What is a Missing Number? – Missing Numbers in Numerology

Wondering why the two different astrological sign partners have the same life path number or why they have the same numbers. Basically, in Numerology, your Life Path is created due to the varied combinations of different numbers in your date of birth. And, the irony comes when you have numbers that are missing in numerology, implying that things need to be taken care of in your life.

And, looking through the astrological kaleidoscope of the life journey, everyone has the missing number in their birth chart. Moreover, there is always one number missing in your date of birth, feeling tense. Don’t be as the missing numbers do not depict that there are any inauspicious or dangerous events coming through, but rather unveil the picturesque of the areas where you need to strive and improve to take your life on the growth trajectory.

Well, fellas, let’s dive deep into the world of these missing numbers and find how it really matters and the remedies for missing numbers in numerology.

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What is a Missing Number?

Missing Numbers usually relates to the missing characteristics, traits – desirable or undesirable – from an individual’s personality. They also help in teaching a few crucial life lessons a person must learn, or cultivate a few positive or growth habits that can help the person to evolve and lead a very modest, happy and balanced life (though this is what usually Librans aspire for).

Moreover, understanding your life partner’s missing numbers can help you become supportive in their pursuit to overcome their flaws and shortcomings and be tolerant at times if required.

No doubt, just a helping hand in a person’s life quest while struggling to work on their missing qualities can be of greater help.

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Missing Number 1

Always want to be Number ONE. But unfortunately, missing from your birth chart.

It is difficult for people with a missing number 1 to disclose and speak about their feelings and their personality. As they are cool buddies with no major issues with ego or self-pride, these individuals are like samaritans, always finding time to help and nurture others. No doubt, they can be great philanthropists. Owing to many of these masses with missing number 1, the beginning of the 20th century is also referred to as the Age of Humanity as many astrological beliefs state it as the Age of Aquarius.

Missing Number 2

With the number 2 gone missing in the birth chart, it shows the lack of intuition and sensitivity in the personality of the native. They are also unpunctual brats as well as have that streak of impatience. Usually, they tend to make big, blunder mistakes in their lives owing to not respecting or listening to the voice of their inner tiny holy spirit. No doubt, they always have too many explanations or justifications to prove their actions, which sometimes troll them down.

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Missing Number 3

Without Number 3 in the birth chart, the individual lacks confidence, and at times it becomes quite difficult for that person to express themselves. If you belong to this group, then rest assured as you pass through the initial years of your life, you will slowly try to accept yourself the way you are. And, once you accept yourself, real transformation takes place as you will gain confidence, self-belief and self-esteem from all these ventures. Until then, it is obvious that you will underestimate your abilities, which can lead to a self-effacing attitude. On the flip side, individuals with missing number 3 lack the ability to think logically when faced with struggles and roadblocks.

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Missing Number 4

Number 4 gone missing in your birth chart? Then, you can blame your poor organisational skills on it. Missing 4 is like lacking the most vital trait that you need to cultivate in your endeavour to lead a super life. Following strict norms and working in pre-defined routines for these natives is like a rut, which takes a toll on their creativity. No doubt, they are usually late for any crucial meet-ups or conferences. With low self-motivation as their inherent quality due to number 4 missing, these individuals have to alter their perspective for life if they are seeking higher Goals and Success in life. Contrarily, the things can be taken care of if they have passion for their goals, honing dexterity with work, along with patience and tolerance.

Missing Number 5

Number 5 has not shown up in your birth chart; you need to be careful about them. It becomes quite difficult for these natives to set up defined and targeted goals. Lacking versatility and drive, they fail in major projects or life goals. Not good at multitasking, these fellas usually require a huge external source of motivation and reinforcement to help them be on the right track. Moreover, such individuals have to be pushed to set futuristic goals and targets, which they are sure to attain and complete.

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Missing Number 6

With the power 6 missing in the birth chart, individuals can cover their intense feelings from others. Also, they miss out on the inherent trait of self-less, even in their close relationships. And, this becomes a big hurdle in mending their relationships. They are not able to relate to others, and this quality alone makes it troublesome for them to have a smooth relationship with their parents. To build a strong foundation for a relationship, they need to open their heart and soul.

Missing Number 7

With that number 7 gone missing from the chart, individuals tend to be inconsiderate and insensitive towards others’ feelings as they are mostly self-immersed. These fellas are not so organised in their day to day life and usually stay aloof from the arena of interstellar or spirituality. Normally, a dependency is their inherent quality. Therefore, they are never self-sufficient and independent on critical matters and hate to take ownership. Once they learn to be honest with their communications, they can become better at conveying their feelings and become more relaxed with others.

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Missing Number 8

8 is about practicality, and individuals having a birth chart with this number missing are quite inefficient in managing their financial affairs. And, with procrastination along with lack of inspiration and motivation, they tend to drop their projects mid-way. Being impulsive and careless, they many times miss opportunities, and therefore it is crucial for them to think and analyse properly before they take any steps. They may jeopardise their financial status owing to their blind trust in anyone.

Missing Number 9

Surprisingly to know that all the individuals born in the twentieth century have Number 9. But unluckily, many natives having their birthdays in the 21st century may find that their birth chart does not possess the number 9. Looking deeper, such individuals may tend to be emotionless with no feelings for others and, at times, may ignore the needs of others. Oblivious to the presence of others and detached, these individuals need to develop a sense of humanitarianism. They need to be truthful and straightforward while dealing with anything significant.

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