What Type of Sex Appeal Do You Have? Know According To Your Zodiac Sign

Flirts, Bed, and Freaks

No matter how innocent and naive we are, we all have a little flirt in us. Some can pull off naturally, while some need a little training and practice. You might be aware of different kissing styles; well, there are various flirting styles, too, babe! Some flirt to pursue, some to impress, some to connect, and some flirt unknowingly. Your zodiac might be a freak who might flirt to get someone in bed, but are you good in bed? Sexual Astrology may undoubtedly offer insight into which zodiac signs perform the best in between the sheets.

Aries Sex Appeal

Aries signs are all the way freaky. Not in a bad way. This fire sign is full of passion and aggression, which is, umm, a deadly combination (usually in a good way) but can say only when it comes to flirting. Aries natives can agree that the fire in your soul drives you to go for what you want, whenever you want it, and you make your intentions crystal clear.

Beware, folks, Aries can slide into your DMs without much thought or comment a heart and fire emoji on your latest post. Though they’re sincere in their flirting, they still have the youthful humour and enthusiasm which the fierce fire sign is known for.

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Taurus Sex Appeal

Next up is our beloved Taurus sign. You’ve got an extra freaky side to you, but that is tucked away safely for special people only. Not everyone gets to see this side of yours. Venus is the ruler of your sign which helps you be sensual effortlessly.

You can easily switch on the side of yourself that oozes both strength and vulnerability. You’re a walking tapestry of beauty and elegance, a lovely combination of stubbornness and self-assurance that people can’t help but want!

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Gemini Sex Appeal

Looking for a flirt expert to show you a trick or two? Stay still baby, Gemini sign is here to top the list. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they don’t top the freak bar; it is pretty low. Since Gemini is so talkative and outgoing, it’s a no-brainer that it’s a huge flirt. Gemini needs (almost) continuous amusement and excitement to keep themselves entertained, and what could be more entertaining and fun than flirting?

This symbol often loves conversing with others and sharing thoughts, so it’s only natural that they feel compelled to communicate with others. Flirting is a means for Gemini people to “live it up”, and they want to live in the moment as much as possible.

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Cancer Sex Appeal

‘I am Freaky, and I know it’ whoops, that was Sexy, right? Cancer signs are both, so it’s kay!

They have a soft, loving temperament, which entices others to join. People love being close to you, Cancer natives, if you know what we mean. Underneath your tough shell, you’re a fuzzy, gooey mess just waiting around to be found.

At first, you are resistant to any approach, but that special someone who peels away your hardshell will discover how warm, responsive, and dreamy you are underneath, and you are all theirs to have!

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Leo Sex Appeal

Spontaneous freak check. Flirtatious – check. Good in bed, double-check.

Leo is a King sign that thrives on publicity, and they enjoy it, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs. Beyond the eyes and attention they so naturally receive, they’re outgoing, optimistic, self-assured, and have big hearts that can make the person they’re flirting with feel special. Leos are kind, and they have no hesitation in sharing the affection as long as it is reciprocated.

If you date a Leo, you should carry all the energy you have, as this fire sign is one of the best zodiac signs in bed. Leo signs are known for being a fiery, romantic lover who enjoys taking charge in the bedroom. They will go to great lengths to make you feel extra good between the covers. This sun sign is also known for being a respectful lover who can pay heed to your desires and requests.

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Virgo Sex Appeal

Virgos are what you call the old school romance types. They don’t really have a freak side, okay maybe a little, but that’s about it. Virgo signs love slow, sensual, and passionate sex.

A Virgo sign no stone unturned to create a relaxed and hot atmosphere for their lover. After all, they are the perfectionist among all the zodiac signs. Intellect and humor are a massive turn-on for them, leading them to please their partner in all the fantastic ways possible.

Virgo natives are also happy to please others, so be rest assured that they will want to know more about your sexual desires and want to satisfy as many of them as possible.

