Lunar Eclipse 2022: Date, Time And Effects On Areas Of Life

Stargazers will never forget to witness the Earth, Sun and Moon in one line. So, if you are one of them, we guess you would be ready with your binoculars to observe the once in a year celestial event. Yes, exactly, we are talking about ‘The Lunar Eclipse 2022’, which will be occurring on the Full Moon day. The Lunar eclipse is formed when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. And if these three appear in the straight line, Earth will cast its shadow on the Moon. The Moon’s orbit around the Earth and Earth’s orbit around the Sun lies in somehow a bit of a different path.

On the basis of scientific study, it is said that two or four solar eclipses occur every year while, in the case of the lunar eclipse, it is less in number. However, a solar eclipse can be seen from a 50-mile path, while every single lunar eclipse can be seen from the Earth. Earth casts two shadows, one is umbra, and another is the penumbra. The umbra is a complete dark shadow, whereas the penumbra is a partial outer shadow. The Moon passes through these shadows in multiple stages. During the final and initial stages, when the Moon is influenced by penumbral shadow is hardly noticeable, while an eclipse occurs when the Moon is in the umbral shadow.

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Lunar Eclipse 2022: Date, Time & Other Details

This year we will be able to observe two Chandra Grahan that will also be noticeable in India. The lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon and happens when the Earth falls between the Sun and the moon. There are three types of eclipse – total, partial and penumbral. This cosmic event will begin with a total lunar eclipse, and it will be seen in certain locations of Coastal Orissa, entire North-Eastern states excluding Sikkim and West Bengal.

The first Lunar eclipse of the year 2022 Date: 15 and 16 May 2022

The Second Lunar eclipse of the year 2022 Date: November 2022

Lunar Eclipses 2022 Start Time: 02:17 PM (IST)

Lunar Eclipses 2022 End Time: 07:19 PM (IST)

The first total Lunar eclipse will be visible across East Asia, South Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica. Thereafter, during 18th-19th November, we will witness the second lunar eclipse, the partial one. This second lunar Eclipse 2022 will also be seen in most parts of the locations, including Asia, North America, South America, North Africa, West Africa, Australia, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Arctic.

As per Hindu myths, people believe that women who are expecting babies should take the necessary precautions to avoid the negative impact of the Lunar eclipse during this phase. Therefore, they keep fast during this event and remain awake till the completion of the Lunar eclipse.

People can also recite a few mantras to avoid the effect of a lunar eclipse. During ancient times, Sun and moon were the only sources of light and energy. People used to get affected because of several changes in the movements during the time of a total lunar eclipse. Hence, their work would get stopped during that period.

During the eclipse, people also chant mantras to appease the gods and goddesses. This is because, when the Sun and Moon were the only sources of light, people’s lives were affected due to changes in the movements during the eclipse, so people stopped their work during that period.

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Impacts Of Lunar Eclipses On Zodiac Signs In 2022

If Stargazers are ready with their gadgets, then astronomers too are ready to analyse the entire celestial event of 2022. And according to the Astro experts, there could be major or minor impacts on native’s lives. So, without wasting time, let’s learn about the effects of the Lunar eclipse on natives of each zodiac sign. Also, know the remedies to reduce the adverse effects of this event.

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Effects On Aries Zodiac Sign

The Upcoming Lunar eclipse 2022 might influence these zodiac signs in various ways, either positive or negative. A very special and loveable bond between siblings might affect their relationship. Hence, keep your calm and avoid being too stubborn and controlling. At times, you might feel energetic and might take several courageous steps in terms of some business dealing.


You should keep your cool and control your anger and emotions. Sometimes doing all the jobs with perfection might not happen. As a native of Aries, you should not overdo things and exhaust yourself. So, you should make sure to take breaks in between and recharge yourself with full enthusiasm.

Effects On Taurus Zodiac Sign

Individuals with the Taurus sign are known as pillars of strength. Their appearance seems a bit tough, and sometimes they can act stubborn. Taurus are very good leaders. Hence, use this skill of yours in some benefice activity. This Chandra Grahan will be beneficial for you in terms of finance and wealth. You will get good returns in terms of finance, but you may have to bear sudden expenses. You might delay in completing a few undone jobs for long. Avoid using harsh words. It could hurt the feelings of your dear and near ones.


You should focus on maintaining a balance between your financial budget and money spendings. Also, keep your voice soft and avoid being stubborn to others.

Effects On Gemini Zodiac Sign

Natives of Gemini are known for their irresistible personality, optimistic lifestyle and mood swings. Experts say during this event, you may go through several unpredicted issues, financial loss or mental stress. It might create disturbance in your personal life too. At the workplace, you will perform best and can come up with brilliant ideas and can positively make changes.


