About Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Characteristics

Zodiac – Leo
Degree range – Leo 13.20′ to Leo 26.40′
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Lord – Venus
Deity – Bhaga (God of Love and Luck)
Symbol – Hammock
Element – Water
Gana – Manushya
Quality – Rajasic
Direction – North
Colour – Pale Brown
Body – Right hand
Animal – Female Rat
Bird – Female eagle
Tree – Ashoka Tree

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the 11th of 27 Nakshatras, ranging from 13 degrees and 20 minutes to 26 degrees and 40 minutes in Leo. It has 4 padas:

1LeoSun I , me, myself attitude, royalty, dignity, execution, courageous, procrastinator
2VirgoMercuryHard working, serene, business, common sense, nature loving, lazy
3LibraVenusCreative, indulgent, beauty, harmony, travel, comfort, counselling, short tempered
4Scorpio MarsHigh spirited, passionate, complex, thinker, corrupted

Overview of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra in Astrology

This nakshatra entirely belongs to the sign of Leo. It is called the ‘former reddish one’. The symbol for this nakshatra is a hammock or front legs of the cot. The hammock or cot represents relaxation. The natives can sometimes be lazy. Otherwise, they are usually very carefree. They do not tend to worry much as they are blessed by their deity, which is ‘Bhagha’, the god of fortune and luck. Hence, this nakshatra deals with extreme prosperity and happiness.

The word ‘Bhaga’ itself means share or portion. The natives get their share of abundance in this life. Phalguni consists of two words – ‘Phal’ means fruit, and ‘Guni’ means quality. It is said that Purva Phalguni natives are the ones who get fruits of their good deeds from the past lives. ‘Phalgun’ month is the beginning of spring. Connecting to this analogy, the natives will have a blessed life. This nakshatra is about settling down and marriage. Bhaga gives marital bliss and protects the bond.

Another thing that is well known for this nakshatra is the family inheritance. Another nakshatra that deals with family inheritance is Uttara Bhadrapada. Since it is Purva Phalguni Nakshatra which means the former, so prosperity happens in the early part of life.

For understanding this nakshatra, it is essential to know the traits of the zodiac Leo. Leo is the king, so qualities associated with a king are authority, power, wealth, and status. These are essential themes in Purva Phalguni as they are blessed with fortune, prosperity, inheritance and luck to enjoy all these things.

The natives are extremely social, and they don’t want to miss any gatherings. So social events and parties are their favourite activities. They are very creative individuals. This nakshatra truly deals with artistic ability.

Since Leo is the fifth house, and the fifth house in astrology is about gifts, creation, contracts, business, partnership, and marriage and the need to express oneself. So the Purva Phalguni natives can be great artists, singers, dancers, writers, part of the film industry and business owners.

There is an element of joyfulness in the natives, also sensuality and sexuality. They are very generous, and people around them have high regards for this quality of theirs. They are made for being out there. Also, they can become extreme and excessive sometimes, especially pertaining to their quality of generosity and indulgence.

The natives are very loyal. However, these people are never alone. They spend their life with a partner. This nakshatra is ruled by Venus. This is why there is so much artistic flair, beauty, comfort, and enjoyment under this nakshatra. The star pertaining to this nakshatra is Zosma (back of the lion). This star is about self-indulgence and egotism. It is the shadow side of this nakshatra.

Characteristics of Purva Phalguni Male

Purva Phalguni males are the man of their words. First, they do not commit unless they are sure of delivering it. Since they are too honest and regal, they make many hidden enemies who can’t take their attitude. These men are freedom-loving people and at no cost would surrender it. They are classic in behaviour and social. They are the life of the party.

Purva Phalguni men love to travel, and they explore even when they are on business tours. They are mostly at higher positions in office, and if they are not, their attitude will still be of a king. It gets them in trouble. They can be short-tempered and do not tolerate any unfair situation. The natives are said to hop from one line of work to another till they finally settle for one which suits them best.

These men will have a blissful marriage, and they get a very supportive partner. Their children also receive the best education. They have good bonds with their siblings. But they get betrayed many times by their relatives. However, they have a huge friend circle and lifelong friendships. They are very devoted towards their family, especially parents, but somehow due to situations, they flourish business-wise away from the place they grew up.

Suitable professions for them are trade and business, CEO or higher management, leaders, mass media, art, music, film industry, counselling, architecture, interior designing, fashion industry, etc.

They are prone to mental stress, anxiety, blood pressure and cardiovascular-related illnesses. They also experience frequent pain in their limbs.

Characteristics of Purva Phalguni Female

The Purva Phalguni females are the royal ones. They know they are blessed, and they share their wealth with others. They perform a lot of charity work and are quite known for it. However, they have a huge friend circle. Also, they have great artistic ability.

These females have an urge to indulge in the pool of knowledge as this gives them great comfort. This is why a lot of them could be part of scientific and research centres.

They have their principles, and it’s difficult to sway them off as they are very conscious of their deeds and also about their reputation. These females are classy, knowledgeable and bold. They are very fond of education and learning, and making an impact in society. Suited professions for them are research, science, engineering, doctors, social workers, art, music, film and fashion industry, business leaders, motivational speakers and journalism.

By the way, they are very respectful of their parents. They enjoy a good marriage life. Also, their partner is usually someone wealthy and very loving. The Purva Phalguni females have well-groomed children. They are brought up with the necessary discipline and love. They know very well any non-obedience may get them grounded.

On the health front, they suffer menstrual-related issues if they don’t take care of their health. They are also prone to asthma, pain in limbs and blood pressure related problems.

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