Is There Life After Death According to Hindu Tradition?

It’s almost impossible to know whether there is life after a death or not? There are multiple questions arises in our mind about what happens after the person’s death. Here, we will help you get the correct answers to it. How? Following the ancient myths and scriptures. It is said that there could be Punar Janam after the death. When a person dies, his or her body becomes dry and blend with nature. A person’s eye converts into the Sun while breath forms the wind. According to ancient myths, there are two places, heaven and hell. So, a person’s soul may travel to one of the places following their good or bad karmas. Sages say that a soul needs at least 47 days to travel. Now, let us move on to check what happens when person becomes dead.

What Happens After The Death?

Referring to Garuda Puran, a person may go helpless during the time of death as he/she can’t be able to speak. Soon, a person may lose all sense, and the soul departs from the body.

The ancient myths also reveal that Lord Yama himself arrives to take the soul with him. Thereafter, according to their Karmas, he or she may get result or may find space in heaven. The soul doesn’t get any approval from Lord Yama to reenter the body, and therefore it resides in Yamalok.

There is a strong belief that if a person’s family fail to offer prayers or organize Yagna, the soul might not achieve salvation and keeps revolving around instead of resting in peace. So, whenever any person dies, their members organize Yagna and donate Pind within ten days of death.

When it comes to rebirth, a person may become an animal, birds, or other living creature in their next life. Some of them may find a place inside a wealthy family depending upon their previous life karmas. Between this period, a person’s soul may either serve punishment in hell or may attain peace in heaven. Afterwards, following their punishment or rewards, the soul takes rebirth as a living creature on Earth.

Hindus believe that after death, a person’s soul may blend with God’s power and should attain salvation. This is called Moksha, and for that, they also perform various types of Puja.

Rituals Performed After Death

Once the person is declared dead, his/her body goes to a crematorium, and the body is burnt in the fire. This is a part of the last rites. And during this event, many relatives and family members gather to pay their last respect to a dead person.

Thereafter, their family members organize Puja on the 13th day (Terahvin) so that a person’s soul may get a place in God’s adobe. People believe that the soul may find it difficult to break its connection with a body, so if their family members perform Puja, the soul may rest. Some of them also organize yagna at the bank of rivers and also donate wheat grains to the poor.

Salvation After The Death

Salvation completely depends upon the generous deeds or past sins of the person. As per the holy Bhagwat Gita, the Earth is the only place where you perform Karma, and it will count before you enter heaven or hell. Salvation is achieved by the grace of Gods when the Lord accepts your soul and unite it with their powers. Hindus believe that it should be the ultimate goal of a person after life. And thus, many people organize puja and worship the Lord to achieve salvation. It is the process to get free from the birth cycle and get united with God’s divine power.

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Is There A Life After Death In Hinduism?

If we follow the spiritual learning of Bhagwad Gita, a person’s body remains alive because of the soul. So, it is as similar as the person sitting in the car and driving it. If the soul part ways with the body, then the body couldn’t even move by itself. The ancient myth explains that there could be the rebirth of the person on Earth.

In the next birth, the soul may enter the body of an animal, bird or human. Those who are associated with good Karmas may take rebirth as a good or rich family, while one who is with bad karmas may take rebirth as insects or any other living creature. Thus, we can say that person may take rebirth after some time.

Wrapping Up

Referring to the ancient myths, now we have the answers for what happens after death according to Hinduism. As we said, there could be a rebirth, and your soul may enter the body of other living creatures. This could be the result of your good or bad Karmas. On a conclusive note, we found that there is a life after death, just like day comes after night. Hope you had cleared your queries with this, if you any queries, directly connect to our astrologers.

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