

Given below are the Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Dates and Time:

Astrological Sun Transits Name Astrological Sun Transits Date
Astrological Sun Transit in Capricorn January 15, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Aquarius February 13, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Pisces March 14, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Aries April 13, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Taurus May 14, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Gemini June 15, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Cancer July 16, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Leo August 16, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Virgo September 17, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Libra October 17, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Scorpio November 16, 2024
Astrological Sun Transit in Sagittarius December 15, 2024

Astrological Sun Transit Effects on Individual Zodiac Signs:

People only display their ego, or outer self, while the Sun is a symbol of our soul, or innermost self. It gives the locals the capacity for leadership and the drive to become well-known. The Sun rules royalty, the state, and positions of authority because it is regarded as a monarch in Vedic astrology. It also stands for happiness, vitality, and good health.

A strong Sun indicates a person who is probably a leader. It takes one month for the sun to pass through a sign. It is a major planet in the solar system, and your life will be greatly affected by its passage.

The general effects as stated in Scripture and Vedic astrology are as follows. That being said, they may vary greatly based on your horoscope. It is imperative to acknowledge that every sign in the horoscope experiences the Sun’s transit in a unique way. The house in which the Moon is positioned is the ascendant of the horoscope used to analyse the transit.

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Aries Zodiac Sign

The Sun rules Aries’s fifth house—which includes passion, creativity, and children—in their natal horoscope. For Aries natives, the Sun’s arrival into the sign is very advantageous. More work opportunities, promotions, or pay increases are likely to come your way during the auspicious Astrological Sun Transit of 2024. Along with negotiating important business transactions, you will also have the chance to accept money from government officials.

The Sun’s passage in Aries in 2024 will be advantageous for Aries natives financially. A consistent cash flow is what you can expect. It is advisable to work in the power industry since there are plenty of financial opportunities. During the Surya Gochar 2024, you are probably going to be in good health and feeling optimistic about all aspects of your life. With all of your enthusiasm and passion, your self-confidence will be at an all-time high and any illnesses you may have will most likely go away.

But because of the house trait, you could come across as a little domineering in romantic situations, and your relationship life will appear to be below average. It might negatively affect your love life in general. Therefore, the best course of action is to exercise responsibility and stay away from circumstances that could spark arguments or conflicts.

Mantra: Ram Raksha Stotra

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Taurus Zodiac Sign

The fourth house of comfort, pleasures, and motherhood for Taurus people is ruled by the Sun. One of the consequences of Surya Gochar 2024 could be a significant decline in your mother’s condition. You might therefore face some unforeseen difficulties, so persevere with her and help her however you can.

According to Vedic astrology, those who are experiencing difficulties at work can benefit from the Sun planetary transit 2024 as you will be able to complete all of your tasks without difficulty. Your current lifestyle may cause an increase in your out-of-pocket expenses. But if you put in more effort and maintain your composure, things will work themselves out and you’ll get promoted.

Your chances of future wealth will increase with the Sun’s transit in 2024. Taurus businesses could be very successful in this field. It’s important to keep your distance from people you disagree with or feel strongly about because your anger might override your judgement.

It’s likely that you will be overworked, so get ready in advance. Due to the fact that your 4th house is also emphasised at this time, your mother will have a significant impact on how you make important decisions, especially in the workplace. Therefore, listen carefully to what she says.

Remedies: In a copper vessel, offer water to Lord Sun every morning.

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Gemini Zodiac Sign

The Third house of the Kundali, which for Geminis means siblings, communication, and courage, is ruled by the planet Sun. In 2024, when the Sun is transiting through your sign, you might feel motivated to work hard to enhance your chances. Long-term, this decision will work in your favour. Spending money on social events might also become a habit for you as a way to boast about your financial achievements.

Instead of going overboard with your purchases, consider how you can get ready for the upcoming challenging season. It’s possible that you have a lot on your plate, most of which is overwhelming you. Long-term difficulties and schedule congestion will result from delaying or keeping them late. Choose each task and complete it within the allotted time as a result.

