Sheep and Sheep Compatibility – Sheep Chinese Zodiac – Goat Chinese Zodiac

Chinese astrology wheels have 12 spikes, and each spike represents one animal. The sheep, also called Goat or Ram, belongs to the 8th spike of the Chinese zodiacs. In China, people consider Sheep as a sign of positivity and auspiciousness, like Hindus treat cows. Sheep represents calmness, still thinking and harmony. The Sheep belongs to the earth element. Therefore, people born under the year of Sheep can enjoy prosperity. People belonging to this sign shall possess specific characteristics.

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Sheep Chinese Zodiac Personality

Male Sheep Personality

Female Sheep Personality

Male Sheep and Female Sheep Compatibility

Male Sheep and Female Sheep Compatibility

What should you do if your Partner is Sheep? 

Who is the Sheep best Compatible with?

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