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What Is Life Path Number & How Do We Figure Out Life Path Number?

Life path number is just akin to astrology that says a lot about your personality. It believes that numbers and people associated with them are mystical and meaningful. Some believe that the life path number can be used to predict the future, and helps us understand the world around us in a better way. Numerology is not limited, but it has boundless power. Thus, by numerology, we can also confer our inner world too with the help of just a simple equation. It is believed that a single digit in numerology can reveal a lot about us, what’s our deepest value, and the challenges that we have to face in life.

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Life Path Number Calculator

In order to find the life path number, you just have to take your date of birth and confine it till it becomes a single-digit number.

For eg, if you are born on 12/07/1986, then first you would have to find a separate value of the three days, (Date), (Month), (Year).

Date: (12) (1+2=3)

Month: (07), no changes in a month as it is already a single digit.

Year: (1986)- (1+9+8+6=24) (2+4=6)

Now, you have three single-digit numbers that you have to add together (3+7+6=16). Furthermore, add (1+6=7) to find out your life path number which is 7.

Numerologist Felicia Bender thinks numerology similar to a zodiac sign– a representation of both your personality and, in the abstract, your future. It provides you with what your prime expression is and the obstacles that you will face in the near future, as well as what’s the main purpose of your life.

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What Does your Life Path Number Say about You?

Numerology Number 1: The Father

One is a unity number. And people with life path number 1 are natural-born leaders, ambitious, and usually successful. Such people ate charming, energetic, diplomatic, and always intresting to be around.

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Numerology 2: A Mater

People with number 2 are innately kind, caring, and empathetic. They are often artistic, and their skills of making tense situations low make them great diplomatic. Moreover, Because of their extreme sensitivity and aversion to confrontation, 2s may become excessively reliant in their personal relationships. They might find it difficult to advocate for themselves.
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Numerology-3: A Master Child

Threes love being the focus of attention, and they have no trouble getting it. They are likely to be precocious as children and will achieve a great deal. Constantly pumped up. Threes are prone to abandoning massive, exciting projects almost as quickly as they start them. Life path number 3 are likely to struggle with concentration and commitment, and they may become overly concerned with how others perceive them.
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Numerology-4: The Host

This is a trustworthy and principled person who makes a good friend and coworker. When it comes to a four, many people are familiar with what to expect. This personality style has a tendency to become static, fixated on laws and regulations. People who make their own rules or go too far beyond the box can easily irritate fours.

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Numerology-5: Independent

Fives are intellectual and inquisitive, making them outstanding journalists and educators. Strong communication skills combined with a sense of wonder for simple pleasures akin to that of a child. Fives can overindulge in their favorite hobbies or vices. such as shopping or partying. In relationships, you might come across as shallow and uncommitted.
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Numerology 6: The Provider

This personality type is likely to be a committed speaker and activist on behalf of one’s relatives, either professionally or personally. They make excellent attorneys, speakers, and therapists because of their curiosity and compassion. Sixes can struggle with consistency, particularly when it comes to taking care of themselves (think Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight eating cold pizza).

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Numerology-7: The Philosopher

Sevens excel in the internal world because they are highly imaginative and have a vibrant imagination. They can keep themselves busy forever and are rarely bored. This personality type is naturally reserved and may find it difficult to communicate with others. They can also find it difficult to unwind, juggling work and constructive hobbies on a regular basis.

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Numerology-8: The Professional

Eights are good with money, having grown up with the knowledge of its pervasiveness. They’re ambitious and willing to put in the effort necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and comfort. Moreover, Because of this type’s financial prowess, they could be vulnerable to swindlers, whether professionally or personally. They may even be on the verge of becoming workaholics.
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Numerology- 9: The humanist

Nines are idealistic and principled people who refuse to sacrifice their principles for the sake of convenience. They are usually fashionable, agreeable, and kind. This personality style is prone to codependency in personal relationships and can struggle to appreciate the moment rather than concentrating on their long-term goals.

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Life Path Number 11: The Dynamic Visionary

Number 11 has an abnormally high level of energy and intuition. Since there is so much going on in your mind, you are often misunderstood as a child, making you shy and withdrawn. You are much more capable than you realize.

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Life Path Number 22: The Master Constructor

The significance of the number 22 on the route is enormous. people born on this Life Path have a much greater spiritual understanding. 22 also signifies a greater capacity to apply spiritual wisdom to practical purposes, which explains why people on this Life Path are always so active in both their practical and spiritual endeavors.

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Wrapping Words:

The single numbers are your personal number of your life path. The number of your life path is identical to your sun sign- it shows your bigger goals, including abilities, weaknesses, talent, and goals. The number of your life path also reveals the mysteries of three different aspects of life-Past, Present, and Future.

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