An inability to manage their businesses effectively can lead to dissatisfaction among businesspeople. Therefore, Gemini inhabitants should refrain from entering into any kind of partnership or agreement until the end of the planets’ transit in 2024.

During the Sun Gochar 2024, your romantic life will continue to be wonderful and you’ll probably spend more time with your significant other, your siblings, and your friends. Married people will notice an improvement in their marriage. On the other hand, there could be a risk to your health. During transit, your lower abdomen and knees might hurt. Eating a well-balanced diet is therefore essential for your health, especially if you have mild neck or vision problems.

Remedies: Meditation on the Surya Yantra regularly in the morning

Astrological Sun Transit In 2024 Effects On Cancer Zodiac Sign

The second house in Cancer, which governs family, money, and communication, is ruled by the Sun. Those born under the sign of Cancer may experience health issues in 2024 due to the Sun’s transit. You should stay away from anything to which you are allergic. It is possible that your language will deteriorate and your ego will grow. Your attitude might be the cause of a problem in your family.

Furthermore, since your partner might be the one who suffers the most, you should value and not discount their advice. It takes a lot of effort for a couple to stay compatible with their partners. It’s also a good time to start saving money for unforeseen expenses.

In 2024, when the Sun is transiting your sign, you won’t have any major financial obligations. In social settings, you would feel more accepted. Take advantage of this favourable circumstance to increase your overall prospects.

You will have excellent health during this period. Those who are Cancerians won’t experience any major health issues, and they’ll generally be happy people. This does not, however, imply that you can slack off on your strict schedule or eating habits. Therefore, always keep it in mind.

Remedies: Always respect your father or a father figure, as well as the government.

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Leo Zodiac Sign

The ascendant, or first house, of the Leos Kundali will continue to be occupied by the Sun. Residents of Leo will benefit most from Astrological Sun Transit 2024. Your career would advance and you would have an incredible social life. Your endearing demeanour would make you the centre of attention. You will experience stability in the majority of your life during the Sun’s transit in 2024.

You would also be incredibly productive and efficient. You’ll also experience increased vigour and excitement, along with a noticeable shift in attitude. The Astrological Sun Transit prediction for 2024 suggests that you should exercise caution in both your words and deeds because anything new or hurtful you say could hurt people who are close to you. Try to steer clear of conversations with people who might irritate you as a result.

Married couples can enjoy a wonderful romantic outing with their partner prior to Surya Gochar 2024. This transit will make you bold and inclined to take some risks with your personality. You have to use caution when dealing with objects or circumstances that could be harmful to your body. Regarding illnesses, you won’t experience any significant health issues, and the Sun’s transit in 2024 won’t have any negative effects on your general wellbeing.

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Remedies: Surya Namaskar should be done every day.

Astrological Sun Transit In 2024 Effects On Virgo Zodiac Sign

The 12th house of Virgos, which represents decline, emancipation, and isolation, is ruled by the Sun. Native Americans believe that the Sun’s transit through the sign of Virgos is unlucky for them. During this 2024 transit period, your health, social standing, and financial situation are probably going to get worse. It’s likely that you’ll have to work under challenging conditions.

According to Vedic astrology, you might need to change careers or get a relocation order in 2024 when the Sun is transiting this planet. Therefore, maintain a calm and collected attitude; otherwise, your mental well-being might be negatively impacted. Financial expenses may be unavoidable for you, but don’t worry—the phase will probably pass quickly.

Annual Astrological Sun Transit 2024 forecasts state that you may find it challenging to attain mental peace during this time because health issues are likely to make you feel anxious. During this planetary transit in 2024, you should refrain from making snap decisions or you might have to live with the consequences.

Additionally, there will be a rise in emotional strain. It might have something to do with your upcoming international trip. It seems that this is not the right time for you as a result. On the other hand, individuals who reside outside of India and overseas are more likely to see success.

