Understanding The Difference between Shiva & Shankar

Growing up, we all heard a few tales about Lord Shiva, the destroyer, and his many miracles. The list is just endless. We would worship him in his linga form or the form of his human body. But in most of its depictions, Shiva is shown while doing mediation. Hence, there is indeed a difference between the two of them.

Our parents would have told us that both are the same, but hey, they are not. Did they lie to us just to escape our bucket full of questions? Lol, let’s get back to find the ultimate reality. The linga of the formless is Shiva, while the angelic deity is called Shankar. We’re all set to carry you on tour to explore how different and related they are. But wait, why so hurry? First, we will tell you the meaning behind the two forms.

Formless Shiva

Shankar, the deity

Shankar vs Shiva

Shankar = Shiva- How these two are correlated as one?

Difference between Shiva and Shankar - The Conclusion

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