Numerology Elements – Elements of Numbers – Elements in Numerology

If we consider astrology using Vedic and Chinese ideology, it consists of five major vital numerology elements. These numerology elements are considered to form every part of the Universe. They are five in number with all the characteristics needed to maintain the natural cycle. They are named as elements of numbers numerology- Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Metal. Alright, let us learn in detail about these elements.

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About the Elements of Numerology

As mentioned, there are 5 elements of numerology. All these five numerology elements are an integral part of our life. Life is not possible even if any one of the five elements is found to be missing from the system. They are so entangled with each other that it is difficult to go without anyone missing from the chain.

As of now, we know there are 5 elements of nature, namely

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Metal

Even though these elements of numbers numerology are interrelated, they are different from each other. As per their basic natural differences and mode of their occurrence. They are constructive and simultaneously destructive when not in combination with each other. There is one more element that is studied as an element of numbers numerology, which is replaced with Air element that is Wood. Wood is considered in Chinese studies, whereas in Vedic culture, it Air that is taken to study. These elements have a lot of effects on the health of an individual.

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Role and Status of Elements In Numerology

The five numerology elements need to be in a proper proportion to each other when it comes to balancing the nature cycle. The same applies to the condition when we talk about humans. As it is well known to everyone that the human body is all 75% of water content, and it needs other factors to balance the remaining 25% in the form of air, heat, metal, and Earth.

All these numerology four elements have some commonality, whereas the element water is a little different and necessary for the survival of every living organism in some of the other forms. Keeping this as a measure of analysis, they are assigned with numbers relating to them as per their nature of occurrence or role played by them in life.

The base of all the elements in this world is the Earth. It carries and cares for everyone present on it. So it is the most powerful element of number numerology.

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Earth is represented by three numbers 2, 5, and 8. The numbers are associated with Earth, and if any one of the three is lacking in the numerology elements, then it creates frustration in one’s mind and work. The fellow suffering from lack of any one of these numbers or all of these should surround themselves with articles representing earth effects. Surrounding oneself with articles linking to Earth connects you too to Earth, don’t include metals into it. To cure this lack, Quartz crystals and precious stones can be the best go on.

Earth is the place in whose lap all the organisms live. It gives us all that we need to sustain our lives, like food, shelter. People with strong earth elements are deep thinkers and are down-to-earth people and maintain contact with people. They are more practical, attentive, poised, generous, and supportive.

Health issues related to earth elements can be any from stomach related problems, immune system disorders, spleen issues, obesity or under-nourished, anaemia or digestive system related issues.


Water being the basis of all the elements, as life has originated in water, and so the number it has is most powerful, and that is number 1. As the basic characteristic of water that it gets mixed up well with everyone, so denotes interpersonal skill. This is the most basic element in the human body, and its deficiency may occur, but it can never be nil in humans. So to balance with its deficiency, one should use all the items representing the water as a basic component. They can have anything in blue, black, hazel, or azure to compensate for the lack. Add more and more of the colours showing off the water component. You can even opt for an aquarium or a pool set up in your home. Or if you can do take place near a riverside or sea beach. That is the best remedy to get your water balance back to normal or to maintain the lack.

They have two kinds of character traits either it is flowing or static. Still, anyone with a water element in dominance is generally fanciful, warm, visionary, good leaders, and at times, complex too.
Any disturbance in water element may create issues related to kidney or bladder, low back pain, frequent urination, dullness in eyes, impotence and many other.

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It is one of the most important numerology elements connected with numbers 1 and 6. As we cannot live without breathing and the air is that life-giving element that is needed every time. The balanced level so will be one’s ability of thinking. It maintains the oxygen flow in the body and simultaneously controls emotions. It has a major role related to mood-lifting. To balance with the numerology element air, intake of a properly balanced diet should be there with no alcohol or caffeine intakes. Accompany yourself with birds or creatures with wings.