Remedies: Donate wheat, jaggery, and dark vermillion-coloured clothing on Sunday to strengthen the Sun. This is an effective cure or Virgo zodiac sign native based on the Sun’s transitory motion.

Astrological Sun Transit In 2024 Effects On Libra Zodiac Sign

Friendship is represented by the eleventh house, which is ruled by the Sun for Librans. Because it is afflicted in your zodiac sign, it indicates that you place a high value on spending time with your family and friends. The more you interact with them and make the most of your time together, the better. The sign of Libra is airy and masculine. It displays scales that are balanced, denoting harmony, justice, and fairness.

On the other hand, everyone receives free light from the Sun. When they step outside, everyone receives the same amount of favour from the planet Sun, regardless of wealth or poverty, saintliness or theft. The Sun is lowering in the sign of Libra. You also feel constrained because Venus, the sign of Libra, is ill-treated by the planet Sun.

The Sun’s entry into Libra may cause some people to lose focus on their loftier goals. Some people may experience relationship problems that make them less willing to make the effort necessary to have a polite conversation with their spouses about joint ventures.

Some people who are not in alignment with their goals when it comes to envisioning them may come across as uneasy in their day-to-day activities. The Sun is a dry celestial body that can lead to a variety of skin conditions. Drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated throughout the Surya Gochar 2024.

Remedies: Excess salt and rice should be avoided in any form.

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Scorpio Zodiac Sign

In case you were born under the sign of Scorpio, the 10th house of your Kundali will be ruled by the Sun. Native Americans will be able to get their money back in 2024 when the Astrological Sun Transits the Scorpio zodiac sign. In terms of your career, this is undoubtedly a good moment for you. A position closer to home may be offered to those who work a long distance from home. There will be chances for Scorpio citizens to work for the government. You will benefit from an astrological sun transit in 2024 in terms of wealth and education.

One of the most significant effects of Astrological Sun Transit 2024 is that you will experience a number of changes in your life, including adjustments in how you respond to life’s events. It’s possible that you’ll develop a naturally combative personality, and minor arguments may make your relationship a little more challenging. The Astrological Sun Transit 2024 forecasts indicate that your thoughts will undoubtedly influence events, so maintain composure and give things careful thought before taking any action.

It’s possible—and potentially concerning—that you won’t observe a go-to environment at work. Your inflated ego will cause your communication to deteriorate, so instead of worrying about tomorrow or the future, remember to remain composed and handle the situation as it comes up. You will have support from your father or other father figures in your life. It is advisable to proceed cautiously when discussing matters of well-being in relation to health. To avoid overcomplication and stress, maintain healthy eating and sleeping habits.

Remedies: To please Lord Sun, recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra or the Gayatri Mantra on a daily basis.

Astrological Sun Transit 2024 Effects On Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The Sun rules the ninth house of fortune and luck, which includes all of the Sagittarius friends in the house. You will therefore definitely be very lucky when the Sun transits your sign in 2024. You can therefore finish any tasks that have been left undone.

During the Astrological Sun Transit 2024, you will be drawn to religious pursuits and will be busy visiting shrines. A long vacation would be beneficial to you and would also provide benefits. On the other hand, it may make you more irritable and aggressive. You may want to seize the spotlight and govern others, according to the Astrological Sun Transit forecasts for 2024. It’s best if you don’t make hasty decisions and don’t take control of situations. In the near future, it may prove to be a disadvantage.

Students will focus on courses that will enable them to determine the best course for success. Your financial gains from real estate investing will be substantial. Drive, confidence, and courage will get you through your challenges. Surya Gochar 2024 will bring you optimism, great energy, and prosperity in all aspects of your life. So make good use of it, or else you run the risk of making foolish decisions that ignite your life and your personality. Read More..