You should try to engage yourself in activities like meditation, yoga, personal training for Tai Chi. You can opt for several hobbies that you wanted to try your hands on. Take some time from your busy schedule and learn some new activities and hobbies. It will help you in soothing your soul from outside and inside as well.

Effects On Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer individuals are highly ambitious and motivating personalities. They might go through various ups and downs this year. You may feel an energetic and optimistic impact throughout the whole year. Some of you may experience spirituality, while others natives of Cancer may succumb to loneliness. However, if you love to stay alone for some time, you can enjoy this phase of lunar eclipse 2022. But, unexpected issues may arise, such as accidents, mental or physical health issues.


Make the most of your enjoyment of your favourite activities. If you’re creative by nature, write a book or finish up the old song you wanted to add to your life. Keep yourself calm, do some physical activities and eat healthy food to avoid medical issues.

Effects On Leo Zodiac Sign

Natives of Leo have a very dynamic and strong personality. You are sanguine, trustworthy and reliable. This year 2022, might cause mental stress and unexpected worries in your life. This might happen because of the misinterpretations with elder siblings. You may find optimistic people who might praise their strength during this celestial event. Prediction of trivial monetary losses may occur.


Indulge yourself in some creative activities. Join some workshops and courses you’ve wanted to pursue for a long time. This will help you in polishing your skills. Focus on your life goals and set parameters. Keep a tab on your financial expenditure.

Effects On Virgo Zodiac Sign

Natives born under the Virgo sign are compassionate and kind-hearted. You may find yourself as you are likely to get positive results regarding your wealth and prosperity. You may face work-related issues. Work and professional stability will always be on your mind. But it may cause conflicts between you and your seniors.


You should deal with patience while talking with others. You should not make decisions without thinking, especially on the professional side.

Effects On Libra Zodiac Sign

Individuals born with this Libra sign are well balanced and conservative by their nature. This year they might get affected by the irregular flow of energy. You should not make hasty decisions related to your health. Otherwise, it might affect your physical health. You should make sure that your tours and travel trips might not get affected. You should focus on your career planning and should implement new strategies.


Before you plan a trip, consult your physician for a complete medical check-up. Or else, if you have any health issues, your trips would be boring. Hence, plan your trip in advance to avoid any obstacle and take enough rest during your trips.

Effects On Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio’s natives are known for their passionate nature. So, you might create interest in spirituality and meditation. This year you might suffer from unexpected emotions. You may feel exhausted and anxious. You should avoid much worrying about your personal life.


You should learn how to control your anger. You should be friendly with your kids. Also, you should think positively and keep doing meditation for a healthy mind.

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Effects On Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Being a native of Sagittarius, you are noble, brave and fair-minded. You can see several changes in your lie due to unforeseen happenings. You should keep yourself active all the time. Also, expand your social circle by meeting new people. You should not expect any help from your partner.


You should spend more time with your family and friends. You can ask for some guidance from your elders, and they will help you cope with your worries and other pressures. Catch up with your friends and family. Some of them, especially the older family members, may provide guidance and help you deal with your worries.

Effects On Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Individuals with Capricorn signs may spoil relations with their siblings. Relationships with your spouse could be strenuous and can affect the interaction between you and your partner. You are likely to be more modest while setting your futuristic goal this year. Also, you should keep your personal and professional stress at bay.


Focus on your wellbeing and mental health. Indulge in practising yoga and meditation. Be modest but not at the cost of your personal life. You should be patient and indulge in activities like meditation. You should be competitive but not at the expense of your personal life.

Effects On Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians are open-minded, reformist and artistic. During this phase, you may get to enjoy a favourable time. You should focus and enhance your inner skills. You should behave friendly with your close ones, especially with kids. On the other hand, you may suffer from health issues, so be attentive to your health and fitness.


You should divert your attention to things you love. But you should not hurt anyone’s feelings during this process. You should look after yourself and avoid trips until you get physically and mentally fit.

Effects On Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces individuals are known for their positive attitude and skills, which is a good thing. But your world may turn upside down when monetary issues may arise during the Lunar eclipse. Your improper communications or interactions may lead you to confusions. You should take necessary steps to come closer to loved ones. There is a chance that one of your family members may suffer from health issues. You should carry a positive and practical attitude towards life.


You should try to remain fit to achieve stable and good health. If required, you should do regular health check-ups. Also, consult your physician if your family members are facing health issues. You should improve your communication skills to avoid misinterpretation.

This is what experts suggest about your zodiac signs. If you think your question remains unanswered in this article, get directly connected with our astrological experts.

Disclaimer: All predictions are based on the Moon signs

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