The Tower Tarot Guide – Upright & Reverse

The Tower Tarot Meaning

The Tower tarot card has a love/hate friendship with several Tarot readers. Along with the Devil and Death cards, it is one of the most feared cards in the tarot deck, particularly when it appears in the future place. However, the Tower, like all 78 cards, has both positive and negative sides.

If you drew the Tower during a reading, you might be wondering if you’re going to lose. It could well be, given that one of its definitions is release and quite bad, but the chance of a new start is just as possible. Continue reading to learn more about this Major Arcana card and what its presence can mean for you. So without any ado, lets understand more about the tower meaning tarot.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Planet: Mars
  • Date: No Key Dates
  • Tower Tarot Card Upright: Revelation, sudden change, release, painful loss, tragedy
  • The Tower in Reverse: A narrow escape, resisting change, avoiding tragedy, delaying what is inevitable

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The Tower Tarot Card Upright

The Tower represents a massive tower set on a rocky peak. The house is lit on fire by lightning bolts, and two people jump from the windows, head first and arms outstretched. It’s a scene of devastation and confusion.

However, the Tower is a tall tower perched on a rocky ledge. Lightning strikes the building, setting it on fire, and two people leap from the windows, head first and arms outstretched. It’s a disaster and chaos scene.

Thank god, the Tower is not necessarily synonymous with agony and chaos. This Tarot card will signify a divine awakening or realisation if you are highly conscious and in touch with your inner guidance system. You will be able to detect cracks and take steps before the whole system collapses.

Before you reach the point that change is your only choice, you can experience a major transformation. In its most optimistic manifestation, the Tower card represents your chance to break away from the old ways of thought that have been holding you back.

The Tower Reversed

When the Tower is reversed, it indicates that you are going through a major emotional transition and upheaval. This is in contrast to the perspective of the upright Tower, where the shift is often the result of external conditions and can also feel thrust upon you. Instead, with the reversed Tower card, you are initiating reform and questioning your basic belief structures, principles, intent, and significance.

Finally, the Tower’s reversal will lessen the effect of the transformation that is about to hit your life, particularly if you are tuned in to your instincts. You may be forewarned or have an innate feeling that something major is about to occur, and you should schedule accordingly to prevent (or minimise) the disaster that awaits you.

The Tower as Feelings

The Tower is also not a good choice if you want to see how your partner/potential lover feels about you. However, the Tower card can mean that they are sick of you. The way they formerly felt about you is no longer the same.

Overall, the Tower (XVI), the 16th card in the Main Arcana, is all about transformation. It is widely regarded as a dim, dangerous card, and it is often a pioneer to unexpected and profoundly traumatic events.