Gaj Kesari Yoga : Conjunction of Jupiter and Moon | Auspicious Yoga

Gaj Kesari Yoga – Astrological Yoga That Gives Power Like A King

Vedic astrology works on the celestial bodies, which revolves around the big star, Sun. The planets of our cosmic world are in continuous motion, and they are the ones who create yoga. If we zoom into the individual’s chart, there may be a formation of yogas. However, it depends on the placement of the planets and the sign of a house to determine whether it is auspicious or inauspicious. This yoga may affect our lives due to the association of benefic planets with malefic ones. Gaj Kesari Yoga, certainly one of the auspicious yoga, is formed if Jupiter is in the Kendra house from the position of the Moon. In other words, If Jupiter is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house, there will be the formation of Gaj Kesari Yoga. With the presence of Gaj Kesari Yoga in your birth chart, you may receive good results in your life. Also, benevolent Jupiter may help you reduce the malefic effects of the bad planets. Now, let us throw more light on this topic, to know how it is formed and what will be the result of it.

How is Gaj Kesari Yoga formed?

What Will Be The Result Of Gaj Kesari Yoga?

The Effects Of Gaj Kesari Yoga From The Different Houses

Gaj Kesari Yoga In The First House

If the auspicious yoga is formed in the Lagna house, natives may possess a great personality and a helping nature. You may have a team of mischievous friends and a good spouse to accompany you. The two planets Moon and Jupiter, may bring positive changes in your life. You may maintain good health for a longer period of time.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In The Fourth House

The combination of Jupiter and Moon forming Gaj Kesari Yoga in the 4th house may give satisfactory outputs. You may receive luxurious life comforts and essential items for living. You may sharpen your thought process and may use your knowledge wisely. You may see the bigger picture in life. Natives with this yoga in their 4th house are likely to do well in politics.

Gaj Kesari Yoga in The Seventh House

If Gaj Kesari Yoga appears to be in the 7th house, you would be more skilful and knowledgeable. You may earn your desired wealth and prosperity. This yoga formed in your seventh house may resolve issues in your marriage relationship. You may be able to develop harmonious marriage life with this formation of yoga. You can expect long-term support from your life partner.

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Gaj Kesari Yoga In The Ninth House

Those natives who have Gaj Kesari Yoga in their ninth house are likely to be blessed by good fortune. Jupiter is the significator of good luck, knowledge and wisdom. So, if Jupiter is strong, you may get direct blessings from it. If Moon and Jupiter are forming a conjunction in the house of destiny, then both the planets may bless you with a comfortable life.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In The Tenth House

Individuals having Gaj Kesari Yoga in their tenth house are likely to gain immense wealth. If there is a strong Moon and Jupiter in the 10th house, you may develop a successful career. You may experience fewer hurdles in your education. However, you may make remarkable progress in your professional life. This Gaj Kesari Yoga may bless you with positive changes at your workplace.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In The Eleventh House

If the formation of Gaj Kesari Yoga is present in the 11th house, you may earn a name and fame at a very young age. In mid-age, you may enter politics or may work as a government servant. Moreover, you may successfully achieve the desired wealth and prosperity. Businessmen associated with foreign companies may earn good profits in their professional field.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In The Twelfth House

Individuals having Gaj Kesari Yoga in their 12th house may live ascetic life from their mid-30s. If you have a strong Jupiter, you may find your occupation away from your home. You may also get a chance to work in foreign companies. You may plan for foreign settlement to earn higher profit in your business. Besides, you may find your life partner from other countries.

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