Rooster and Rat Compatibility: Characteristic and Astrological match

An animal in Chinese astrology depicts a repeated cycle of 12 years. Each animal is further connected to one of the five elements, water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. The Rooster and Rat compatibility is a tough one. Rat is clever and quick-witted, while the Rooster is pure and gentle from the heart. Rat is a water sign, while Rooster is associated with metal. Both may not gel together, but there are possibilities. Let us see how they match up.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster and Rat: Personality Traits

The Chinese astrological pattern suggests Rooster and Rat compatibility may not work. Rats are clever and street smarts. They are not careless but like to involve in social activities and are extroverts. However, they cannot take criticism positively, which is a trait of Rooster as well. Criticism makes them annoying. Rooster, on the other hand, likes to control things and looks for material gain. Both want to control and are self-sufficient.

Male Rat: Personality Overview

Male Rats are diligent, optimistic and perfectionist. Also, they have a sharp intellect and a memory, just like an elephant. People desire to be in their company. They are socialites who often contribute to charitable causes. They can be good business leaders because they have qualities like keen intelligence and foresight.

They have a soft spot in their hearts for those who are pure and gentle. Female partners should be well educated and composed. Male rats are dependable, loving, and don’t switch partners often. They want to marry the girl with whom they begin a relationship. In a relationship, they will do anything for their partner and will always put their partner first. It might hamper them as people might take advantage of this emotional side. Male rats will most likely pay but will never seek retribution. They have a wide range of interests and can become successful husbands. He might be the perfect match for you.

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But if you like to spend, you need to be careful as Male rats are tricky in money matters. But as I told you, they love their partners and can be generous towards them. Rats can choose from a variety of professions. They are highly skilled souls and can excel in careers like artist, doctor, engineer, architect, photographer etc.

Female Rooster: Personality Overview

Roosters prefer to stay in groups. Crowds and noise appeal to them. Words like an attention seeker, jovial, and still on the brink describes them. They depend on their ability to charm others to get the job done. Roosters are high on energy, enjoy independence, and steer the boat on their own and lead from the front. People who seek attention are typically weak in the heart and vulnerable. They may be on a high because of the importance, and there are withdrawal mechanisms in place if they don’t get it.

Female Roosters are extroverts with a strong desire for publicity but vulnerable. They’ll be able to point fingers at others for not paying attention. You may describe them as self-centred and rigid. Whatever they say is correct; everything else is incorrect! Roosters are the kind of people that fall into this category. They still have a “take it or leave it” mentality. But they are perfectionists, fashionable and trendsetters.

They are loyal and dedicated to marriage relations. It’s unnatural because people who like being in the spotlight don’t stay in one location. But they are here, caring, loyal, and smiling brightly. They will quickly win their partner’s heart due to their charming personality. They are the ones who initiate the relationship, and once it is formed, they let the partner do the talking. Just remember, give them attention.

Attention, attention and attention! Any work that puts them in the spotlight and draws attention would appeal to them. They can be successful politicians, public speakers, beauticians, actors in films, comedians and can try many other similar professions.

Male Rat and Female Rooster Compatibility in Love

A male Rat seldom enjoys giving happiness to his wife and children. They will find self-happiness in that. But due to his controlling nature and the effort he puts into his relationship, he might face a lot of criticism. Female Roosters may not be able to appreciate the efforts of the male rat. Female Roosters are often nippy and critical in their thinking. Their beliefs always obstruct reality. They think that everything is going as per their need and their way of living is just perfect. They like to be in their own world. If they do not see such things happening, they will create their own ideal world.

The rat desires sympathy, love, and a sense of tenderness. From the start, it seems that this relationship is doomed. If the rooster and rat couple gives time to each other, there is a probability that it will work out. The rooster-rat compatibility can strengthen as they grow older.

Male Rooster and Female Rat Compatibility in Love

Rooster and Rat are often seen to have fought in cartoon series. The same is the condition here. Both male Rooster and female Rat have different personalities and distinct moods. None of them likes to lose dominance and don’t want to compromise. The male Rooster is a perfectionist but indecisive. Due to jealousy, he considers female Rat’s qualities as a threat to him. So to keep control, he will treat his better half with superiority. Sometimes will make her feel ashamed by below the belt comments and be critical about what she does.

The female Rats, on the other hand, are hardworking, confident and wise. They won’t allow the male Rooster to take over. Rather, they will counter their partner’s coldness and give a suitable reply. A Rat woman is a family person and less materialistic. She is an intelligent and independent thinker. Although the two signs are punctual, the Rooster need to follow the rules of the game. Their compatibility score is just about pass marks. 40% is not a good match for such couples.

What to do if your partner is Rooster?

If you are paired up with a Rooster, keep in mind that they like being the centre of attention. So please give them attention and more attention. They admire people who are perfectionists, punctual, and honest. They are high on life and want to be the focus of attention. They value their family, as well.

The Rooster woman will keep the house in order and expect others to follow her instructions. But please let them take the initiative. They can be a wonderful mother and wife because they are responsive in love. She is the type of person who prefers to work instead of talk.

When it comes to finding the right fit for a Rooster, there are a few options. The Rooster is a perfect fit for the Ox and Snake. Ox can provide protection, and Snake can give the warmth that a Rooster seeks. Horse, Dog, and Rooster, on the other hand, should be avoided.

What to do if your partner is Rat?

If you’re dating a Rat, you’ll need to have a good ear. Rats enjoy debating and arguing. They are a bit of a people pleaser and will sometimes complain about minor issues. Listening to them is the only way to deal with them. Since they choose independence over advice, it’s best if you let them take the lead. On the reverse side, they are very suspicious. So be honest with them and don’t allow them to doubt.

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The Rats’ best match is with Monkey, Ox and Dragon. However, they should avoid Horse and rooster as this match will not last long.

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