Chandra Darshan: Things You Should (& Shouldn't) Do During a Full Moon

Chandra Darshan: Things You Should Follow While Watching Full Moon

The Moon is one of the benefic planets of astronomy, which influences the human’s mind. It is a significator of mental strength, thinking abilities and wisdom. Basically, the Chandra Grahan is to observe the full Moon by worshipping the Lord Chandra Dev. This day arrives after the night of Amavasya, no Moon day. Devotees organize puja in their house and also keep a fast for an entire day. This day brings an opportunity to earn good wealth and fortune. Let’s unfold what ancient myths reveal about following Chandra Grahan.

The Ancient Legends

Why Moon is Called Soma?

About Sahasra Chandra Darshan

Best Time To Have Chandra Darshan

Ending Note

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