Snake and Dragon Compatibility – Dragon Chinese Zodiac – Snake Chinese Zodiac

Chinese culture is more interesting than the others. Mostly because it is very factual and practical. No doubt the astrological science and predictions have made their way in the Chinese culture and the everyday lives of its natives. Chinese Zodiac is twelve in number and is represented by twelve animals. Each animal for each month of the year. Hence if you belong to a particular month you would be represented by a particular animal with all its unique characteristics and attributes.
In this blog, we will explore Snake and Dragon compatibility.

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Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality

Our history and traditions have many legends and stories that depict the characteristics of this “mysterious” animal snake. As per Chinese Astrology, the Zodiac Sign of Snake is known for brilliance, humour and Wisdom. The snakes are generally known to be quite sly, dark and insidious beings.

A snake is symbolic of Wisdom. A snake’s personality might seem like a non – chalet however they are quite enthusiastic about life and happenings. They are quite eloquent and are romantic by heart.

Those who are born in the birth month with Snake Zodiac is quite decent beings, very well educated, humorous and smart. These people could be great thinkers or artists or political leaders. The personality of a Snake is quite sorted and they are the ones who make elaborate plans and complete each step with pace and time. However, they could be called mysterious beings because one would not understand what exactly is going on in the minds of these wise Snakes. They will never disclose their weakness to others.
They are also very good with spiritualism. And they follow the spiritual approach in life.

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How does a Snake behave in Love?

Loyal and passionate, that’s how snakes behave in love and relationships. As per Chinese Astrology and predictions, the native of snake descent is very passionate about their relationships. They can get engrossed in love and might just forget everything that’s around.

They love trying out new things. They can surprise their partners with gifts, vacations, exotic spas and the likes. The snake enjoys the dating period the most.

However, the snake might get very possessive of its partner. They are insecure in certain situation. They might suffocate their partner out of their insecurity! They are advised to give space to their beloved otherwise their relationship might get frustrating.

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Dragon Chinese Zodiac Personality

Among all the other twelve Zodiac Signs in Chinese Astrology and Compatibility, only the Zodiac of Dragon is mythical. As per the Chinese Zodiac and personality traits, an individual born under the month of Dragon is considered to be quite mystical, very imaginative and overly ambitious.

The individuals who are Dragons are very noble beings. They are also superb leaders and possess much expertise, capabilities and knowledge to lead from the front. Dragons are driven to realize each and every bit of their dreams and they are very ambitious. They are also very eloquent beings.

They might also be impatient as they want the results of their hard work almost immediately. However most of the times they remain full of energy and enthusiasm. However, on the other side, they might look elusive to people around them. They might get arrogant and push people away from them.

Being quite ambitious these Dragons have the tendency to get frustrated very easily in the face of any setbacks.
Dragons are considered to be holy and auspicious in Chinese Culture. They are also very eloquent beings. However, on the other hand, they might look elusive to people around.

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How does Dragon behave in Love?

They are the ones who would seek perfection in every area of their lives including in their love and relationships. As per the Chinese Astrology and Compatibility individuals of Dragon descent will be generous, quite an idealist and a little passive when it comes to matters of the heart.

They might look quite passive in love however they are the ones who would gain very little while they actually are the givers. However, they can get attracted to only those partners who are intelligent, understanding and elegant. They remain very self-disciplined with their partners and are generous on their part while in a long term relationship. Because of their glamorous and attractive personality they might find themselves surrounded by many pursuers. Their partners should know how to win them with praises to win the golden heart of the confident Dragon.

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Dragon Wife and Snake Husband

The Dragon wife is very big-hearted and quite excitable. While the Snake Husband is quite endearing but very complex and possessive. The Snake Husband can get very cautious and is calculative and the Dragon wife might have to struggle to get her point of view across to her husband and in the process, she might get a little frustrated. As per Chinese Zodiac and Compatibility, a little abrasion might develop in this relationship. However, the enigmatic Dragon understands that she would need someone cleverer than her to deal with life and doings.

The Snake Husband on the other hand appreciates his ambitious Dragon wife and he will be more than willing to give her the stability that she craves for. Both of these individuals the Snake Husband and the Dragon wife have the ability to together reach to newer skies. This is a quite a fulfilling relationship in the Chinese zodiac Dragon and Snake compatibility.

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Snake Wife and Dragon Husband

As per Chinese Zodiac and Dragon Snake compatibility, if these two quite diverse individuals the Snake Wife and Dragon Husband can adjust to each other’s uniqueness they could build a very alluring relationship. It will not just be fruitful but will also be superbly dynamic. The Dragon husband is energetic quite impulsive and full of enigma and dominance! While the Snake wife comes across as someone who is quite easygoing in this union and she is sensuous enough.

The husband is always highly stimulated by his work and the degree of success he can achieve. The Snake wife can impart some common sense and diligence in her enthusiastic partner! The Husband has hugely to benefit from his Wife’s finer business acumen. While the Wife is good at managing the home and keeping good track of her finances.

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Ending Note

Hey pals, hope you understood about Snake and Dragon compatibility. Zodiac Compatibility is all about finding the right match for your own very unique personality. If you decide to spend your life with someone who is compatible with your own unique attributes, life can become a bed of roses. However, if you marry someone who might be a fantastic person otherwise but is not in sync with your own unique characteristics, such a relationship is bound to fail in the very first place.

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