Know How To Handle Rejection Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are some people who can handle rejection with dignity and gracefully. Rejection is a part of the process of success in future. It encourages you to either improve or wait for another chance to get better at something. Be it your favourite college application or asking your long time crush out, sometimes you will face rejection.

Even in day to day life, we have to face minor to huge rejections. Possibly your thoughts would go through all the questions on why a company, a university or a person rejected you. Rejection can break you in all possible ways because of all that time you spend thinking about that place or person, thinking of the future.

It gives a feeling of a sandcastle being washed away by a tide. Here the sandcastle is your courage, time and hope, while the tide symbolises devastating rejection. It takes time to pick yourself up again after getting rejected, but it is not impossible. This is why understanding how your zodiac sign deals with rejection might help you know how to cope with your rejection and rise on your feet again for starting a new journey. So let us see how you are going to handle rejection as per your Zodiac Sign.

Handling Rejection as per Zodiac Signs


Aries are unable to hide their emotions. You can see on their face or physically what they are feeling. They know what they want and are not afraid to go all-in for whatever they want; they are that determined. When the rejection is down upon their sign, it is “very” hard for them to accept first. But even though they are most confident and do not experience rejection much, they just try to deny it. It is always either they are extremely good at coping or an emotional mess.

As their sign is short-tempered, they tend to blame themself even for the tiniest failure. After a while, that anger turns off with an “I don’t care” attitude, and they start again on their journey, rarely showing insecurities.

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Taurus is the most responsible and hardworking. Taurus signs are not expressive regarding their feelings, but they are not secretive. They like things to be predictable.

They may indulge in their favourite binge-watching or ice cream. They let their rejection overpower them. As they love stability, it takes time to adapt to change. But eventually, they do get over it. It does take time and a lot of effort, but they get back to how they were.

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Geminis are the social butterfly. Having twins in their sign makes their mood fluctuate when they are in a low mental state. They either mask their true emotions or be most open about it.

Usually, when they are rejected, they can perfectly handle situations without any chaos. Their mood instantly goes from understanding to arguing about why it happened. They love to talk about rejection to their colleagues or friends as this is how they cope with the chaos going inside them. They talk about all the rejections, and sometimes it does get annoying, but their friends understand them better. This way, they are likely to get over that rejection and move on.


Cancer natives feel everything deeply and for a long time. When rejection falls upon them, it feels like a mountain break. For them, rejection always sucks, smaller or bigger. As they feel the emotions deeply, it is hard for them to let go of the betrayal or self-doubts about where it went wrong.

They are stubborn and might be harsh to the one who has done wrong to them. They certainly do not forgive anyone easily or forget. Being sensitive people, they may not forget things even after years have passed. They keep on thinking about that one rejection that broke them. Don’t let rejection stop you; it is just an inevitable part of life, so don’t waste your time; see which new opportunities await you in 2022 with your Free Horoscope Report!


Leos have a habit of obtaining whatever they desire. As a result, they rarely face any rejection, and when they face it, they may doubt their talents and believe they are not smart enough. They take time to overcome the rejection but eventually, they will get over that phase. They keep on with their self-confidence anyway.

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Virgos are intelligent and perfectionists. However, being a perfectionist makes them face rejection more than anyone. It is like everywhere they go, they face rejection.

There is a standard you put yourself to that may be so high that it sometimes disappoints you for not achieving. Usually, do not let rejection fall into despair. Their analytical way of seeing things makes it easier to brush off the rejection.

They do not let rejection self-pity them for thinking what went wrong. They don’t talk about their emotions even with their friends. It might not look like they are going through rejection or anything. As long as they learn from their mistakes, it is okay to be rejected.


Libras are admired for their talented self. Since they are the ones to do the rejection with grace, they expect others to treat them in the same way. Although when the same doesn’t happen, it gets them to think about where they went wrong.

They have a self-destructive way to handle rejection, but it is to get back into their routine again. They may think they do not care about the whole stuff, but that makes removing the feeling of rejection much harder. Since they take time to understand the experience, getting over the rejection takes a lot more time.


Scorpio has a complex personality. This keeps people interested, but they can not fully trust other people. They do not usually face rejection, but when they do, they don’t blame themself for that. They handle it with calm composure. However, they think of revenge a lot. They think that time will heal their problems. They will regret their rejection and come back crawling. But it doesn’t always happen.


Extreme easy-going personality makes Sagittarius easy to talk to though they do not like being in a slump. Their optimistic persona doesn’t let anything stop them, even if it is a rejection. But it doesn’t seem like that on the inside. Even though with many distractions, they feel composed, they have to face the problem again. They face the problem with the same cheerful attitude and try to make things happen again. They chase things even after being faced with rejection.

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A practical and emotionally dependable person is what Capricorns are like. They always have their head in the game. They know how life works and know that they have to face rejection to step ahead. So when meeting with rejection, it will disappoint them or upset them for some time. But they will still try to live fully.

People might think they may become angry over them while they are upset. But once their emotional chaos is calmed down, they tend to explain themselves and move forward again.

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Aquarius loves being around people and will always be fun to be around. However, they tend to close themselves when it comes to their emotions. It does take a lot of effort for them to go after something they like. So when met with a rejection, they tend to get discouraged.

They cannot process at first why someone would reject them but then they will start acting a bit rude to another person. They tend to think that they are the only ones who got rejected and let it make them feel nice about themselves.


As someone who loves dreaming and finds comfort in their dreams, Pisces are one unique group of people. When faced with rejection, they tend to go back to their fantasy world, where everything is fine. With this, they tend to forget their problems instead of facing them straight.

Just thinking about their problems being solved won’t make it happen. So they need to try and move on after confronting their problem. It was not their fault something didn’t work out. So just get out of the imagination for some time, face the problem and heal in the world again.

Closing Up

Rejection is part of life and has been faced by everyone, and believing only they are in this turmoil is harder for them to move on. If you are not able to recover from your rejection, then it is advised to consult our Expert Astrologer to get the best-personalised solutions for your problem.

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