Oodh Sandalwood Incense Sticks: What Is It Beyond Its Fragrance?

Who doesn’t like to be in a beautifully scented room? The human body reacts to smells in different ways. Some fragrance activates the mind while others irritate it. But more than that, a smell can enhance or hamper the positivity and peace of the place!

The reason behind it is well elaborated by Vedic astrology. Everybody and place are affected by the energies radiated by the cosmos. Planets, stars, their combination, position and their ruling deities are all together responsible to make your life happy or stressful. But by simple astrological remedies, one can amplify the positive aspects and nullify the negative aspects of these planets and stars.

Ooda Sandal wood Incense Stick: An Astrological Remedy

Oodh – The Expensive Agarwood

Sandalwood – It’s Magical

Oodh Sandalwood Incense Stick – A Combination of Divine Fragrances

The Last Note

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