Bargad Tree Benefits and its Astrological Significance

In Hinduism, the Vad, Banyan, or Bargad tree is extremely important. As an Epiphyte, the Banyan tree begins its existence. Epiphyte refers to a plant that grows on another plant and can live for centuries as a result. Hence, the Banyan tree is regarded as the oldest tree.

In Hindu mythology, the Banyan tree’s shelter is said to be the shelter provided by God. The Banyan tree is known as Kalpavriksha in Hindu mythology. Kalpavriksha is a tree that grants devotees’ wishes and provides them with material benefits.

Lord Vishnu is present in the Banyan tree’s bark, Lord Brahma is present in the Banyan tree’s roots, and Lord Shiva is present in the Banyan tree’s branches, according to Hindu mythology. Trimurti is thus symbolised by the Banyan tree.
One thing we need to add here before starting the blog that Banyan tree astrological benefits are just limitless. And this tree banyan tree for Hindusim holds a special significance. So without any ado, let’s explore the benefits of bargad tree, its significance and much more.

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