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Water Rabbit has especially linked to style as well as beauty. The members of this group have fine taste and artistic skills. Water rabbit is of particular interest and is highly creative people. Due to the acquired nature of the Rabbit, many become great collectors who fill their houses with beautiful paintings and art objects. Regardless of the lifestyle, Rabbits are always marked by this sense of refinement and their cultural visions. Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiacs are very careful in life and have many desirable qualities. They are natives of intellect, courtship, and peace. They do not like any kind of discomfort and always try to get rid of disputes and arguments.

Rabbits are very much appreciated for the art and the finer things of life. They like to party, which usually takes place in the top-class restaurants and nightlife of the city. The Water Rabbits are intellectual and humorous people. They like to take part in discussions. Others always appreciate their views and advice and are always presented as cautious and diplomatic people. They seldom get angry and turn a blind eye if someone dislikes them just in order to keep the peace. They want to stay in good contact with everyone, but they may become rather sensitive. If there is any kind of trouble around them, they may leave the area quickly.

Types of Rabbits and their characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle Rabbit’s years: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023. The next Rabbit year is 2023. It starts on Chinese New Year (January 22).

1963 is the year of the Water Rabbit, and according to the Chinese five elements, it is the year of the waters, so the people who are born in the year 1963 are known as Water Rabbit. In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Rabbit is the fourth position. The animal sign that occurs in a 12-year cycle is associated every year, according to Chinese astrology.

Types of Rabbits, Years and their Characteristics

1. Wood Rabbit [1915, 1975] Clever, smart, egoistic, vibrant, but delicate at heart.

2. Fire Rabbit [1927, 1987] Broad-minded, smart, and flexible, with unique views.

3. Earth Rabbit [1939, 1999] Simple, ambitious, hard-working, but slightly reserved.

4. Gold Rabbit [1951, 2011] Kind-hearted, conservative, lively, and enthusiastic.

5. Water Rabbit [1963, 2023] Soft, friendly, readily adjustable, but with low mentality and principles.

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Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit represents gentleness, sophistication, and elegance

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac is fast, smart, and ambitious, but it has a tendency to leave projects unfinished. Rabbit represents gentleness, sophistication, and elegance. Rabbit prefers situations that are completely conducive according to their specific wishes and bypasses all obstacles and people that rabbit finds inappropriate. Rabbit is therefore rarely irritated, hostile or aggressive.

The Rabbit gets an extra chance at good fortune with three fortunate days every month. Due to their ability to connect with others, a Rabbit’s family, friends, and romantic relationships will grow in those days. Water Rabbit is the happiest sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Rabbits are talented, pleasant, careful, refined, well-established, ambitious but not so good in the bargain. You cannot ignore Rabbits because they are good companies and know how to do their best. The Rabbits’ good qualities are superficial.

The Rabbit is a social, touching, cool, and sensitive person, but this calmness may be temporary. People admire the Rabbit and trust him. Water Rabbit is brilliant in trade. The Rabbits will have good opportunities in politics, diplomacy, and law.

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

Water Rabbit zodiac is a well-known, intuitive, and thoughtful person. They may be very sensitive and easily offended. They are very precise and like to do it all thoroughly. They also have a wonderful memory. The Water Rabbit tends to be quiet, calm, and sometimes keeps aloof. Water Rabbits have good ideas and are very respected and successful in many aspects of their lives by all their family, friends, and colleagues.

Water Rabbit Chinese zodiac works quietly but a highly effective worker with an excellent memory. In business, they are extremely sensitive, but their performance often depends on the prevailing conditions. They do not handle the situation well when tension exists in the air, or a sudden decision is needed. When there is a busy week ahead of work, they may always try and plan everything they do, list the jobs to be done. When a change is introduced, Rabbits don’t want to take risks and don’t want it.

Chinese Water Rabbits have a soft and gentle personality. Water Rabbits pay great attention to detail and are extremely successful as well as diplomatic, attorney, businessman or priest, and any other job in which they may demonstrate their skill to large crowds. Rabbits are very loyal to their employers and never go back to competing companies.

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Love and Relationship

Water Rabbit’s love relationship is not too good. They may probably quarrel about trivial things with their partner. The Water Rabbits are willing to tolerate their partner, and they do not act impulsively. Married life will be prosperous.

Water Rabbit zodiac for Male: Water Rabbit males are very popular among girls at a young age for their tender, reverent and generous nature. They are fearful of commitment. When their relationship gets older, they cannot take their relationship seriously, which might cause their relationships to shatter not work sometimes. They are good husbands and dads after marriage, and they put their families first.

Water Rabbit Zodiac for Female: Water Rabbit Females are calm, kind, and tender. Their behaviour towards relationships is quite simple. They never accept someone they do not like. Female natives may be affectionate, thoughtful, and affluent people. They are very responsible as a housewife, caring for husbands and raising children after they get married. They also gain new skills in order to enrich their personal lives.

The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is compatible with Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig. Rabbits are not compatible with the signs of Snake or Rooster.

Water Rabbit Horoscope Compatibility

Compatibility is based on the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac animal, and only good partners can match. The Chinese Water Rabbit is unobtrusive, smart, and fast. A Rabbit is always very cautious and guarded in friendship and romantic relations. Once they open up, they may be friendly and gentle. Water Rabbits do not like conflict, and they try to find compromises, although they are aware this might not always be possible.

Rabbit compatibility: The perfect matches with Rabbit are Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig. A complimentary match with Rabbit is Ox. The acceptable matches with Rabbit are Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, and Horse. An intimate friend is Rat. The rabbit should avoid Snake and Rooter.

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Water Rabbit Zodiacs have a smooth career. Unless they can overcome their inconveniences and demonstrate their strengths and benefits, they may earn their superiors’ favour easily and be promoted. But some snobs may envy them and do something bad behind their back, even because they have succeeded at work. But they are hard at work. They may develop their own business successfully if they plan well and carefully.

Water Horse Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

In their lives, the Chinese Water Rabbit has no major health issues. This Water Rabbits should go to the hospital without delay if they suffer from minor illnesses. They will recover shortly. While they have a good healthy body, maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent possible illnesses.

They may feel stressed and have a pessimistic mood in 2021 that leads to poor spirits. All sorts of physical problems may occur in the long term if some negative emotions are not relieved timely. When they experience depression, they must be able to resolve it in time or look for a psychologist’s help. It is very probable that chronic diseases may recur again this year for Rabbit natives who have poor physical fitness. They should take regular physical exams and follow the advice of the doctor.

Hints for Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Water Rabbit zodiac has more chances than others of making money. But because of a false judgment, they may make no profit, or even lose money substantially. They are thus not suited for investing in the real estate business. While they may make great money with their family members and friends, it is better to sign a partnership within a relationship would be suggested.

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