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Rat and Tiger Compatibility – Rat Chinese Zodiac – Tiger Chinese Zodiac

When a Rat man marries a Tiger woman, the relationship can be either deliriously happy or a total disaster. There is some inherent incompatibility between these two, but it is not insurmountable. She is unconcerned about defence, while he is constantly concerned about it. When both partners are happy, they can be independent, follow their dreams, and yet have time for each other. Problems occur when one or both parties are vulnerable.

Although the Chinese Rat and Tiger are similar in several respects, they may be a little too similar. Do you both like being the centre of attention? They may be so competitive with each other that they forget they are supposed to be in a relationship. They both want to go on adventures and enjoy the nightlife. They both have a lot of energy and enjoy travelling. Their competition can hinder them. Otherwise, they could be ideal companions on the same trip. This partnership has the potential to go either way.

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