The Sun Tarot Card Meaning – Upright & Reverse Guide

If you see the Sun Tarot Card in your reading, you will meet those who are attracted to you due to your positive qualities. As you light up every room you enter, you will feel cheerful and empowered. Also, if you’re stuck with any problem in life, the Sun Tarot comes up with a resolution on a plate. Finally, a deliciously ideal dish! The Sun Tarot card even depicts childhood innocence and complete purity. So, time to get back to schools, oh sorry, we mean to get back to the Sun Tarot – ‘Upright & Reverse’.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Planet: Sun
  • Date: Ruled by the Sun, no key dates as such
  • Upright Sun Tarot: Success, fertility, truth, optimism, happiness
  • Reversed Sun Tarot Cards: Failure, sadness, procrastination, lies

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The Sun Tarot Guide

Coming straight to the point, without any metaphors or adjectives – the Sun Tarot tells you that no matter where you go, or what you do, your positive and vibrant spirit is going to follow you. You have made a fanbase only because of your positive approach. The half glass of water is filled for you, while others may see it half empty. This only high-life state will be a guaranteed success path in your tough times. Hey warrior, keep up the spirits like this only. Radiate who you are and what you stand for; shine your love for everyone you care for. This is how the Sun Tarot love says it all!

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Reversed Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed Sun is asking your inner kid to come out and play! Say bye to a boring and ultra matured folk. Don’t you agree that as teenagers, we’re so stuck in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we forget to have fun? Dance as if no-one is watching, sing like no-one is listening, making your heart and soul fly independently. The Sun Tarot Career will also be on the top if your spirit is super high.

The other side of the Sun Tarot Card is, you’re failing to find the bright side of your life. Yes, you heard that right. You may feel zoned out once you do what you do not enjoy doing. Just to add, your direction and road ahead can be clouded or blurred.

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After reading the Sun Tarot Guide, it is clear that it tells about the new beginnings of life. The Sun Card wipes out the negative shadows that directly or indirectly haunt us. So, next time a Sun Card appears, thank yourself & dance.

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