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Libra Sex Appeal

‘Cause I’m a freak
The way you’re poppin’ and droppin’
All over me
No, I don’t want you to stop it
Yeah, I’m a freak

Enrique Iglesias is a Taurus sign, but his lyrics are what Libra can relate to since they are Sexy freaks. Libras are naturally charming and outgoing, and the fact that they’re stunning normally also doesn’t hurt either. Libras have such a natural flirting style that they do not even know they’re flirting. This air sign is a true lover who enjoys sex, but that doesn’t mean they flirt, intending to form a long-term relationship.

In the bed, a Libra sign is as sweet as it gets. They’ve perfected the art of giving and taking, and they’re known for being exceptionally talented lovers. This sign is a people pleaser, and they know how to fulfil all your wildest dreams and bring your naughtiest desires to reality. Simultaneously, they are a traditional lover who would love to woo your pants off.

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Scorpio Sex Appeal

Ultimate freak-zoid is what a Scorpio is. Scorpio’s flirting style is extreme. Scorpios are generally tall, dark, and sexy – in their beautiful and enigmatic way. They have the potential to impress and draw pretty much anyone to them.

They’re the ones who boldly look at you from across the bar, and you find yourself curious to hear and learn more about them. Scorpio needs to get to know you as well, and because they don’t let their guard down for just anybody, expect a lot of open-ended questions.

This sensual zodiac sign is a master at playing the mystery card. Scorpio is all about supremacy, power, and domination in the bedroom. When you’re dealing with a stinging Scorpio, their innate ability to feel what you want can increase dramatically and blow your mind.

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Sagittarius Sex Appeal

Sagittarius is that zodiac sign which is freaky and is proud of it. Talking about which zodiac is terrific in bed and underestimating the child-like Sagittarius will be wrong. When it comes to matters of the bed, don’t dismiss Sagittarius. This is a fire symbol, so there’s no doubt Sagittarius is full of crazy energies and passion.

They love to indulge in spontaneous love-making sessions. They aren’t scared to propose anything totally out of the blue, so they are sure to transform the sex-game from meh to yay. The fire-y zodiac sign is adventurous and will guarantee that you get a mindblowing experience between the sheets.

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Capricorn Sex Appeal

Half-way freak and halfway normal are what Capricorns do. The sexiest traits about Capricorns are some of their qualities like the no-nonsense, level-headed demeanor, which is tempered by a steely resolve and self-control.

They are a practitioner of self-actualization, full of experiential wisdom. They have taken the hard knocks and learned a thing or two in the process! And this is what drives the opposite person to drag them into the bedroom.

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Aquarius Sex Appeal

Freak is not the word you can attach to Aquarius. You know you’re a sweet and sexy combination when you’re a misfit in the world but fit in all the right ways with someone who can see your ‘one-of-a-kind’ ways for what you are and how amazingly refreshing they can be! Your originality and “live and let live” mentality are what appeals to others the most!

Aquarius is also an air sign, and like other air signs, they see sex as more artistic or mentally stimulating than sexual. When it comes to the bedroom, they are often considered very free, creative, and adventurous. They are such a person who will normally have no hesitation about exploring every nook and cranny of their partner’s fantasies and desires.

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Pisces Sex Appeal

Although Pisces may not be the first zodiac sign that comes to mind when speaking of Spontaneous freak or flirts, those of you who have a detailed understanding of sexual astrology know that Pisces sign is, without a doubt, a pretty good flirt. The thing about Pisces is that they are all about making connections.

They tend to fall into a dream world and form crushes that set their hearts on fire. It’s as if they’re drawn to someone, even if the gravitational attraction might (and most definitely will) fade away in the not-too-distant future. Others are attracted to Pisces because they have an air of mystery about them.

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Zodiac Sex Appeal

Sexual compatibility is undeniably essential in sustaining a stable and happy relationship. Often people underestimate the value of their sex lives and what happens in bed when it comes to compatibility.

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