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Remedies: In the morning, give water to the Sun and practise Surya Namaskar.

Astrological Sun Transit In 2024 Effects On Capricorn Zodiac Sign

The Sun will rule the 8th house for Capricorns, which represents significant change, dramatic gain or loss, and uncertainty. Your life might suddenly change for the better or worse in 2024 due to the Astrological Sun Transit. You would experience sudden shifts in who you are and how you present yourself, and things would become especially erratic for you. In 2024, this planetary transit can help you overcome certain health issues and become a better manager. There’s a chance you won’t measure up to the expectations of your father or other fatherly figure. There’s a good chance you’ll have to swallow your pride in order to show them how valuable you are.

The Sun’s planetary transit in Vedic astrology in 2024 will be advantageous for those conducting research or involved in paranormal or esoteric activities. You need to abstain from anger, violence, and authoritarian behaviour in order to keep your lifestyle stable during this period. You would become better in every aspect, but your relationship with your partner might deteriorate. Throughout this transit, you should make an impression almost everywhere, especially with your companion.

You would undoubtedly lose contact with some places and people if you were dispersed. Therefore, stay away from it. Furthermore, you will need to work very hard to achieve the professional goal you want. Therefore, make sure to give it careful attention.

Remedies: After touching the footwear, always wash your hands. As anticipated by 2024 Venus transit predictions, this will diminish the malefic effects of the Sun (Surya).

Astrological Sun Transit In 2024 Effects On Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The Sun will rule the seventh house of relationships and marriage for Aquarians. You’ll get the best results with Surya Gochar 2024 for Aquarius sign, and you’ll see a big shift in your personality and temperament. You’ll be stimulated all day long and have more energy and endurance to finish any task.

You’ll make excellent use of the knowledge you’ve gained from past experiences as you embark on new professional endeavours. You’ll be more conscious of how you look and what other people think of you, but this could make you more conceited, which is detrimental to your personality and image. The Astrological Sun Transit 2024 forecasts state that the phase will assist you in managing your attitude in both your personal and professional life. If you maintain your composure, a disagreement you may have with your business associate in your married life will eventually come to an end.

You should keep an eye on your health because you may develop stomach or skin issues. There’s a strong chance you won’t achieve the desired outcomes if you have any upcoming business travel or travel in general. For this reason, unless it is absolutely necessary, it is best to avoid moving during Surya Gochar 2024. Don’t make rash decisions or you could end up drowning.

Remedies: Continue to serve your father and maintain respectful relationships with him, pampering him with gifts from time to time and assisting him in his work whenever possible to earn his blessings.

Astrological Sun Transit In Pisces 2024 Effects On Pisces Zodiac Sign

The Sun will be in the sixth house for Pisces. It is therefore necessary to take extra precautions to protect your health in 2024 during the Astrological Sun Transit. It’s possible that you’re sick with a cold or something minor. It will personally affect you, causing you to feel lethargic and exhausted when doing household chores. You might therefore be a little lethargic at work, endangering both your reputation and job status at your well-known company. You have to be on your guard because your rivals could come up with any plan to gain an advantage.

Alternatively, if you choose to see the bright side, you may be able to maximise your time off work by taking a vacation. Due to the Sun’s oversight of your sixth house and its upcoming position in Pisces in 2024, Pisces natives involved in legal disputes may receive some encouraging news. Previous health issues can cause medical conditions to worsen.

Additionally, according to Vedic astrology, you might experience health-related anxiety in 2024 due to the Sun’s planetary transit. Therefore, consistent exercise and a healthy diet are crucial. If at all possible, change to a diet that is high in protein and low in fat. Financial difficulties may also arise from health issues. Therefore, in light of the Sun planetary transit forecasts for 2024, be sure to be ready and have some cash on hand in case of an unexpected medical expense.

Remedies: Avoid bribing a kingly figure, government officials, or defrauding the government; otherwise, the Sun will become weaker in the horoscope.

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