Buy Nine Mukhi Rudraksha And Get Solution For All Your Problems

Do you know which rudraksha is the most powerful and divine among all other rudrakshas? It is nine mukhi rudraksha, without a doubt. It has nine different powers that provide benefits to the users. Once it is used and activated properly, the effect will be quite high and powerful. The size of the bead has to play with its power too. 9 mukhi rudraksha is also known as Nav Mukhi rudraksha. This rudraksha is said to have the power of nine Durga, the nine deities, and thus it gives the ultimate Shakthi to the wearer. This bead is also related to nine cobras which are also known as Nau Kali Naag. So, if you worship Goddess Naag, then it is advisable to wear 9 mukhi rudraksha too. Let’s see the ultimate benefits of wearing nine mukhi rudraksh.

9 Face Rudraksha: Some Crucial Info

You get rudraksha beads from the very big rudraksha tree, which is upto 50-80 feet with leaves similar to mango trees. Beads are then processed after collecting the raw beads which have fallen in the mid of winter season. With rudraksha bead faces ranging from 1-24, nine mukhi rudraksha is the most divine one. Nav Durga has come to the earth nine times with the aim to protect pious and good individuals. So, by wearing nine mukhi rudraksha, one feels fearlessness in life and the goddess blesses them with courage, energy and vitality. If you are feeling a lack of confidence or depression, it is best to wear a nine mukhi rudraksh.
Nine face rudraksha is capable of offering peace of mind, sound health, happiness, and it also wipes out all the poverty from your life. You get the proper intelligence to make positive and right decisions whenever needed. Since the decisions you take are accurate, the rudraksha gives you strong willpower and confidence too. Buy 9 mukhi rudraksha as it removes all the negativities from your life. The 9 face rudraksha is said to cure various health issues like depression, anxiety, evil issues etc. also; it helps to reduce thyroid problems too. 9 mukhi rudraksha is rich with Maa Kali’s grace, and thus if you wear this rudraksha, you will get immense blessings from the goddess. Worshipping Goddess Durga in any form must wear this rudraksha as the blessings will be double fold. Since the 9 mukhi rudraksh is known for its purity, you must wear this only after consulting with an expert astrologer.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha: Uncover The Significant Properties

The presiding deity of nine face rudraksha is Durga with the ruling planet Ketu. 9 mukhi rudraksha mantra to be chanted is Om Hreem Hum Namah. Some Significant properties of nine mukhi rudraksha are:

  • The beads symbolise the feminine energy provided by the Maa Durga in all nine forms.
  • The native gets relieved from various diseases and illnesses related to neurology and gets ultimate mental peace.
  • You can get spiritual inclination offered by the nine mukhi rudraksha.


9 Mukhi Rudraksha: Unveil The Crucial Advantages

The benefits of wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha are unimaginable. Let’s check out the general, spiritual and therapeutic 9 mukhi rudraksha benefits you will get in your life:

  • You get lots of happiness, enthusiasm, and energy to lead a happy life.
  • Every problem in your life will be wiped out, and you will always feel positive.
  • 9 mukhi rudraksha provides enough confidence to the native.
  • It is capable of lowering your blood pressure and gives a calmness in your mind too.
  • By wearing 9 face rudraksha, you get the energy from Goddess Durga.
  • You will be able to solve issues easily and take decisions in an accurate manner without delays.
  • Your anger will be controlled and your spouse and other relationships will find comfort with you.
  • You are sure to feel God’s presence everywhere after wearing this rudraksha.
  • Nine mukhi rudraksha benefits in regulating the brain and nervous system functioning.
  • It is capable of curing dizziness, reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and reduces skin disorders.
  • The bead relief psychological issues like phobia, OCD, fear etc.

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9 Mukhi Rudraksha: When You Need This Divine Bead?

Are you still confused about whether you want to try 9 mukhi rudraksha online shopping? If you are facing the below-mentioned issues in life, then it is time to know 9 face rudraksha benefits by wearing it:

  • To obtain lifetime achievements
  • To have a peaceful life
  • To get blessings from Maa Durga
  • To get good communication skills
  • To master foreign languages
  • To control anger and to be calm

In order to make your life more peaceful, consult astrologers for the solution.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha: The Mantra That Does It All

Get the original 9 mukhi rudraksha price by comparing the sites and also from an expert astrologer as he advises on how to differentiate original and artificial rudraksha beads. After buying a rudraksha bead, it is important to energise it or activate it by chanting “Om Hreem Hum Namah” 108 times and wearing it with a pure mind.

9 Mukhi Rudraksha: The Rituals To Follow

If you want to get the apt benefits from a particular rudraksha bead, it is very important to buy the original 9 mukhi rudraksha and then energise it by doing rituals and puja and maintaining it like a precious substance. If not, you will have to face negative energies, and you won’t be able to get good out of it. After buying nine mukhi rudraksha, immerse the bead in the Ganga Jal or Haldi water for 24 hours. This should be done on a Sunday, and the next day you can wear the bear by using red or yellow or black thread.

9 Face Rudraksha: Steps To Maintain Positive Energy

  • Wash your nine mukhi rudraksha every day with clean water and pour cows milk before wearing it every morning.
  • Pray every day with proper puja and rituals.
  • Keep trust in the bead always.
  • Never share your bead with anyone as it gives you bad results.
  • Never use any chemical detergents to wash your bead.
  • It is better to avoid non-veg foods and alcohol while you are wearing rudraksha beads.
  • Do not wear the rudraksha while going to a funeral.
  • Do not wear nine mukhi rudraksha mala because it is very powerful and is good to wear on your wrist. 
  • Remove it before sleeping.

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9 Face Rudraksha: Lets End Here

Are you facing business setbacks, health issues that cant be resolved with medicines, sleep issues or depression in life? Then the best remedy to all these issues is wearing a nine mukhi rudraksha after buying an original and certified bead from a genuine dealer. If you are not sure about buying the rudraksha beads, then consult an expert astrologer and get a detailed analysis of your horoscope, and he will assist you in buying an original one. Sorted? Hope you understood about 9 Mukhi rudraksha.

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