Vastu for Southwest Facing House – Southwest House – Southwest Facing House

Vastu for Southwest Facing House

Southwest Facing House Vastu Defects

Southwest Facing House Remedies

If there is a cut in the southwest direction, place heavy furniture or items in this corner to help offset the adverse effects.

In the southwest corner, hang beautiful and pleasing paintings of earthy elements on the walls.

Repaint the south west wall in peach, light brown, or other earthy colours if possible.

A Rahu Yantra can also be placed in the south west corner.

Place Vastu pyramids in all directions to attract positive energy and throw away the negative energy generated by this Vastu Defect.

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Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedy

If the house’s main entrance faces south west, ensure that the number of doors and windows inside the house is even.

If you have a main door that faces south west, you can place a Ganesha idol near it.

Place Om, Trishul, and Swastika symbols on the sides and tops of all house entries to reduce south west entrance houses’ adverse effects.

You can also add Vastu pyramids, plants, and wind chimes to your home’s entrance to boost positivity.

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Southwest Facing House Vastu Tips

Place your jewellery, money, and other critical financial documents in the south west corner for financial stability. Anything kept in this direction, according to Vastu Experts, tends to multiply.

If vaults are placed in this direction, make sure that the vault’s opening does not face south or west, as this could result in high costs.

To avoid financial difficulties and high costs, the main safe and lockers should be opened in the north or north-east direction.

Put a red cloth inside the safe, along with a Citrine crystal, which attracts wealth and prosperity for financial success.

Installing a toilet in the south west corner is never a good idea because it can lead to financial losses and monetary instability.

In the south west corner of the house, place a glass filled with water and salt. Also, put a red light bulb above it to reflect on the glass when the light is turned on.

Southwest Entrance Good as per Vastu?


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