Gana Nakshatra

Nakshatras play a very crucial role in understanding how the personality of a native will be. This has more to do with the conceptual and analytical way to understand an individual. Gana Nakshatra contributes to Guna Milan (matchmaking) as well, which is the analysis of compatibility between two people by looking at their astrological charts.

In Vedic astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras, and each Nakshatras are divided into three categories. Also, each category has been assigned with Ganas. However, Ganas not only shows the compatibility between spouses, but it is for all relationships, be it family members, relatives, and friends. But it is majorly used for marriage compatibility analysis.

There are three Ganas – Devata, Manushya, and Rakshasa. Generally, Ganas are relevant to understand the traits of a human being based on how the Moon is posited. But the apt analysis is done when it is looked at in congruence with the Sun and other planetary influences. Before understanding the key traits of all three Ganas, it’s important to have clarity on the fundamentals of these nomenclatures.

First, Devata Gana and Rakshasa Gana doesn’t mean that one is divine and the other is a demon. This is a widespread misconception. However, the differentiation was done based on tendencies an individual can have based on the Gana; not necessarily the individual will be exercising that. The differentiation of Devata and Rakshasa origin people was based on certain lifestyles, food, rituals, and deities.

Both the Ganas are quite powerful. Devata Gana origin natives performed more of daytime rituals such as religious ceremonies, had particular deity, and ate sattvic food to suit the purpose of their life.

Whereas, Rakshasa Gana origin natives were more into night rituals because they were the knower and practitioners of occult and mysticism. They had specific food requirements based on their lifestyles and mostly had fierce gods and goddesses. Both the Ganas could choose as per their conscience which lifestyle they wanted despite their birth chart.

Now there are many tendencies due to our genetics, but every human being can choose consciously. For example – in this era of fast food junk and busy lifestyle, most of the people, despite being of different Ganas, become tamasic, eat negative pranic food, and are lethargic. However, they have consciously or unconsciously chosen it.

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