The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning – Upright & Reverse Guide

The Lovers Tarot Card General Meaning

“Love is the energy of life”, truly said by Robert Browning. There is nothing powerful more than love. The same goes with the Lovers tarot reading, getting them is very impactful, especially for personal relationships. But wait, Love can turn a person too. Be it hell or heaven. It can be all the things at the same time. The man and woman in the lover’s tarot card signify humanity in its true state of innocence. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Element: Air
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Planet: Mercury
Date: 21st May To 20th June
Upright Lovers Tarot: Partnerships, love, harmony, choices
Reversed Lovers: Disharmony, disbalance, one-sidedness

Meaning of Lovers Tarot Upright

As stated by Ray William Johnson, “Be yourself, build meaningful relationships, follow your dreams”. In a similar way, the Lovers Card depicts conscious relations and meaningful relationships in their purest form. The appearance of this card at the Tarot Reading reveals that you have a wonderful, soul-honouring relationship with a loved one. The best advice would be to combine the dualities. Not understood, right? See, If there is a challenge then you ought to take it as an opportunity. There are positives & negatives. Hence, if you embrace these dualities, you will create harmony from which love flows.

Significance of Lovers Cards Reversed

Here to read some brighter sides of the lover’s cards? well, we have some bad news for you. Where the upright Lovers tarot card signifies harmony, the Lovers reversed stands for breakups, fights, power struggles, and personal fears of commitment. But hey, don’t feel down. We have loads of advice for you. The card reminds you to be responsible, to learn from your mistakes, and to let go of things. Accept who you are and continue to see the value you are offering in this universe. It’s that simple!

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After unveiling the lovers’ meaning, we can easily say that it has dual meanings. It’s a good relationship card, but it may also mean that you’re at a huge crossroads in life and that you should stop making hasty decisions. Wake Up Call! Now, it’s all up to you, whether be a confused duck or super-duper smart & sexy individual.