Navratri Rituals: Favourite Flowers of Goddesses & Significance of offering Flowers to Goddess’s Idol

Navratri is a joyful festival that brings nine glorious nights. People dedicate every nine days to different forms of Maa Durga and seek blessings from her. People also organize a traditional dance of Garba at night and listen to devotional songs. Maa Durga is the provider of inner strength, power and energy.

Keeping Goddess in your prayers may help you win over the enemies. And therefore, we worship her nine different forms with utmost sincerity. We perform puja vidhi in front of Maa Durga’s idol and also offer a bunch of flowers. Now, we guess it would be a little confusing for you when it comes to offering flowers. So, read along with us to know which flower is offered to the different forms of Goddess Durga.

Different Forms Of Goddess Durga

Favourite Flowers Of Goddesses

A Role Of Colorful flowers

Wrapping Up

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