The Unknown Facts About Metal Horse Chinese Zodiac

The Horse sits seventh in the zodiac sign. According to mythology, the number would be decided by the order in which they arrived at the Jade Emperor’s party. The Horse had to travel through a graveyard on his way, but he was too frightened to go through it.

Metal Horse paused for a long time because he had been running past it with his eyes closed. Metal Horse zodiac went full speed after overcoming that stumbling block and finished sixth. The metal Horse is likewise connected to the Earthly Branch and the noon hours 11–13. The Horse is yang in terms of yin and yang. Horses are essential in transportation and battle as the head of the six household animals. Metal Horse zodiacs are connected with speed and freedom in Chinese culture. The metal Horse is revered and worshipped by several Northern ethnicities, including Mongolians and Manchurians. A 60-year calendrical cycle is related to the Celestial Stems. Wu is connected with fire, which is part of five natural elements.

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Metal Horses in the Year of the Ox (2023)

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