Resolve The Effects Of Malefic Shadow Planet with Rahu Graha Shanti Puja

The essence of Vedic astrology lies in the fact that each planet has a deep impact on the lives of all of us, whether we believe it or no. Every planet has some positive and negative energies associated with it. But some planets are considered more malefic than others. And the reason behind these planets being more negative is the fact that they are there to punish us for our wrong deeds and keep us on the ground. These planets act as our regulators, and they control our acts to keep us on the right path. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are such malefic planets.

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Out of all such planets, Rahu is considered the most inauspicious as its negative impact can lead to disastrous results. The inauspicious position of Rahu can turn rich into a rag and also disturb the entire harmony of life. The native with malefic Rahu in the horoscope may suffer from theft and miseries. But all these ill-effects can be reduced to a profound level by a simple Rahu Graha Shanti puja. This article is dedicated to explaining the procedure and benefits of performing Rahu shanti puja. Apart from the Rahu shanti, we shall also throw some light on the Rahu shanti remedies. But before all that, let’s gain an insight into what actually is Rahu all about.

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Rahu Graha May Cause Destruction

Rahu is a body-less planet that is considered to be a shadow. It is the North lunar node and has no significance in Astronomy. But Vedic astrology has given a high status to Rahu and its influence on the native is considered of utmost important as they are quite critical and become a huge reason for the downfall of a person.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is regarded as the planet with the most destructive powers. It is the one responsible for amplifying greed and rage in a native. The malefic influence of Rahu makes a person turn into a liar and one who is unsympathetic and quarrelsome. Such people often suffer from the emotional trauma of having no child, or if they have, their bond is not strong or even not good enough to sustain the relationship. The Rahu’s negative energy makes a person yearn for all materialistic pleasure, and to attain that, he could go to any extent, even if it means to cheat or fraud someone.

But like all the other planets, Rahu also has some positive influence if it is placed in an auspicious position. The positive impact of benefic Rahu can make a person rich and famous. It creates circumstances to have a foreign tour and enjoy life to the fullest. It also strengthens the relationship with the spouse or partner. So, to be blessed with the positive impact of Rahu, one needs to know the correct Rahu shanti mantra and rahu shanti remedies. And for better results, one can also perform the Rahu shanti puja following the correct procedure.

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Appease Planet Rahu With Rahu Graha Shanti Puja

All the nine planets together are known as the Navagraha in astrology. People perform the Navgraha Shanti pooja and the specific Graha Shanti puja to nullify the negative energies of the associated planets and also to amplify strengthen the positivity of the planet. One such graha shanti puja is for the Rahu shanti, where the rituals are performed to please Rahu and pray to the Lord to reduce the miseries and loss that are expected due to the impact of malefic Rahu in the horoscope.

The Rahu shanti puja is advised to people who suffer from Rahu dosha. All they need to do is consult an expert astrologer who would be able to identify the dosha and suggest some effective Rahu shanti remedies. He will also be able to guide you through the Rahu shanti puja procedure. With the combined effect of the remedies and the shanti puja, the native will be able to take accelerate the Rahu shanti puja benefits. The Rahu shanti puja includes some simple steps that are enlisted below. Before starting the Rahu Shanti, the worshiper should take a bath and sit with pure heart and intention.

• Sthapana of kalash at the place of Rahu shanti.

• Sthapana of Panchnag including Gauri Ganesh, Navagraha, Punyavachan, Sarvotbhadra and Shodash Matrika

• Sixty-four yogini poojan

• Kshetrapal poojan

• Swati vachan

• Taking the sankalpa by the native

• Ganesh pooja

• Shiv abhishek

• Navgraha pooja

• Invoking all the deities

• Abhishek and pooja of Rahu’s idol and Rahu Nivaran yantra pooja

• Reciting the Rahu shanti mantra “Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah”, 18000 times.

• It will be concluded with havan, aarti and donation.

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Powerful Remedies For Malefic Rahu

There are astrological remedies for all the planets and their associated malefic influence. The remedies not only weaken the negative energies but also act as a trigger to accelerate the positive energy of the planets. The Rahu shanti remedies also do the same magic. These simple remedies to pacify Rahu, will help in negating the malefic impact and aggravate the positive impact over the native.

 At the time of Rahu dasha, the native should worship Lord Kaal Bhairav who is the manifestation of Kord Shiva.

 Reciting Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam and Durga Saptshati will reduce the negative effect of Rahu

 Chanting Rahu strotam helps a lot when Rahu is malefic.

 For 40 consecutive days, chant the Rahu beej mantra 18000 times for better results.

 Donation of black clothes, black urad dal and chana dal on Saturday or Wednesday helps in relieving the pain caused by Rahu.

 Observing a fast every Saturday and performing Rahu shanti will be helpful.

 Always keep the house neat and especially the main door.

 One can also consult an astrologer and wear Hessonite gemstone for more positivity.


The Rahu shanti puja has many benefits. It keeps you away from the pain of sudden loss. It acts as a shield against failures and helps you achieve success. It induces tolerance and helps in leading a peaceful life and controls the temperament too. Since Rahu is regarded as malefic and has a disastrous effect on the native, it is important that the Rahu shanti puja procedure is followed strictly only under the guidance of some expert pandit.

It is advisable to follow the Rahu shanti remedy in the form of puja sincerely for improved results. One needs to have the patience to observe and experience the effect of the Rahu shanti and the Rahu shanti mantra chanting. With the grace of Lord Shiva, a positive result can be expected.

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