Everything You Need to Know About Kahala Yoga

In Kahala Yoga, the lord of Lagna should be strongly disposed, and the lords of the fourth and ninth houses should be in Kendras from each other. As a result, the native will be daring, not well informed, stubborn, and head of a small army. According to Kahala Yoga in astrology, if the results are to hold good to modern life and conditions then no yogas should be interpreted verbatim. An intelligent and appropriate interpretation of Kahala Yoga is most likely to suggest that the concerned person will fetch out his existence as a member of the army, or Tahsildar and the like, says Kahala Parivartana yoga.

Kahala Yoga is also caused when the 4th lord is in his own house being conjoined with, exalted, or aspected by the lord of the 10th house. According to Kahala Yoga in astrology, both the definitions of Kahala Yoga, the 4th and the 9th house, assume the strength of Lagna. And the lord of the 4th and 9th happens to be the Kumbha Lagna Venus. Therefore, according to the second definition, Kahala Yoga is applicable to Kumbha Lagna which means that Libra in conjunction with or aspected by Mars, or Venus should be in Pisces or Taurus. Naturally, Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces will be an ideal Kahala Yoga.

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