Know Whether Twins Horoscopes is Similar Or Different

Born with a similar birth chart, twins may not have a similar fate regardless of their gender. Two twin natives are hard to find, but yes, they do exist in the world. Here, the horoscopes of both the twins play a crucial role in analysing their life prospects. This horoscope suggests that both the natives have different fortune. So, alright, let us learn how the twins are born and why their life path is different.

About Twins Horoscope

The horoscope of an individual depends upon his or her birth details. In this case, twins share similar birth details, but the horoscope can be different. The making of a horoscope includes the planetary positions and the exact birth time of a person. Also, one must know the time-lapse between the birth of twins. Zodiac signs pass one degree after 4 minutes, and it appears in a different sign after 2 hours. Therefore, it is likely that some of the twins may have different ascendants. Furthermore, slow-paced planets can also transit in a separate house due to minor difference in minutes.

However, both the individuals share similar ascendants if the difference is of one or two minutes. But, you would be surprised to know that, even the planetary positions are similar, they may never cross each other path in terms of education, professionalism and relationship. As a result, both of them walk on different paths. On the other side, despite having similar Kundali, their personalities can not be the same.

Astrological concepts

If planet Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the lord of the ascendant are in odd signs, while Venus and Moon is in even signs, twins may take their births. Also, if the ascendant house or Moon is aspected by malefic planets, it results in twins’ births.

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As said, every 4 minutes, the degree of the zodiac sign changes. And therefore, twins may have different ascendant signs. This can vary the life prospects of the two individuals. This minor difference in the seconds will lead to the different birth charts, too, and twins may born under different orbit. This can be because of three different Karmas; Sanchita, Parabdha, and Agami. Here, the planets only recognize the Sanchita Karma. This is why the two infants have similar birth charts. Due to the different Prarabdha Karma and Agami Karma, both individuals may have different fortune.

Different Birth Charts Of Twins

The similar two-faced individuals are quite similar in terms of their looks and share the same DNA too. But, it can’t be said the same when it comes to divisional charts of these two. This is usually due to the minute differences at their time of birth. No matter if both the individuals are born in orbit is similar or different, individuals’ previous karmas may insist them to choose different paths. As a result, they may not go in a different and opposite direction.

Ending Note

This is what astrological theories suggest that individuals could be on different paths. Inching closer to the end, we found that the twins horoscopes are different as it totally depends on their birth details, timings and differences of minutes. Despite being look-a-like to each other, they live different lifestyles. If you are the one among the twins, then share your thought with us. Hope you had a pleasant time reading this.

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