Kaal Bhairav Jayanti 2024: Know the Significance, Shubh Muhurat and Origin

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti is very popular but do you know who is popularly known as Baba Kaal Bhairav? The fierce form of Lord Shiva is well known as Baba Kaal Bhairav. This festival of Kaal Bhairav is celebrated every year in the month of Margashirsha on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha. Also, it is popularly known as Kalashtami or Kaal Bhairav Ashtami. 

Mythologically, this day is believed to be the day when Lord Kaal Bhairav was born. This is the day when Lord Kaal Bhairav is worshipped with all the rituals properly. This is the day when Lord Kaal Bhairav gets pleased by his worshippers and showers his blessings on all of his devotees. What is Kaal Bhairav Jayanti and how is it celebrated? Let us know everything in detail. 

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti And Its Importance

Kaalbhairav is said to be the fierce form of Mahadev. Many people believe that one who worships Kaalbhairav gets free from all the troubles, diseases and sorrows. Also, one who worships Kaalbhairav gets freed from the fear of death and one’s sufferings are removed. The true meaning of Kaal Bhairav is that one who protects people from time and fear.  One who has fear of something should recall Kaalbhairav. One who commemorates Kaal Bhairav in his/her troubles gets the power to overcome fear. Since the time of Sanatan, the worship of Kaal Bhairav has played an important role in Hinduism. This form of Kaal Bhairav is considered to be of Lord Shankar. 

This year, the festival of Kaalbhairav Jayanti will be celebrated on Dec 22, 2024 and all the worshippers of Lord Shiva celebrate this day with great splendour in India.  

When To Celebrate Bhairav Jayanti?

Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti Date & Time
Kalabhairav JayantiFriday, November 22, 2024
Ashtami Starts At06:07 PM on Nov 22, 2024
Ashtami Ends At 07:56 PM on Nov 23, 2024

Method to Worship on Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti

Worshipping Kaal Bhairav is of great significance and is mentioned in Narada Purana. One who worships Kaal Bhairav, gets all his/her dreams fulfilled. One is free from all the diseases and body ailments if one worships Kaal Bhairav on this day. Kaal Bhairav is said to be the fierce form of Lord Shiva and is worshipped on this day of Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. 

One who wants to follow Kaal Bhairav Jayanti should wake up early in the morning at Brahma Muhurta and take a bath as well as do all the activities. The best one can do on this day is purify himself/herself with Gangajal if it is available. After this one should take a pledge of keeping fast on Bhairav Jayanti. One should remember the ancestors and then proceed with the Shradh. 

One should chant Kaal Bhairav Mantra “Hrim Unmatt Bhairavaya Namah” on this auspicious day because this is considered to be very fortuitous. One should worship Lord Kaal Bhairav with this mantra. Also, the worship of Kaal Bhairav needs to be done at midnight with incense, black sesame, lamp, urad and mustard oil. It is said that one should also feed sweet rotis to the black dog after the fast is over as it proves to be very beneficial. 

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The Origin of Baba Bhairav

This day of Kaal Bhairav is considered to be very auspicious and a very interesting story is mentioned about its origin in the Puranas. Once there was a debate between Shri Hari Vishnu and Lord Brahma about who was best amongst them. Soon the dispute turned into a fight. In the middle of this dispute, all other Gods came and were determined to get the answer by Vedas. When it was asked from Vedas, the answer came that one who contains past, present and future is best in this place. 

This simply indicated that the answer from Vedas was inclined towards Lord Shiva and indicated him the best. On this Shri Hari Vishnu agreed as per the answer mentioned in Vedas but Lord Brahma Ji became very unhappy. On this Brahma Ji said many bad things to Lord Shiva and due to this misbehaviour of Brahma Ji, Lord Shiva got angry. Thus, Kaal Bhairav was born from this divine power and its well known as the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Kaal Bhairav was so endowed with divine power, that he killed the fifth head of Lord Brahma with the little finger of his left hand. 

On this, Lord Brahma realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness from Bholenath to which Bholenath accepted his apology and forgave him. However, the sin of killing the fifth head of Lord Brahma passed to Bhairav. Lord Shiva sent him to Kashi so that he could get rid of this sin of killing the fifth head of Lord Brahma. After this Baba Kaal Bhairav was appointed as Kotwal of Kashi. 

Hence, Baba Kaal Bhairav is still worshipped in Kashi. Also, it is well known that Darshan of Kashi Vishwanath is incomplete without Baba Kaal Bhairav i.e. the Kotwal of Kashi. One who worships Baba Kaal Bhairav gets rid of all the sorrows. This year, complete the birth anniversary of Baba Kaal Bhairav with all proper rituals. If you are facing any problem in performing puja vidhi according to the proper Vedic rituals then you can contact our Vedic Pandit to get knowledge and complete your puja with proper guidance.

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