What is a Missing Number? – Missing Numbers in Numerology

Wondering why the two different astrological sign partners have the same life path number or why they have the same numbers. Basically, in Numerology, your Life Path is created due to the varied combinations of different numbers in your date of birth. And, the irony comes when you have numbers that are missing in numerology, implying that things need to be taken care of in your life.

And, looking through the astrological kaleidoscope of the life journey, everyone has the missing number in their birth chart. Moreover, there is always one number missing in your date of birth, feeling tense. Don’t be as the missing numbers do not depict that there are any inauspicious or dangerous events coming through, but rather unveil the picturesque of the areas where you need to strive and improve to take your life on the growth trajectory.

Well, fellas, let’s dive deep into the world of these missing numbers and find how it really matters and the remedies for missing numbers in numerology.

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What is a Missing Number?

Missing Number 1

Missing Number 2

Missing Number 3

Missing Number 4

Missing Number 5

Missing Number 6

Missing Number 7

Missing Number 8

Missing Number 9

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