Eight of Swords Meaning, Upright & Reversed – Complete Guide

Eight of Swords Meaning

Eight of Swords Tarot stands for getting stuck in a rut or repeating a cycle. In a reading, it signifies a situation where we are paralyzed by our fears & insecurities. The challenges ahead of you may seem unstoppable, but there’s still a way out. The Eight of Swords Tarot tells us that this escape route might not be simple, but it’s still available. Never lose hope in life!

  • Element: Air
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Date: 21st to 31st May
  • Eight of Swords Upright: Feeling trapped, hopeless, helpless, unproductive
  • Eight of Swords Reversed: Freedom, taking control, finding a way out, being productive.

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Eight of Swords Upright

The Eight of Swords Tarot indicates that you feel stuck and restricted by your situations. You think your choices are small, and there is no clear way out. You could be in an unfulfilling career, an unhealthy relationship, a large amount of debt, or a way out of sync with your inner being. However, the woman on the card is not completely locked up with Eight Swords around her, and if she wants to escape, she can.

When the Eight of Swords Tarot occurs in a Tarot reading, it comes as a sign that your thoughts and values are no longer in your control. The trouble is that you’re worried that any choice might lead to adverse outcomes, so you’re stuck where you are. Again, the Eight of Swords Tarot asks you to get out of your mind and drop into your heart and your intuition so that you can hear your inner voice. To live a happy life, just trust yourself more than anything else.

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Eight of Swords Reversed

The Eight of Swords Reversed means that limiting self-confidence plagues you, stopping you from progressing. The values you hold about yourself prohibit you from achieving your personal goals. For the sake of your life, change your belief process. Catch yourself when you’re in a harmful habit of thinking and break the cycle.

On a positive note, when the Eight of Swords Reversed, it can indicate that you are freeing yourself from negative habits and belief structures. You’ve made it through a tough time, and you’re more adaptable to change and self-acceptance. Lastly, reflect on what happened previously and shift your perspective.

Over and above, talking about Eight of Swords Feelings, they are ultimately trapped. But still, apply some changes as guided above to be the best version of yourself. Other than that, no need to worry or feel down; we know you can do it. Now it’s up to you, won’t you?

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