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Southeast Facing House Vastu

Southeast Facing House Vastu Tips

Adverse Effects of Southeast Entrance

The southeast entrance can harm the health of the females in the family. It can also affect relationships and cause misunderstandings among family members. People who live in houses with south-east entrances may also face financial difficulties.

Southeast Facing House Vastu Remedies

Use Curtains to Remove Vastu Dosha

Dark red or brown curtains should be hung near the house’s south-east entrance.
These curtains should be hung so that they face the gate or the door. This will aid in the removal of Vastu Dosha from your home.

Using Traditional Symbols

Install Vastu symbols of Om and Swastik at the front door of your home. Make sure that the symbols are made of copper or silver. The Trishul sign can also be used.

Use Gemstones to Remove Dosha

According to Vastu Shastra, placing nine red carnelian gemstones at the gate facing south-east removes the property’s dosha. If you are unsure about the placement, seek advice from a Vastu Expert.

Main Door as per Vastu

The main door in your home should be the largest and should not make any noise when opened or closed. It should also be at least a foot away from any sharp corners. When purchasing a door, ensure that it is made of high-quality wood and is painted in red or brown. If your door becomes cracked or shows signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced. Make sure that your home’s entrance is cleaned and mowed regularly.

Place a Vastu Pyramid at the Entrance

Place Vastu pyramids in and around your home to reduce the adverse effects of south-east entrance homes. One pyramid should be placed at the top of the main entrance door, in the centre. The other two should be placed on either side of the door.

Vastu Remedy for Bedroom

Vastu shastra recommends orienting the bedroom in the south-west direction for owners of south-east facing homes. If the south-west location is inaccessible, position the bed in the room’s south-west corner, leaving a gap between the wall and the bed. When sleeping, make sure your head is in the south, and your feet are in the north.

You can remove dosha from your property now that you’re aware of a few south-east entrance Vastu for Home Tips. If you require personalized advice, you should speak with someone knowledgeable about Southeast Facing House Vastu.

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