People with this element strong are bright, intellectual, clever, smart, cooperative, and communicative. Relating to the health of Air element, they are more humane and objective. The air element is all related to brain nerves, thinking process and ability, oxygen flow in the body, emotional control may get affected.


As the name suggests, it is at times can be furious and dangerous. It denotes the Numerology Numbers 1, 3, and 9. The Sun denotes its basic nature of releasing heat to everyone, spreading warmth all around to complete the cycle of nature with Earth, Water, Air, Metal in the system. At negative ends, suspicion can be the aspect when worked with air.

As fire delivers heat and warmth, in any relationship, it develops a new beautiful world. People with fire as the dominant number are full of enthusiasm, passion, emotions, charm, harmony, beauty, confidence, and kindness. When a fire is in favourable combination with air, it can play wonders, as this is the most compatible combination of all the elements of number numerology.
Any problems related to the small intestine or heart, cardiovascular disease, lack of sleep, speech disorder, chest pain or any other related can be because of a poor balance of fire element.

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The last element of numerology element is metal, a very important component of life. Even though their weightage is less as compared to the other four elements, it is needed to accomplish completeness in life. They are restrained under certain limits by their nature, but those who have strong Metal elements are ambitious, determined, and persistent. These people are very disciplined, stereotyped, and reserved in practices.

All these elements of number numerology form a close bonding with each other, especially when in combination with each other like Air-Water/ Earth-Fire / Earth-Earth / Earth-Air or any other. This combination is seen amongst the numerology of four elements, as the fifth- Metal is considered as a minor element.

Any problems in the small intestine, asthma, cynicism, skin issues, or hypersensitivity maybe because of the poor metal element in the body.

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The Elements in Numerology and Their Combination

The combination of all the elements with one another always has some influence on people. Let’s see how these elements of numerology combine and what effect do they have.

Taking the combinations of Fire first as it denotes warmth, and warmth is one of the most beautiful and must-have aspects of any relationship.

Air-Fire: The form most compatible combination. They are full of passion and harmony. Communication is the key feature of this relationship. But don’t be unreasonably passionate or individuality will disappear.

Fire-Fire: the combination seems to be very compatible and powerful, but excess fuel may exhaust everything, or lack of fuel may cause disputes.

Fire-Water: Not a suggested pair to go, as both are elements with opposite characteristics. It is difficult to maintain harmony. It can only be made possible with lots of reciprocal efforts. It is an explosive combination, needs to be handled with care.

Fire-Earth: This is the kind of pair which is quite delicate and takes time to create harmony. Being dominant by character Earth may become lifeless or less contribution of Fire in the relationship may cause frictions.

Earth-Earth: it does seem that they carry a good relationship in material and physical aspects. But on the grounds of emotions, it has a poor relationship, especially when it comes to spirituality.

Earth-Water: Water being more flexible, the combination is very sensual and harmonious. But water takes the chance as it is dominant in this case. Overall a good love life and friendship can be seen.

Earth-Air: their relationship is a bit more than complicated and is delicate. Any the dominance of Air element may lead to destruction.

Water-Air: Air being more powerful may drain out the water and, if the chemistry goes well, can raise a maximum of profits. But they lack emotional compatibility due to their opposite nature.

Water-Water: A boring couple bonding when it comes to love life. They both associate with each other than also gets dull with time. Too calculative and so are not able to reach a real love level.

Air-Air: This is one of the most very intuitive and very strong relationships suitable for sensible and mature people. With good sense and understanding, the relationship can be excellent. The issue of disputes could get only down to Earth as love remains in the air and strengthens powerfully.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, the numerology elements play a vital role in the different phases of life. It is easy to understand where one lacks or where there is surplus. Accordingly, one can make use of its energy or add up to improve the conditions.

Numerology of four elements plays a major role in our lives, and we being negligent, might not understand how to improve the existing conditions. One can make a better place in life with proper balance in the elements of number numerology, in all the spheres of life, including career, love, health or family.

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