King of Wands Tarot Meaning, Love, Upright & Reversed – Complete Guide

King of Wands Tarot Meaning

The King of Wands Tarot conveys natural strength. His Majesty, like the Queen of Wands, is brimming with innovative energy. He is a mastermind of creative ideas who uses self-expression to achieve his goals.

But the King of Wands Tarot is concerned with more than just creation; he is also worried about implementing his vision. Keep in mind that Court Cards such as Kings and Queens do not convey messages (like the Pages). The same goes for the King of Wands Love.

They instead represent you or an individual in your life. So, if you’re wondering why theKing of Wands Tarot has appeared in your Tarot reading, consider his personality traits.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Planet: Mars
  • Date: 12th to 11th August
  • King of Wands Upright: Magnetic, intense energy, inspiring, innovative, protective
  • King of Wands Reversed: Impulsive, broken promises, extremism, forceful, selfishness

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King of Wands Upright

The King of Wands Tarot portrays the masculine form of pure fire energy. Unlike the other Wands court cards, the King is less involved in creation and imagination or coming up with ideas and putting them into action. Instead, he is more likely to have an idea and then enlist the help of others to make it happen.

When the King of Wands Tarot appears in a Tarot reading, it means that you are taking on the role of a visionary leader, ready to steer the people toward a common goal. You have a simple vision of where you want to go, and you are now bringing that vision to fruition with the aid of those around you.

The King of Wands Tarot reminds you to live your life with meaning, vision, and a long-term perspective. You have a grand vision of what is really possible, and you would go to any length to see it fulfilled. Unlike the Knight, who can be impulsive in his decisions, you have the patience to see your vision through to success and beyond.

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King of Wands Reversed

The King of Wands Reversed indicates that you are not yet ready to take on that task even though you are in a position of leadership. You may be the most imaginative or innovative person at work, but you haven’t yet built a sense of comfort, guiding others to your vision.

You may need to hone your leadership abilities or recruit someone who has a natural talent for guiding others toward a common goal. Alternatively, you may manage others but not lead them; you delegate tasks and track success but do not communicate the vision or involve your team in taking responsibility for bringing the idea to life.

You might also be open to being caught up in the hype of other people’s goals to “10x your sales!” or “build the next billion-dollar company!” You don’t have to believe in other people’s hopes and dreams (and hype). Maintain your commitment to what is important to you and stay focused on your personal vision and path.

Hey there fellas, time to conclude as we are done guiding you about the King of Wands Meaning. After going through this whole blog of the King of Wands Tarot Meaning, we can say that it encourages you to set out and achieve your goals by using your leadership abilities. See ya!

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