Is There Life After Death According to Hindu Tradition?

It’s almost impossible to know whether there is life after a death or not? There are multiple questions arises in our mind about what happens after the person’s death. Here, we will help you get the correct answers to it. How? Following the ancient myths and scriptures. It is said that there could be Punar Janam after the death. When a person dies, his or her body becomes dry and blend with nature. A person’s eye converts into the Sun while breath forms the wind. According to ancient myths, there are two places, heaven and hell. So, a person’s soul may travel to one of the places following their good or bad karmas. Sages say that a soul needs at least 47 days to travel. Now, let us move on to check what happens when person becomes dead.

What Happens After The Death?

Rituals Performed After Death

Salvation After The Death

Is There A Life After Death In Hinduism?

Wrapping Up

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