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Numbers hold an important meaning in our lives. Every number is unique and sacred. Our house has energy so does our street, town, city, and country. House number is something closely important because of the house you return to at the end of the day, and it is your comfort area after a tiring day.

A house or apartment number is a close asset to many as it is closest to you. The next important number is your address with house number combined, street and directions if it is spelt in your address but without the city, pin code, state or country. It is like when speaking to someone about your address and what you mention first to them becomes more important than the rest, which is the real numerological vibration of the address.

Each house number has different expectations from the residents that live in that building. It depends on what you like to do in your house. Also, before spending money on the interior, it is fair to check your compatibility with the house. It varies when you live on rent and when you own the building. That raises a question in our mind about what calculations are done to find a suitable house number for you.

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House Number Calculation in Numerology

There is a method to calculate house number in numerology. Your house address, let’s say, for example, 101, White Cross, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380006.

Your House number 101 is what is considered for calculation in house numerology. If you have any letters in your house number as a rental apartment, then taking alphabet numerology, you can calculate the number of your house. So here, the number is 101 when calculated (1+0+1=2). 2 is your house number.

Now, if you are renting a property, that house number and your birth date calculation should be compatible with each other to have a suitable house.

While if you own the house, your life path number calculation should be compatible with your house number.

However, you can calculate society and street address for more information on your house compatibility with other houses in the area. Just for knowledge on your relationship with the neighborhood and the energy of the street you live on.

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Characteristics of House Numbers

After calculating the number of your home, it is necessary to see what your house is for living residents. Number characteristics differ in each country and religion. E.g. Chinese numerology considers 4 and 8 numbers to be unfortunate as it is associated with death. In Christianity, 13, 6 are considered unlucky because of their relation with Satan, witches, and curses. In general, even numbers are usually favourable for odd number life path residents, while even numbers are suitable for even number life paths or birth number.

House Number 1 Numerology:

Houses with number 1 promote independence, leadership, new ideas, and relationships from old conditions. It is associated with self-improvement. This makes this number suitable for entrepreneurs, students, athletes, and independent people. For people who strive for inspiration, perfection, freedom, this number is suitable. Similarly, if you are committed or married, then this house number can be damaging for your relationship unless you are business partners; this number is lucky for you both.

House Number 2 Numerology:

Number 2 represents love, creativity, comfort and family. This number is suitable for writers as it is related to peace and harmony. Possibly, this number is considered perfect for ‘family house’ or where you can return or where your parents live over the years. A stronger sense of bond and togetherness is seen in this number. However, the circumstances differ if you are not compatible with people living in it. If you do not get along with the person, then this house is never going to be peaceful unless you are detached from them completely.

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House Number 3 Numerology:

Number 3 houses have energetic vibrations, which give it happy, cheerful, positive vibes. It may be possible that the house is always full of visitors and has many family members. Artists, social butterflies, entertainers, or anyone who is involved in communication of any type are good for this house. Residents of this house can experience a rollercoaster of emotions while living, which makes this perfect for newlyweds.

House Number 4 Numerology:

Number 4 provides secular comfort, security and stability, which requires patience and tolerance, making these houses good for investments. Soil related structures, as in gardens with live plants, are durable and adequate for this number. These houses are suitable for determined, practical people, builders, architects or goal-oriented people in general. If you are looking for stable ‘ground,’ then number 4 is for you.

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House number 5 Numerology:

Houses with 5 number reside on the adventure, culture, lots of people, diversity, romance, basically house of party. 5 number leads you to explore the world and all corners of the earth that any other house number. With its dynamic energy, this house is not for people who confide in calm spaces. People with curiosity filled minds like writers, travellers, and sociable people are good for this house as it will stimulate you to live your life to the fullest with freedom and facing problems fearlessly.

House Number 6 Numerology:

Number 6 houses are warm and welcoming due to the nurturing energy of 6. Every visitor to this house feels homely. Pets and Children thrive in this house like a grandparents house with lots of memories. However, this might come with a downside to overlook your welfare over the others. This number is good for generally caring people like nurses, grandparents, retirees, social workers, childcare workers.

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House Number 7 Numerology:

Houses with the number 7 are good for people who like to live in solidarity as this number inspires spirituality, deep thoughts, and insightfulness. If you are someone who can not share space with others with the same wavelength, this house might not be for you. Scientists, philosophers, psychologists, researchers are more suitable for this house. It can be a comforting house for visitors if they are comfortable with peace. If you want to know yourself spiritually, this place has calmness and tranquillity.

House Number 8 Numerology:

Number 8 houses areas some people call “the money house”. This number promotes wealth and prosperity, so it is good for entrepreneurs, as business minds thrive here. This is a great house for workaholics and for someone who is career-driven. These houses experience big financial ups and downs. However, staying grounded, down to earth and engaging with people will let them prosper without getting consumed by ego.

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House Number 9 Numerology:

Houses with the number 9 are usually quiet, comfortable, and the tendency of it is to rejuvenate, rest, and heal. Artistic talents, creativity, quietness can be discovered here. Visitors might be few as the healing power is strong in the house, which can be attractive to few, and it can be hard for them to leave. This place is great for actual healing, massage, counselling, spiritual practice. Nurses, doctors, caregivers, artists, philosophers find their element in this house. As 9 is a universal number as they have a home for all but personal.

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