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Guru Mangal Yoga: A Detailed Guide

Raja Yogas are beneficial for achieving achievement in all areas of life, as well as financial wealth and general notoriety. As a result of the conjunction of two planets, several Raja yogas occur, based on the lordship potential, inherent relevance to Vedic astrology, and the power of both planets in the sign. South Indians practise Guru-Mangal Yoga, which is one of the most prominent Raja yogas in their birth charts. The karaka for action is Mangal, and the karaka for wisdom is Guru. Mangal, despite being imbibed with Tamo guna, is the defender of the Sattva Guna. The Tamo Guna forces him to wage conflicts, and he is the Devas’ Army Chief. Guru, on the other hand, is skilled at channelling intellect and passion in the proper way. When Mangal is under Guru’s spell, he does miracles. Mangal’s Tamo Guna is mostly removed, and it is given its own Sattva Guna. As Sattva is sustenance, endurance, and prana shakti, such Mangal becomes truly capable of attaining vast heights. Mangal’s enthusiasm is then channelled in a good and benevolent path. The Guru-Mangala Yoga is formed when Jupiter and Mars are in conjunction. This yoga promotes longevity, happiness, and progeny. Mangal denotes action, whereas Guru denotes knowledge.

Formation of Guru Mangal Yoga

Significance of Guru Mangal Yoga

Benefits of Guru Mangal Yoga

Effects of Guru Mangal Yoga on Career

Effects of Guru Mangal Yoga in some Houses


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